Cameron: We must stay in EU to influence Europe’s approach to Israel

(So now a “Leave” vote makes you an anti-Semite as well? Nice touch Dave)

from Jewish News

David Cameron has insisted Britain can only impact Europe’s approach to Israel by remaining inside the EU as he called on the community to roundly reject the “divisive and intolerant” campaign of Nigel Farage.

The prime minister used his only address to Anglo-Jewry of the referendum to insist that the country’s influence is “enhanced” rather than diminished by being part of the Union on issues from the economy to climate change to preventing Iran getting the bomb.

Speaking at Jewish Care’s annual dinner – which raised £5.1m – he said: “When we’re fighting terrorism and Islamist extremism are we better doing that out on our own or fighting together with our European partners. When Europe is discussing its attitude towards Israel do you want Britain – Israel’s greatest friends – in there opposing boycotts or do you want us outside the room, powerless to affect the conversation.”

Cameron spoke of his “love” of the country and described Jewish function as some of the most patriotic he’d attended. Invoking his predecessor Winston Churchill, he said the wartime leader chose to fight Hitler alongside allies, rather than operate alone, when he took the “greatest decision in our history”

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11 Responses

  1. interesting.
    i suggest that it is cameron and his government policies that have created the fear, hatred and division within the uk.
    he and the media have whipped up hate against the disabled, the poor, refugees etc etc.
    it is cameron that has blood on his hands.

    • not only against the disabled the poor and the refugees, but also against the public sector workers, the union members and politically active left in the country.

  2. This, from

    “Broadcasters will not be conducting their usual exit polls.”

    Er, er, ooopsie.. lol 😀

    If I thought that Brexit might result in the rest of the EU pulling closer together and having a more moderate German led foreign policy, I might say fuck-it and not even mind how much the UK gets screwed by Murdoch’s necon masters once they take over.. If it worked out well for the greater good of Europe and the world that is.

    It’s the opportunity for divide and conquer contagion to be spread throughout the whole continent that scares me.

    If the UK exits the EU, so what, sad day for the UK, maybe good day for Europe. If the EU collapses…

    Anyone who thinks that would be a good thing isn’t paying attention because the alternative is naked fascism.

    Anyway I won’t spam the thread this time. And Scott, I really appreciate your not deleting my comments. I’m glad AE isn’t an echo chamber and respect that you allow sincere (if incorrect in your view) dissenting opinions 🙂

    • I can’t say I know everything about every possible outcome of this vote one way or the other. I don’t claim to be an expert on the EU or British economic structure but I can say this: if Obama wants it, and Wall Street wants it, and the IMF wants it, and Cameron wants it, and the Bank of London wants it, and Israel wants it… my guess is it’s not in the best interests of the people. And let’s also not forget… fascism is the marriage of Big Business and government and Big Business clearly wants Brits to vote to “stay” in the EU so they will be subject to the TTIP which is being negotiated by the EU and other foreign business interests. That’s fascism. So trying to play us off here by saying an “exit” vote is a vote for fascism is kinda like Cameron saying “exit” backers are anti-Semites to a group of Jewish people at some dinner last night. The EU is undemocratic representation which favors Big Business interests over those of the citizens of the countries in the EU. And THAT is fascism.

      • Well I do appreciate your points, and that it’s a complex issue, thanks for the response!

        I think a lot of the Remain-supporting statements by various US and Israel politicians are lip-service akin to the Reagan administration’s official condemnation of the Contras, and suspect that privately they’re licking their chops over the prospect of Leave, especially the Israelis. The same goes for Wall Street, they wouldn’t mind some instability and a tasty “buy opportunity”.

        Murdoch and Gove are also rabid Israel-Firsters. Gove wrote a horrible book about it “Celcius 7/7”, (Boris is a bit more Trump-like, his policy is “Yay Boris” and that’s about it).

        The difficult thing here I think is that (to over-simplify quite a bit), what we’re watching is neocon versus neocon in-fighting. If Murdoch, Gove and Farrage want it, (I mean Leave)… then by the same logic, my guess is it’s also probably not in the best interests of the people!

        So we’re screwed either way basically. 😦

        Which brand of Fascism is worse? I reluctantly come down on the side of the one that at least lets the Germans have some more influence.

        They’re less hawkish and have some good rules over there like mandatory board seats for Union members in companies above a certain size and so on..

        I fully admit, it’s reaaaally difficult one with no easy answers, so I’m sorry if I got a bit overheated yesterday! 🙂

        • (So in that sense, while I maintain that a vote for Brexit is indeed a vote for Fascism… I fully admit that a vote for Remain is also a vote for Fascism if u see what I mean 😀 )

        • Also u might not be aware – the Brexiteers originally, (Farrage, Gove, Hannan, Carswell etc) are on the record as having been previously pro-TTIP, pro-privatisation and anti-NHS. Oh, they’ve changed their tune during the campaigning after they realised this was hurting their chances, but they’re not to be trusted on those issues..

          Ok I’m really finished now. I’m all Brexited-out, it’s a bit stressful tbh..

          No more Brexit posts I promise 🙂

          • Listen, if the British corporate media has really decided to refrain from holding exit polls, there’s a really good chance the fascists decided they wouldn’t leave it to chance like they did with the nomination of Hillary Clinton over on this side of the pond. After all, they are pretty much one and the same, are they not? So, we will see how the “vote” goes. My guess is, like the hacked vote in that other UK nation not that long ago, they will “vote” in Britain to “stay” and thus the neoliberals will take full advantage, their mandate in hand, to fully neoliberalize the country meaning more attacks on unions, more privatization of the education system and more privatization of the national health institute over there. And that should tell you and you can come back here in a couple years and tell us we were right like the fans of Syriza do these days. That’s my guess. If “leave” wins (which it wont by the way) and the exit polls were cancelled, then maybe there is something to your argument. But right now I’m betting “stay” pulls a Hillary and “wins” today. just a guess though. we will see.

            • Sure I was myself wondering if the exit-poll thing is an indicator that the fix is in – that’s why I mentioned it. The palace is anti-Brexit (they hate Murdoch and they’re part of the old Euro-Aristocracy), so if it *is* fixed, it’ll be fixed in favour of Remain. Still doesn’t make Brexit a good idea though.

              Like I say, it’s a power spat between one establishment in-group and another, neolibs and neocons, so more or less “they” win either way – Brexit is a minority neocon project and the Brexiteers, if they win, will take full advantage of their mandate, fully neoliberalise the the country, attack unions, and privatize education and national health, so it really is the devil and the deep blue sea.

              At least the EU is structured by 20th C Franco-German influence so that there are still some basic social protections in terms of worker and union rights, (social charter), that are indeed under attack continent-wide, but which take time and effort to erode. That’s why the right-libertarian crowd are always lampooning it as the horrifically socialist “EUSSR”, right?

              If remain wins, it’ll be hard to know what would have happened if Brexit had won, if Brexit wins then we certainly *will* see, and perhaps you’ll be telling me I was right in about 2-5 years time!

              I don’t disagree with your characterisation of the EU establishment at all. I’m not *that* politically naive, (in the same sense that I don’t prefer Hilary to Trump, in fact maybe the opposite by an edge), I just think you’re being over-optimistic about Brexit, and missing it’s real agenda.

              Personally I hope it goes into the dustbin of counterfactual history and we never find out…

              After the result is in I drop the subject, It’s your blog and I don’t wanna try your patience. 🙂

              God help us all either way!

  3. So according to Cameron, using economic sanctions against Russia is ok but not against Israel? Or, put another way, only the Government, not the people, decides which countries can be boycotted. Even if in boycotting Israel no laws have been broken. Can I now be arrested as a terrorist for not buying Israeli avocadoes down at my local supermarket?

    • not arrested yet, but you can be put on a watchlist and denied any constitutional rights you might have been counting on. Oh wait.. the sit-in didn’t work yet? my bad. give em a couple weeks… til then you are free to buy or not buy which ever produce you like. til then…

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