The Clinton Foundation Slush Fund 2014

by Scott Creighton (H/T @CATS_PAWS)

When asked by a reporter if she would suspend the activities of the Clinton Foundation while she is sitting in the oval office, Killary said “no” but there would be more “transparency”

Here’s some transparency for ya:

The Clinton Foundation or the Clinton Global(ist) Initiative is a globalist slush fund used by the neoliberal Clinton family to pay for influence in other countries where they want to bring in various crooked businesses so they can profit on the backside of the deals.

Of the 177.8 million dollars taken in by the scam organization, a mere 5.1 million was actually given out to organizations through grants and assistance gifts. The vast majority of it was spent handing out benefits and professional fees to various Clinton friends and insiders. Another 32 million was spent on travel and “other expenses”

Can you imagine the cash-cow the Clinton foundation will become when Killary gets the keys to the White House? Bill will be blowing through a kilo of blow a day with that kind of slush lying around.

No wonder Killary was so desperate to steal the primary from Bernie. And it’s no wonder Donald is throwing the election for her. I bet he’s already on the speakers list for 2017.

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