So Where Did Omar Mateen Live and What Does Abasin Mustafa Have to Hide?

by Scott Creighton

Do you remember my article about how the Feds allowed a Univision “news” crew into what they said was Omar Mateen’s home? There was a knife on the dresser and some men’s clothes hanging in the closet along with a handy expired firearm license belonging to Omar Mateen cleverly left in plain sight on the kitchen counter alongside some sinister looking Islamic reading material. In fact, the car registered to him was parked outside. Do you guys remember all of that? If you don’t, the video of the news crew rummaging through the condo is below the article.

That condo is or was owned by a combination of Omar’s family members including himself, his sister Mariam Seddique and apparently his father Saddique Mateen also had something to do with it. Here is how it is listed on the Florida tax page:

OwnerMateen, Omar
Seddique, Mariam
2513 S 17th St Unit 107
Fort Pierce, FL 34982-5707
[Mateen, Seddique]

Omar owned another property at 937 SW Bayshore Blvd, Port St. Lucie Florida. And, as it turns out, he gave that property to his sister and her husband, Abasin Mustafa, in early April of this year with his current wife there to witness the transfer.

The sister and the brother-in-law are interesting characters. Abasin Mustafa has recently scrubbed his Facebook page, but you can tell it’s still him. He works for Allianz and has photos of friends from Indian River State College, where Omar attended school and which is located in Port St. Lucie.

Look like the reason he scrubbed his profile page is because someone noticed he had just got back from D.C. before the shooting and seems to do some kind of work with refugees.

good times

His newly renovated Facebook page does not include an image of his face. He still has a Youtube page but he seems to have set his Twitter account to private so only his 20 followers can partake of his important thoughts. Before that happened (and probably why it happened) Abasin retweeted a gun-grabbing Tweet from Occupy Democrats:



What was Mr. Mustafa doing in D.C. right before this event took place?

Why did he go to D.C. in May after being gifted the suspect’s home in April?

Where exactly did Omar Mateen live? Did he live with his wife at the home in PSL or did he live in the girly-girl condo Univision toured live on TV?

Why was Omar’s wife not gifted the home considering the fact that she is raising his child?

Why is it that all the Mateen men have ties to D.C.?

And why did Omar’s brother in law try to hide all of this by scrubbing up his online footprints?

There are lots of questions but no one is answering. There’s not a single article about Abasin Mustafa in the MSM that I can find. They barely mention his name.

NBC says they called Omar’s residence the day after the shooting and Abasin answered the phone. A Daily Mail reporter went to the house and he came out in his PJs saying he didn’t wish to answer questions.

He may actually work with his father-in-law’s shady not-for-profit company which is tied to his Provisional Government of Afghanistan LLC.

Something really shady here folks. Looks like this psyop was being kept all in the family.

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  2. Great work.

  3. Mateen worked for a US subsidiary of G4S (the largest private security firm in the world) formerly known as Wackenhut, staffed by ex-FBI, DEA, and CIA, and infiltrated with active agents. They have a history of dirty ticks and crimes.

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