Confirmed: BP Security Guard in Film Demonizing Cleanup Workers is Omar Mateen

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: An astute reader pointed out, he was working for G4S at the time which is based in London as is BP. Go to the end of the article to see how G4S security guards REALLY treated reporters (real ones)

UPDATE: The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation financially supports:

  1. gun control legislation
  2. BP
  3. G4S

Seems like Omar factors into all the big events in Florida.

(Youtube pulled the video I put up showing Omar in that documentary. Gee, I wonder why they did that. I found another version which includes his lines from the “documentary” and you can still get a feel for what his voice sounds like just in case they ever release the actual audio track of his 911 call (don’t hold your breath))

In this “documentary”, Omar gives what seems like a scripted, completely unsolicited and derogatory rant about the workers at the BP spill “hoping for more spillage” so they could make “some more money”. He, and the documentary film-maker claim that to the workers, “it’s all about the money”

That came about the time people were taking note of BP paying the cleanup workers less than minimum wage, using prison labor and illegals to clean up the spill and contractors were getting away with working these guys way more than 40 hours and not paying them for overtime.

They didn’t give the workers protective gear, they kept them on what amounts to labor camps and they regularly suffered from dehydration and heat stroke.

Add to that the regular practice of withholding their meager paychecks and what you basically have is big business taking advantage of desperately poor individuals from all over the country (and some prisoners) who went there to help clean up BP’s mess, willing to work hard while doing it.

“The workers come from all over the United States—as far away as Alaska—and are of dozens of nationalities. Many do not speak English. Many have taken jobs cleaning up oil due to the very high unemployment rate—these are some of the only jobs available.

The beach cleanup workers work on the shores in dozens, handling toxic oil without full protective gear, breathing poisoned air and suffering dehydration and heat strokes under the hot sun. Over the past week, temperatures in Southern Louisiana have averaged over 90 degrees” WSWS

And of course, you have what appears to be a scripted derogatory rant coming from Omar Mateen, posing as a security guard for the compound, timed perfectly to help demonize the workers and put BP in a slightly better light.

Yes, that is Omar Mateen, doing the good work of looking out for our “national interests”… a British company that fucked up the Gulf of Mexico because they got too greedy and then fucked up a number of US citizens because they got too greedy on the cleanup as well.

“At one point, perhaps as part of a G4S contract, he was working as an intake officer at a Florida juvenile assessment center. At another point, he was providing security after the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in April 2010, during which an undercover documentarian recorded a few of his cynical observations.

“No one gives a shit here, like everyone is just out to get paid,” he is recorded as saying. “They’re like hoping for more oil to come out and more people to complain so they’ll have the jobs. Because once people get laid off here, it’s going to suck for them. They want more disaster to happen because that’s where their moneymaking is.” New York Times

As coincidence would have it: there is Omar, forever associated with the BP oil spill, which saw Kenneth Feinberg put in charge of the payouts before it was revealed his firm had a financial stake in BP… and now… Kenneth Feinberg is in charge of doling out the cash of the victims fund from the Orlando shooting, for which Omar is, once again, associated.

Hows that for synergy?  What are the odds you think that this little prick just happens to be the one G4S guard featured in that video who then “goes crazy” and wipes out his friends at a gay nightclub so the senate can vote on a gun-grabbing bill or two? Gotta be up there, right?

UPDATE: video showing G4S security guards keeping real reporters from workers.

What were those workers really doing on the beach while Omar was feeding the fake reporter a line about the “greedy workers”? They were busy clearing the beach of the bodies of dead marine life in the cover of darkness.

“The BP Security personnel ensure that no observers are present on Gulf coast beaches during night time hours when BP contractors scour the beaches and pick up and covertly dispose of dead dolphins, turtles, birds, and other sea animals that wash ashore covered with oil from the Deepwater Horizon oil disaster.” BP Oil Spill webpage

More to follow.

12 Responses

  1. Wackenhut actor Omar sure did get the Roles! 8 years employed with Fbi spin-off. So when Wack. Merged with British, he got the BP
    troll assignment.

    But shooting 100 at a club he’s been visiting for years
    … AND making phone calls. While many many police wait outside.

    The Story needed major re-write.

  2. That clip was from a film that was made called The Big Fix. It has been removed from Mateen’s IMDB page

  3. Reblogged this on deinvestiture.

  4. Have to remember that documentaries are as ‘produced’ as any fictional movie. Hence the rise of mockumentaries, which the Big Fix might have been.

    I think the point made by others of four (4) camera angles for Omar’s film premier is also suspicious for a documentary, thus proof this was a scripted performance.

    But in Mateen’s own words from the ‘Big Fix’;

    “All about the money,”… “Exactly.”

    Indeed it is. And in a country where Money is God, it should come as no surprise that people (poor) would lie (crisis actors) in order to pocket possibly a few hundred thousand. Or in the case of SHS, a few million. Especially if they believe in gun control.

  5. Nice twist: “LA Patsy Confirms Orlando Was CIA False Flag”

    • I already passed on that story. Your link is Henry Makow quoting Edward Griffin website quoting the GetOff(whatever) story which consists of what some writer there says some undisclosed source told her. It is not accredited to anyone and unconfirmed. Basically a MSM “sources say” article, this time from an alternative site. I don’t post that stuff as fact when the MSM does it, nor will I when anyone does it either.

      • Hard to know what to think of the LA story. There is not enough information to call it factual, but surely there is enough to consider it, monitor it and to see if more credible information comes out to indicate truth or lies. But knocking it down as you have without any interest in even considering it……………..does not add up. And for the claim that you never repeat MSM bullshit………………..BULLSHIT,

      • I wrote a “Nice twist”, not “this is the absolute truth”, and I missed your writings on the subject. A bit grumpy today? 🙂

  6. UPDATE– new wrinkle… from zerohedge:
    “As details continue to emerge surrounding Orlando shooter Omar Mateen, so do the holes in the narrative.

    Case in point, last week’s statement by the shooter’s employer, G4S, the world’s largest security company, that he had passed a 2007 psychological text without any problems. The document that G4S submitted to Florida state listed psychologist Carol Nudelman. But after news of the document was reported, by the Miami Herald and other media, Dr. Nudelman, [NOTE: relative of Victoria Nudelman-Nuand Hagan…?] whose last name is now Blumberg, issued a statement saying she hadn’t evaluated any tests for the security company after 2005. The attorney for Nudelman (or Blumberg) added on said Sunday that she did not
    live in Florida in September 2006 when the psychological assessment was
    purportedly performed.

    Oops. What happened then? Well, as the WSJ reported earlier today, G4S reported that it made a “clerical error” in documents submitted to the state of Florida in 2007 regarding the mental health of Mateen, the gunman whom authorities have named as the person who killed 49 people in an Orlando nightclub last week. Specifically, the company said that it listed the wrong name for the psychologist who evaluated a test for Mateen that was required under state law for him to carry a firearm as a security guard.

    So here comes the new narrative: G4S said Mateen’s evaluation in September 2007 using the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory, a common psychological assessment tool, was in fact conducted by a third-party vendor called Headquarters for Psychological Evaluation. The security firm said Mateen had an above-average rating and that he had a favorable recommendation for employment. “Dr. Nudelman’s name appeared on the license as scoring the exam; it was a clerical error,” G4S said.

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    Too bad someone couldn’t have seen the danger he posed….

  8. So, the big question: Did they actually kill the patsy?

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