The Reported “ISIS Pledge” Not to be Included In 911 TRANSCRIPT Release by FBI Today

by Scott Creighton

The FBI says they are going to release a partial transcript of the 911 calls supposedly placed by Omar Mateen during the 3 hour standoff in the Pulse nightclub last weekend.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch made an interesting statement when asked if today’s release would include him saying he pledged allegiance to “ISIS” leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi which is the sole connection between Mateen and the organization as far as the media and war-mongering politicians are concerned:

When asked what was being left out of the transcript, Lynch said would not help to “further proclaim this individual’s pledges of allegiance to terrorist groups and further his propaganda.” NBC

Her implication is that she is leaving out the pledge part of the transcript in order to fight “ISIS” by not promoting the propaganda. In reality, Lynch is saying there is no recording of him saying anything of the sort and so she is allowing to continue our propaganda by trying to cover-up that glaring fact.

It’s kinda like when someone tried to tell you they dumped the body of bin Laden in the drink because it was the right thing to do for a Muslim. It’s stupid propaganda, spin, designed to cover up a lie.

If they had anything close to Omar Mateen on a phone call pledging his allegiance to “ISIS” they would certainly play it for the US audience as Obama is desperate to get his new Authorization for the Use of Military Force against “ISIS” that he has been dreaming of for a year.

Oh yeah, one more thing:

“The transcript would be printed, not audio.” Wall Street Journal

So I guess there is no chance of anyone coming along later and saying “Wait a minute. That’s not omar’s voice!?”

I guess this just further exemplifies this simple fact:

Investigation Shows Pulse Attack had “little or nothing to do with ISIS”

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