Full FBI “Transcript” Press Release in JPEG Format

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Omar Mateen is reported to have purchased $9,000 worth of bling-bling a week before the shooting. Why would he do that if he was going to be dead soon? And where did a security guard get 9 grand to blow on sparkly shit for his fingers? Does anyone know about how fundamentalist Islam views jewelry on men? It’s considered Haram. Wearing gold upon ones death will deny one the gold of the afterlife. Women are allowed to wear some jewelry. Maybe it was for his wife? Boyfriend?

Lots of “news” sites are reporting on the FBI’s press release of the so-called “transcript” of Omar Mateen’s conversations with law enforcement officials during the three hour standoff in the Pulse nightclub last week. As I poured through them all I noticed none of them were linking back to the actual release from the FBI so we could read it ourselves. Finally I found a link to it (on Above Top Secret in the comment section) Here is the PDF version online (JPEG version after the break right here)

There are a lot of interesting aspects of this “transcript” release and the most obvious is, it’s not really a transcript release of their conversations with him. Also not mentioned is the supposed phone call he made to some TV station in Orlando. They give a pretty complete run-down of everything he supposedly did but never mention that tid-bit of information (which is because it never happened)

Curiously, the FBI refuses to name Omar Mateen by name, instead referring to him as “OM”. Also curious, in the transcript of the 911 call, the ONLY transcript they release, the person calling ALSO does not refer to himself as “Omar Mateen”… ever. Instead he calls himself “I pledge allegiance to [omitted]”. Later in the press release, the FBI says (without releasing those transcripts) that the caller referred to himself as an “Islamic soldier” and not “Omar Mateen”

Here’s a curious bit of trivia: what did the shooting suspect in Britain recently refer to himself as in court? “death to traitors, freedom for Britain

So these shooters in the midst of their mass casualty events rarely if ever give their names. I wonder if that’s because they have yet to decide which patsy will get framed for them. Who knows.

Also of note: they will not release the audio recordings of either of the calls. Perhaps that is because they know there is already a widely shared video of Omar Mateen from that fake documentary, demonizing the poor workers at the BP oil spill cleanup. He speaks quiet a lot in that video, certainly enough to be able to make a comparison of the two voices.

I guess they don’t want Reddit or 4chan users figuring out the audio tracks don’t match and it’s someone else making those phone calls (which might explain why the caller doesn’t identify himself)

Also set in stone now is the fact that indeed, some law enforcement officers did make entry into the nightclub after the initial exchange outside with the shooter and they did open fire inside the club, driving the suspect back into the bathroom where he stayed, without firing another shot until SWAT broke through the wall.

In a separate bit of news, they are still trying to determine who shot whom in the club. Forensics are currently working on figuring out just how many victims were shot by the suspect and how many by law enforcement. The local chief of police says it doesn’t matter because Omar Mateen is ultimately responsible for all the deaths.

Below the break are the three pages of press release from the FBI. Not much new information from them and only a teeny little transcript which never mentions Omar by name. Draw your own conclusions.

release 1

release 2

release 3


7 Responses

  1. Amazing isn’t it?

    You can’t handle the Truth! But you’re damn good at swallowing our lies.

    Curious what ya’ll think of this? Medical Examiner Describes Orlando Club.

    ALL autopsies done within 72 hours of shooting? I know they have multiple MEs. But 72 hours? One more in the ‘suspicious’ bucket.

  2. A gun shop owner calls the FBI about a man speaking Arabic, ordering bulk ammunition and a bullet proof vest and the FBI is too busy to check it out?

    But they have time to go through all of my emails?

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