Live Blogging Brexit Results

by Scott Creighton

Good evening.

I’m watching some of the early Brexit results coming in on BBC World tonight. I’m going to report on them as they come in but I wont stay up all night. It’s currently 7:30pm 10:22pm eastern here in Florida.

(check after the break for earlier results) (voting results are rough estimates)

156 of 382 areas reported in thus far: “Leave” leads by 204,000 votes

Seems that the “Stay” establishment on the BBC are getting worried. This is much closer than they imagined a week ago. From what I can gather from their interviews with both pundits and “Stay” voters, they are dismayed at the negative campaign run by the “Stay” crowd over the last few weeks. Calling “Leave” supporters racists, anti-Semites and nationalists seems to have missed the mark. Truth is, they seem to be saying, is there is a very real anger rolling through the green hills and shires of the UK and perhaps they should have spent more time addressing that rather than simply insulting the downtrodden, neglected, working class people of Britain.

The UK is divided much like this country and very much on the same lines. One pundit was saying “See? I told you we shouldn’t put it to a referendum”. Yep. Sounds like Kissinger getting mad at Chile for “voting the wrong way”. It sucks when democracy gets in the way of the status quo doesn’t it?

The general feeling is that “Leave” may actually win. But again, it’s very early.

I’m going to take a break for a while. Each side has about 400k votes right now. “Leave” leading but remember, the first outlying counties and areas are full of working class folks while the big boys of London and others are sure to vote “Stay” and that will have a dramatic effect.

They say they expect the first side to get to 16 million votes will win and that is a long way off as far as I can tell. I will get back to this a little later.

14 of 382 areas reported in thus far: 397,000 “Leave” to 384,000 “Stay”

Kettering – “Leave” 61% to 39%

Shetland – “Stay”


9 of 382 areas reported in thus far: 266,000 “Leave” to 259,000 “Stay”

Foyle area came in at about 19k lead for the “Stay” camp

Scilly voted 621 “Leave” to 821 “Stay”

Swinnon voted 61,000 “Leave” to 51,000 “Stay”

Broxbourne voted 33,000 “Leave” to 17,000 “Stay”

5 of 382 areas reported in thus far: 161,000 “Leave” to 158,000 “Stay” @ 7:42pm eastern

At this point there are 5 areas reporting in thus far. Gibraltar, Clackmammanshire , Orkney, Newcastle and Sunderland.

Before Sunderland reported in, the “Stay” votes had a substantial lead of about 27,000 votes. Gibraltar voted over 90% to stay in the EU and that padded the results pretty heavily.

Newcastle was expected to be a good win for the “Stay” crowd, but the count turned out to be around 51% to 49% which was much closer than anyone had expected.

The turning point was Sunderland. That count was about 51,000 to “Stay” verses 82,000 to “Leave”

Immediately after that result was reported, the pound sterling started taking a beating in global markets. It’s dropped by over 6% against the dollar at this time.

Only 5 of 382 areas have reported in so far and the count is 161,000 “Leave” to 158,000 “Stay”

When I update this I will update it above the fold from the top down so you don’t have to scroll through everything to see latest results.

10 Responses

  1. you have to know that if the “leave” votes start to outnumber the “stay” votes that they’ll cheat to keep the u.k. within the e.u., don’t you? part of the nwo, don’t you know. or maybe the powers that be will terrorize the population by shooting some politicians…
    anyway, god bless the citizens of europe, but screw the e.u….

    • expect another “London 7/7” attack if they vote to leave

    • they did that in several of the Hillary “victories” during the primary. Held one county back as long as they could, til all the others voted and then they added whatever they needed to win the state. I fully expect them to do that with London (even though some of the reporters are fucking up by reporting unusually low turnout in London due to the horrible weather and the trains not running)

  2. Sheffield leave – that’s incredible!

  3. They did it – they left. FINAL: leave 52%, stay 48%. Cameron to resign.

  4. Ok Scott. I’m guessing the result wasn’t fixed then, (I think if it would have been fixed, it would have been fixed for Remain).

    You think this is some kind of blow to “The Establishment”, I think it’s an organised reactionary right-wing counter-revolution a-la Franco, that could potentially consume the whole continent.

    Well we won’t need to debate about this one any more, because, it’ll take a while to play out, but it’s going to become very visible over the next 2-5 years which one of us was right.

    I hope to f*cking god it’s you that’s right on this one, and I’m wrong, man…

    (And if you are I’ll tip my hat to you)

    Seriously, for all our sakes…

    Just remember my warning, as you keep your eye on Europe over the coming years…

    • well, it could have been fixed either way but… they don’t use electronic voting machines. they count all the votes in big rows of workers supervised by others from both camps and then they reopen the boxes and count again (someone else). Another thing is… the vote % stayed about the same from very early on. “Remain” never led from the beginning (I think it shifted at around 5/382 areas reported in and stayed in the “Leave” side from then on) and the BBC World coverage I was watching had a subset of 20 areas that were supposedly 50/50 from the polling and they ended up 52%-48% which was a good indicator that the numbers were accurate in the end. So though it could have been stolen, my guess is it either wasn’t or it was stolen in such a way that was much better than anything we do over here. Our stolen elections are quite obvious. But I don’t think it was.

      • Yah – agreed I don’t think so either. Good old fashioned paper is fine, I don’t trust electronic voting machines. If they were based on open-source blockchain technology like bitcoin I might take them more seriously.

        The fact that they aren’t based on any independently verifiable crypto-technology is already in itself suspicious. It’s not that hard to implement.

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