#Enough ? Not Yet…. All Four Gun Control Amendments Go Down in Flames Via Party-line Voting

by Scott Creighton

As the senate was fully stocked for the first time all year (all 100 senators decided to show up tonight) there were a contingent of civilians in the balcony wearing orange tee-shirts which read “#Enough” signifying they have had “enough” and want action on gun control legislation. Some were activists, others family members of recent victims. They were soon to find out they haven’t had enough just yet as the senate voted on 4 amendments relating to their core issue.

Afterward, standing at a podium adorned with the orange #Enough logo, Harry Reid tried his best to put a good spin on the night’s voting in the senate as Chuck Schumer openly blamed the republicans for not stepping across party lines to vote with Dems on various unconstitutional gun control amendments. Harry said there are “only 46 of us” and they were doing their best.

All four of the amendments brought up for a vote after the filibuster the other night went down in flames on nearly perfect party-line votes.

  • Feinstein (D-CA) amendment – blocking gun sales to people on “no fly” list – 47 yea (Dems), 53 nay (Reps)
  • Cornyn (R-TX) amendment – requiring court order to delay “no fly” list gun sales for 72 hours for court order – 53 yea (Reps), 47 nay (Reps)
  • Murphey (D-CT) amendment – background checks at gunshows – 44 yea (Dems), 56 nay (Reps)
  • Grassley (R-IA) amendment – increasing funding for background checks – 53 yea (Reps), 47 nay (Dems)

Truth be told, the dems could easily have crossed party lines to vote on at least one of the republican written amendments but they chose not to. Same holds true for the republicans, though at least in their favor, the ones written by the Dems stand in stark contrast to constitutional law and several Supreme Court rulings.

The two bills I wrote about the other day were not brought up tonight in the senate and I am glad of that. I am also glad the Feinstein amendment (which is very similar (if not the same thing) to one I did write about, using not only the “no fly” list to strip folks of their constitutional rights but also other arbitrary lists put together in secret) failed.

It’s hard too say where this goes from here but at least those 4 measures have been temporarily put to pasture.

When it was over, the senator from Ohio got up and talked for 10 minutes about a basketball game. It was almost surreal watching all the multi-multi-millionaires milling about, going from one little group to the next, glad-handing each other and chatting up their little deals, maybe making plans for drinks taking place right now.

Sitting up in the cheap seats were a bunch of activists who actually thought they were there to witness history. What they got was a lesson in D.C. sideshows. I kinda feel sorry for them, except for the fact that they were there rooting for a fascist blacklist system to be enshrined in the rule of law. Aside from that, I feel sorry for them. Kinda.

The whole thing was much ado about nothing.

7 Responses

  1. If they did pass new laws, folks would naturally expect results. But now that they’ve created an entire industry of terrorism, it’s probably become too big to fail. So…

    • Oh, I think you are so right. Now that the intended, but possibly inevitable, legislation was delayed yet again, however, I am afraid we will probably see an even greater escalation in ridiculous freak show “some normal guy snaps without warning” events followed by immediate calls for new legislation until a few members of congress finally break, roll their eyes (some of them MUST know who’s behind some of these things) and say “OK, , you win, we’ll pass you’re legislation if you promise to knock it off.”

  2. Surprised it didn’t pass with flying colors. It just takes a pen, a phone and a paper to make it happen anyway.

    Do they have something bigger planned to be blamed on this “lack of action”?

  3. The demonstrable fecklessness of the legislative branch precedes the arrival of the Generalissimo …

  4. They don’t even try any more…

    • looks to me like someone might be setting up a narrative about guys with guns showing up at Trump rallies as a way to push him to support gun control legislation or something a bit more drastic. The established Rethugs don’t like Trump being their man. maybe they figure if they can’t get rid of him at the convention via a rules change, they will some other way.

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