I’ll Be On INN World Report Radio With Tom Keily and Wayne Madsen Tonight

by Scott Creighton


Call in to speak on the air live at 512 646-1984!

Show starts at 7pm Eastern, Wayne Madsen on at 7:30 and me from 8 till 9pm.

Hi guys.

I should have let you know earlier, but tonight I will be on Tom Keily’s INN World Report Radio with Wayne Madsen. Tom’s show is hosted by Logos Radio Network which is doing a fundraiser this month. You can also sign up to help out with the production staff if you like. Logos is run by Deborah Stevens. I have spoken with her briefly several times as she is the producer of Tom’s show. She’s good  people and wants to see the network do well and give a lot of people an opportunity to be heard that would never get that chance on corporate radio, even talk radio. <

Talking with Tom is always fun. We don't see eye-to-eye every time (a fact he likes to convey to his listeners whenever we talk) but that usually makes it even more entertaining.

Tom has a long history of covering issues related to Geo-politics, corporatization, globalization, environmentalism, civil liberties and all these for-profit wars we seem to be waging with increasing regularity. Tom has interviewed Dr. Ron Paul, Congressman Dennis Kucinich, former CIA analyst Ray McGovern as well as famous whistleblowers Scott Ritter and Daniel Ellsberg just to name a few.

I have never had the opportunity to speak with Wayne Madsen so I am really looking forward to this chat tonight. Years ago when I was coming around on 9/11 (I've told that story way too many times) Wayne's work helped open my eyes. Since then he's been doing good work so I look forward to speaking with him.

Wayne recently tweeted about the Obama administration pushing back against an inquiry into the 65 coup in Indonesia and the bloodletting that took place after the CIA installed Suharto. His suggestion seems to be that Barack may not want the role played by USAID exposed, especially since his mother worked for them at the time over there. I think I will ask him about that. As you guys know, I have reported on her connections to that dictator many times.

It should be interesting. Sorry I didn't let you know sooner. Please tune in. Should be fun.

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  1. Will you be able to post convo on your youtube channel?

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