Defense One: Warmonger Clinton Likely to Pick Warmonger Michèle Flournoy as Sec. of Defense

by Scott Creighton

They say 2017 could be the “year of the no-fly zone

I say it could be the “year of the warmongering womenfolk with chips on their shoulders” dovetailing nicely with the “year of irregular warfare terrorists moderates”

Call me sexist all you want, but Hillary Clinton has gone out of her way to make at least this first part of the general election campaign all about women and how her opponent supposedly mistreats and derides them. Trump does not poll well with women (go figure) while that is the last bastion of support she receives from the corrupt DNC who have been backing her nomination since day one.

Almost daily the likes of Mika Brzezinski and Rachel Maddow drool over the notion of an all female ticket to take on “sexist” Trump and his “racist” followers.

We can now add to that distinct possibility the fact that some defense department experts are saying quietly behind closed doors that Killary is likely to choose warmonger extraordinaire  Michèle Flournoy as her Secretary of Defense. Her “big idea”? Bomb Assad’s forces if they continue to defend their people from our “moderate” terrorists in the south (risking a military engagement with Russia and Iran) and continue bombing them (and any other Syrians who get in the way) until Syria is properly regime changed.

The woman expected to run the Pentagon under Hillary Clinton said she would direct U.S. troops to push President Bashar al-Assad’s forces out of southern Syria and would send more American boots to fight the Islamic State in the region.

Michele Flournoy, formerly the third-ranking civilian in the Pentagon under President Barack Obama, called for “limited military coercion” to help remove Assad from power in Syria, including a “no bombing” zone over parts of Syria held by U.S.-backed rebels.” Patrick Tucker

As Killary ties to pivot to the real left a little in a phony attempt to appear more like Sanders for his supporters (slightly less warmongering than Hillary), is it any wonder this potential cabinet level appointment is receiving little to no attention from the likes of the fore-mentioned Clintonite talking heads?

Could you imagine the uproar if Donald Trump was reported to pick Dick “bomb em all” Cheney as his Sec. of Defense?

And if you think that is an unfair comparison, just wait.

Flournoy, and several of her colleagues at the Center for New American Security, or CNAS, have been making the case for sending more American troops into combat against ISIS and the Assad regime than the Obama administration has been willing to commit…

If Syria’s bombing continues, the United States should consider instituting what the paper dubs a “no bomb zone.” If the Assad regime bombs areas that are held by the Southern Front, an opposition alliance that the United States supports, then the United States would retaliate, using standoff weapons like cruise missiles to hit targets associated with the Assad regime, but not airbases housing Russian forces. The retaliatory strikes might include Syrian forward operating bases or “security apparatus facilities in Damascus that are fixed regime targets and would require less invasive reconnaissance.”

The targets need not be ones that are directly tied to Assad strikes on U.S. partners, so long as the message is clear to Assad.” Patrick Tucker

What does that mean in layman’s terms? What’s the translation from doublespeak to English?

If they continue to resist our terrorist irregular warfare mercenaries who are currently busy depopulating sections of the country, BOMB THE SHIT OUT OF SYRIAN GOVERNMENT FACILITIES UNTIL THEY SURRENDER or die.

Basically, Hillary Clinton’s presumptive Sec. of Defense is suggesting we start an open war of aggression against a country that has done nothing to us short of successfully resisting our 5-year terrorist irregular warfare regime change operation.

You have to understand, Michèle Flournoy is a centrist. A Scoop Jackson styled neocon of the so-called “left” (like Hillary is) who started up the Center for a New American Security back in 2007 to serve as a haven for like-minded, corporatist warmongering “lefties” in the style of the Project for a New American Century (notice the similarities?)

“CNAS’s stated mission is to “develop strong, pragmatic and principled national security and defense policies that promote and protect American interests and values.”[3] CNAS focuses on terrorism and irregular warfare, the future of the U.S. military, the emergence of Asia as a global power center, and the national security implications of natural resource consumptionWiki

Here’s a little taste of the folks who make up Michele’s warmongering think-tank:

  • Hon. Richard L. Armitage – Armitage International
  • Hon. Richard J. Danzig The RAND Corporation
  • Senator Joseph I. Lieberman – Kasowitz, Benson, Torres, and Friedman, LLP
  • James Murdoch – 21st Century Fox
  • David Schwimmer –  Goldman Sachs & Co.
  • Hon. Madeleine K. Albright – The Albright Stonebridge Group
  • Tony Podesta – Podesta Group
  • Neal Blue General Atomics
  • Hon. Leo S. Mackay Jr. Lockheed Martin Corporation
  • David Wajsgras Raytheon

Talk about the military industrial complex. Eisenhower will be rolling over in his grave when she’s sworn in as Secretary of Defense.

Just imagine US forces launching cruise missiles in the direction of Syrian facilities which just happen to sit next to Russian installations. Or, US fighter jets chasing down Syrian bombers flying with Russian/Iranian escorts?

What’s going to happen when a US cruise missile “accidentally” kills 20 or so Russians/Iranians in Syria?

I mean, the very real threat of that worse case scenario is too say nothing of the now tragically mundane thought of us illegality of starting a war against yet another country that has done nothing to us except kill our Wahhabist regime change terrorists surrogates we sent over there.

The fake leftist Obama had considered Michèle Flournoy as Secretary of Defense back before settling on neocon Ash Carter. Reportedly she took herself out of consideration back in Nov. of 2014 when Chuck Hagel resigned. Most say she declined the opportunity at that time because Barack wasn’t enough of a war-monger.

It should also be noted since she is the presumptive appointee of the top job at the Pentagon, she had ever intention to privatize the DOD healthcare programs (true to her and Clinton’s neoliberal economic ideology)

“To address this problem, many private sector health care providers, including well-known brands such as Blue Cross, Aetna and UnitedHealthcare, have accelerated their integration of value-based care reimbursement…

In the coming year, DOD and Congress will have a rare window of opportunity to pilot fee-for-value approaches in the defense health system. TRICARE’s managed care support contracts typically have a five-year period of performance, and the next major TRICARE contract, valued at $55 billion over five years, is slated to be awarded in 2017. This contract renewal provides an important vehicle to pilot new approaches to reimbursement and care. Additionally, Congress will soon complete its markup of the FY2017 Defense Authorization Bill, which offers another possible vehicle for mandating that DOD undertake pilots in fee-for-value approaches for TRICARE and adopt such care models in its military health facilities.” Michele Flournoy

Look at that. A 55 billion dollar payday to her friends in Big Business projected in her first year as Sec. of State.

Who would have guessed it? A neoliberal war-monger being groomed and made ready to jump in when Killary Clinton finishes stealing this election and takes office.

I wonder if Killary will bring back Madeleine Albright or dig up the corpse of Maggie Thatcher to round out her cabinet.

Looks like it’s July 1553 and Bloody Mary is ascending to the throne while the likes of Mika Brzezinski and Rachel Maddow stand and applaud with tears in their eyes at the historic implications of it all.

I wonder if they will continue to cheer as they watch the nukes lift off.

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  1. Not sure if this is up your alley Scott, but there seems to be rather extreme anecdotal evidence that the California Primary election was totally fraudulent, in Hillary’s favor. Here is a 40 min. documentary that TYT and partners have quickly slapped together. I know you’re not a TYT fan and it has a number of un-fixed editorial mistakes, but it conveys the basic idea adequately. I personally experienced this kind of non-function at my polling place (voting machines ALL broken so the ballots all got put in a slotted box), and many of my friends did too.

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