Watch John Oliver Shill for the EU (“Obama want’s Britain to stay” and “UKIPers are all racists”)

by Scott Creighton

I hate John Oliver. He’s a shill for every globalist agenda they got these days and he isn’t done yet making himself useful.

Here is John Oliver’s “liberal” take on the Brexit issue. He says there is “overwhelming consensus” that leaving could hurt the British economy and then goes on too list some of the institutions making that claim which include, “The Bank of England, Price Waterhouse Coopers, OECD, the Center for Economic Performance and of course…. the International Monetary Fund. His arguement, their argument, is that leaving could have a negative effect on the precious GDP of Britain… saying nothing about the wages or standards of living of most Brits, but only that precious GDP that all the globalists worship.

These “eggheads with their studies and degrees” that Oliver praises in this piece are the same neoliberal technocrats that ruin countries across the world in pursuit of their ultimate dream, dropping the Miracle of Chile on the entire world. These same technocrats that are currently ruining places like Greece and Ukraine for instance. These are the “experts” John Oliver is trying to sell to his “liberal” audience.

After that, Oliver then goes on to characterize all the “leave the EU” people basically as idiot racists. He does that by finding some woman sitting in a shop with a couple hick-looking folks saying she doesn’t like “negroes”.

Yeah, racists for example. Bigots, idiots, the intolerant… who am I missing? Oh yeah, UKIP voters.” John Oliver (UKIP is for leaving the EU)

Based on two statements taken from UKIP supporters from way down deep in the food chain of UKIP, John Oliver concludes they are all racists, bigots, idiots and intolerant. Heck of a selection set for that poll, huh?

Yes, Oliver does get one thing right, not everything sounds smart in British accent.

Talk about your basic strawman. You notice all they have these days when going after supporters of something they don’t like is to turn something they say into “racism”?

Anyone thinking of Donald Trump?

Thus, John Oliver sounds just like every other propaganda-spewing talking head on the TV these days. Uses the same trollish tricks, praises the same neoliberal technocrats.

Right after that wave of “racism” propaganda, John then turns to an “expert” to tell us that even though Britain leaves the EU they might still be stuck with open borders. The “expert” he chose? A guy from the London School of Economics, the founding institution of neoliberal economic theory, precursor to it being taught at the Chicago School of Economics and Milton Friedman taking on the road to Chile after our little coup down there in ’73.

This guy goes on and on about “accepting free mobility of labor both into and out of the UK” which is a CORNERSTONE of neoliberal economic theory since it DEPRECIATES WAGES AND NULLIFIES COLLECTIVE BARGAINING turning the workforce of the entire country into temp workers with no inherent rights or benefits.

In short, in every way possible, John Oliver exposes himself completely in this little rant of his today as a total tool of neoliberal globalist technocrats. For God’s sake, he praises the suggestions of the IMF and the Bank of England and features a technocrat “expert” from the globalist London School of Economics in the final act of his little propaganda show.

I don’t care where you come down on the Brexit issue. They are holding their referendum on Thursday and hopefully we can be done hearing about it. I am not a fan of the EU. After all, it was Ukraine deciding they weren’t going to join the EU that got them regime changed and if that is any indication of what it’s about, I would want no part of it.

Then again, you also have the nifty little staged public murder scene that took place a couple days ago to further demonize the “leave the EU” folks coincidentally times right before the vote this week. Gives you a little insight into the minds of the “Stay” crowd.

Here’s John pathetic pandering to the IMF/Bank of England/London School of Economics “Stay” crowd. To borrow a term from John’s cutsy little song at the end of his piece, fuck you John Oliver, you sellout piece of shit. (I added the last part)


And lookie here. Guess who is happy about the new polls. Go ahead, take a guess…

7 Responses

  1. He’s always done “humorous” political commentary, but this one is particularly obvious. And this, like many commentaries these days, has a fake liberal slant.

  2. He is funny. However, the dead giveaway, which is ubiquitous, is that he is allowed to be on network television. If he did not agree to be a tool, he would not be allowed on prime time. It’s probably that simple.

  3. Oh man 😦 😦

    While I respect your volumes of good work and all, as I’ve already pointed out before, I disagree with your stance on this in the strongest possible terms – I think you’re missing important warning signs about what’s going on in Europe at the moment. I’ll try to boil it down – apologies in advance, it’s going to be a bit of a wall of text.

    To me your article is like a well-written well-researched article about Saddam Hussein in February 2003, (not a stupid one with lies in it about WMD or ties to “Al-Qaeda” etc, a good one), that’s jam packed full of correct detailed facts and insightful analysis as to why Saddam was a bad guy. OK, sure it’s true, because indeed – he *was* a bad guy – but such an article at that time would still be missing half the picture.

    As you well know, there *is* no “one unified globalist agenda” to shill for as such, just as there is no literal Illuminati-cabal smoking cigars in a room plotting the precise course of history. What there are, are powerful rival interest groups riding the wave of the raw fact that technological development has made the planet smaller in terms of travel-time, infrastructural connectedness etc, (i.e. globalisation) that are all selfishly motivated, don’t blink at crime and grand malfeasance, that sometimes cooperate and sometimes compete in a complex mesh of shifting alliances.

    Currently in Europe there is seismic power-struggle underway between the anglosphere neo-con/neo-lib faction and the neo-lib/paleo Franco-German axis or “Troika”.

    You know, the same Franco-German axis that is relatively pro-Palestine, pro-BDS, wants stability in the middle east, is currently faced with de-stabilisation via right-wing color revolutions and “weapons of mass migration”, and that was strongly opposed to the Iraq war?

    (The Germans due to having been somehow brainwashed by decades of pernicious anti-Hitler propaganda into disliking war, and the French because they hate you for your Freedom Fries).

    And these are the guys that you’re itching to lose the fight?

    Britain is currently split right down the middle, with broadly speaking the Brexiteers and Murdoch on the US-oriented neolib side with the palace and the old-order Euro-establishment on the paleo/Troika side.

    I know the “official” stance of the US establishment is that the UK should stay in. Well yes, in the same sense that the Reagan administration was “officially” against the contras while it was at the same time supporting them. Murdoch is the main mover in the media on the Brexit side and he’s neocon and Israel-first to the core, so it’s no mystery where his true loyalties lie and who’s interests he serves.

    OK. The Troika is globalist, undemocratic, fully on board with the IMF and the structurally oppressive fiat-currency leveraged-debt M1/M2 monetary system and so forth, as are all the current power elites of the world.

    Have you taken a look at the Brexiteers and what they’re planning on? Because it’s much f*cking worse!!!

    They’re a bunch of committed extremist right-libertarian neo-thacherite “nightwatchman-staters” that would make your US Ayn-Rand loving right-libertarians blush with shame! Murdoch, Gove, Johnson, Farrage etc…

    They represent the interests of the employer/financier class and they’re just itching their greedy fingers to usher in a new era of “competativeness in the global marketplace”, a massive neo-liberalisation and deregulation of the UK economy. A race to the bottom in labour and environmental standards that would make Thatcher feel like she achieved next to nothing, all justified by the mantra of “oh well chaps, no access to the common market anymore, so bad news, we need to focus on global competativeness right now, but fortunately there’s no pesky EU social charter, working time directive or unionization rights to deal with, so be good chaps and roll up your sleeves now will you?”

    Nice trick, and a large part of the UK voting populace has fallen for it. Ironically they seem to think “getting rid of foreign” is going to serve as some kind of form of old-fashioned social democratic protectionism.

    If it goes through, it’s the end of Social Democracy in the UK.

    If the EU collapses, it’s the end of Social Democracy in Europe, and the rise of neo-fascist or right-Randian governments accross the continent. Marie-LePenn in France and Jobbik in Hungary, etc.

    And this is what you’re celebrating, and what you want? The outcome you’re hoping for?

    This is your grand “Anti-Establishment” gesture??

    It’s not an anti-Establishment movement, it’s a f*cking reactionary counter-revolution a-la Franco is what it bloody well is.

    Hopefully we’ll never find out who’s right, because hopefully it won’t actually happen. And to be fair to you, Oliver is indeed a horrible establishment shill generally, and who knows, maybe the murder of Jo Cox *was* an Mi5 psyop to move the polls far enough back to the middle so that the palace can fix the result. I wouldn’t put it past them. So far you don’t *really* have any evidence for that though. It’s not like the Orlando case – there’s no evidence, yet at least, of the guy being suspiciously embedded in the intelligence community, or having been previously targeted to participate in “sting” operations, or having had an Mi5 handler etc. “He didn’t give his name in court” isn’t that much to go on. There aren’t any “good guys” in this fight, I’m sure the palace/Troika plays just as dirty as the necons/neolibs. It doesn’t mean we should be rooting for the neocons/neolibs to win, in the same way there was no reason to root for them to “win” against the “bad guy” in Iraq.

    (Side note – I checked out the poor woman’s much-vaunted record on Syrian refugees. Somewhat ironically the “Friends Of Syria” organisation she was working with on the refugee side is an operation set-up by Hillary and co. that primarily lobbies for supplying the “moderate rebels” with arms. Go figure. I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt and suppose that she simply didn’t do her due diligence – her prior record with Oxfam etc and support for Palestinian rights is hardly indicative of a hawkish bent)

    If this Brexit really happens, the vulture capitalists are already spiraling, hoping for a total collapse of the EU, waiting to pick over the corpse of European Social Democracy and privatise and deregulate everything. They would love for Europe to fall under a model of no collective foreign policy, and no collective bargaining power under a new umbrella of direct NATO/TTIP control.

    Think all the rights for capital, goods and services that currently exist under the EU, but without the rights for, you know, the actual people.

    A “good buy opportunity” as the economic journalists are now saying, or “goodbye opportunity!” as a friend of mine recently put it.

    Goodbye recognition of Palestine. Goodbye BDS. Goodbye working time directive. Goodbye European court of Human rights. Goodbye unionisation rights. Goodbye social charter, Goodbye worker’s rights etc etc. Well that’ll show those establishment bastards who’s boss then!

    If this is actually gonna happen… wow. In that case all I can say is:

    Don’t believe me? Come and see…

    Because in that case Europe is screwed.

    Also, on a personal note and in terms of cultural identity regardless of politics… I *AM* f*cking European. To my core.

    Human first, European second, Irish third, and British fourth. French and Germans and Polish and Hungarians and Italians and Portuguese etc are my *God Damned* Brothers and Sisters OK? We went through 2000 years of common history and cultural development together from the Romans, through the middle ages the renaissance, the enlightenment and into the current era. I love them as a patriot loves his fellow countrymen.

    I feel waaay more solidarity affinity and common world-view with them than English speaking anglos .. English, American, Australian etc. Mostly because they’re actually, you know, *nice*, whereas the anglos are… well.. a bunch of jerks frankly. (No offence, I am one too).

    More than half my friends are Europeans, we all move in circles made up of mixed groups of all different European nationalities together – half my friends have mixed marriages and families. OK, this applies currently more to the University Educated IT-related crowd than blue-collar workers but I had hoped that this pan-European solidarity would *grow* not shrink into the future. To me the idea that a Scottish person doesn’t have the right to live and work in Portugal, that a Hungarian person doesn’t have the right to live and work in the UK, that an Italian person doesn’t have the right to live and work in Germany is deeply sad and frankly rather offensive. I was born in the EU. Does it mean I want to live in an undemocratic Federal Superstate? No. Am I unpatriotic for not wanting the whole thing to collapse?

    I know you’re a patriotic American and all – perhaps you think European style Social Democracy sucks, that we’re all a bunch of crazy commies and that our social economy *should* be ordered more like it is in the USA.

    The US federal government is not so great to be honest. Does it mean you’ld like to see the Union broken up into a collection of individual states run by the most ruthless corporatist/Randian social darwinists in your society? Is that the solution you’re hoping for?

    I *like* the European model, I don’t *want* it to be swept away in favour of the US one, and I don’t understand your guys’ obsession with the second amendment either, and I don’t want US gun culture to catch on over here.

    I fail to see how the sale of AR-15s and so on is helping you to form that fabled “well organised militia” of yours that’s going to stand up so bravely to the Federal government… aaaany day now. Alright then – where is this wonderful people’s militia that the congress critters and Haliburton/Blackwater guys are so afraid of? From where I’m sitting, sorry, they’re not scared of you, they’re too busy playing golf with their weapon manufacturing buddies while they laugh all the way to the bank.

    This Brexit thing is not a vote for some new fair-monetary/direct democracy system versus the military-industrial complex, the IMF World Bank and central banking or something.

    This is a vote of IMF supporting/owned Necons/Neolibs/Randians versus the IMF supporting/owned Troika.

    I vote Troika.

    (Well we all know they won’t actually count the votes, but you know what I mean 😀 )

    Sorry for the somewhat inflammatory tone – I know ur a great guy really, but tensions are running high over here.. (in Budapest, not the UK as it happens – Hungary – also my Europe, my Country, just as much as England or Ireland and 2 fingers to Farrage Johnson and Gove).

  4. Also that’s inaccurate what you said about the EU in terms of the Ukranian coup.

    EU membership was part of the original agenda of the Maidan platform, but the EU *never* supported the idea of incorporating Ukraine into it’s territory by means of a violent coup. Initially they wanted no part in it, in the same way they didn’t really want to have anything to do with sanctions against Russia, and aren’t rabidly anti-Assad either.

    It was the wonderful US state department and CIA that orchestrated the coup, against the wishes of the EU, which is why Victoria Nuland said “OK we go into lift-off mode, and f*ck the EU”.

    A massive betrayal of the Ukranian people, who are my neighbours btw, so again, we can thank the anglos for that one, (I’m sure the British lapdogs/quislings were on board).

    OK I’m done with the thread spam, sorry in a way. Just trying to introduce some nuance about European politics into the discussion. You make it seem so black and white sometimes.

  5. This might somehow be even more disgusting than Obama and Jimmy Fallon shilling for the TPP.

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