Official Victims Paymaster, Kenneth Feinberg, to Dole Out the Goodies in Orlando

by Scott Creighton

Does no one else in the country know how to use a calculator and write checks?

Official victims paymaster Kenneth Feinberg has been brought in by Orlando’s mayor to dole out the checks to the victims from that massive 8 million dollar fund they started collecting for three days ago.

The money at first was going to be given to local area gay and Latino support groups but the victim’s family got wind of that and decided they wanted the money for themselves instead. So much for supporting the community.

And it’s not like the other 20 or so GoFundMe accounts set up in the names of the victims aren’t producing any donations.

“Three days after its inception, the OneOrlando Fund has raised $7.5 million to help victims, their families and the city recover from the Pulse nightclub shooting, Mayor Buddy Dyer’s office announced Friday.

That brings the amount of private donations to more than $13 million.

The city also brought in victim fund expert Kenneth Feinberg to help distribute the OneOrlando Fund money. Feinberg, a mediation attorney based in Washington D.C., has helped manage funds for victims of the Sept. 11 terror attacks, the Virginia Tech massacre and the Boston Marathon bombing.” Tampa Bay Times

You might recall, Kenneth Feinberg has loads of experience handling slush funds, I mean, charitable donations for victims of various events in this country:

From 9/11 to Virginia Tech to BP to Penn State to Aurora to the Boston Bombing to Newtown to the GM recall and now the Pulse nightclub shooting… Kenneth is always there to hand over the checks.

He’s not been without controversy over the years and he likes to take his time when doling out the loot. He makes sure that money is adequately invested while he “figures things out” I am sure.

“On July 5, 2007, it was announced that Feinberg would work pro bono as the chief administrator to the Hokie Spirit Memorial Fund (HSMF). The HSMF was set up by the Virginia Tech Foundation in the aftermath of the April 16, 2007, shooting attacks on the Virginia Tech campus. Feinberg and the university plan to disseminate a set of proposals for comment about distributions to the families in mid-July. The victims or families will have options on the ultimate uses of the funds. Payments would be completed sometime during the fallWiki

His work with the BP spill didn’t go very well. Turns out he had a little conflict of interest that he wanted to keep to himself.

“Despite repeated calls for the release of documents establishing the formal relationship between BP and Feinberg Rozen, as well as its subcontractors who are reviewing and adjudicating claims, almost nothing has been publicly released. And now we learn, as reported by Reuters on November 22, 2010, that BP and Feinberg Rozen consider their arrangement ‘verbal,’ i.e., they have not committed to writing the firm’s compensation arrangement so there can be no public examination of it. Is the public to believe that there is no paper evidence at all documenting a $10 million per year financial arrangement between BP and Feinberg Rozen? What about the contracts between BP, Feinberg Rozen and the subcontractors who are advising and adjudicating claims and also being paid directly by BP? Surely these contracts must be in writing and released. This failure to release the terms of all these financial arrangements under circumstances of tremendous historic and public significance is simply unacceptable.” Wiki

Funny isn’t it? When they intended to hand over the money to various not-for-profits in Orlando run by politically connected schemers, Orlando’s mayor figured they could handle the writing of the checks just fine themselves.

But as soon as the victims started putting pressure on the local government to hand them over the big bucks, thats’ when they decided to bring in the official paymaster of the Gladio events.

Suspect? Yeah, a little.

I wonder if all those black people in the inner cities of Detroit and Chicago and D.C. are upset that no one calls in Kenneth Feinberg to cut them checks when they get shot.

I mean, why is it only these marquee event shootings come with a slush fund and crisis actors?

Makes me wonder sometimes.

17 Responses

  1. I’m kind of surprised that the clintons weren’t there to collect donations (to steal them) as they did in the Haiti storm

    • give ’em time, man. they are busy stealing a nomination currently. they’ll get around to it. sides, with Kenneth’s track record, the money ain’t goin nowhere anytime soon.

  2. Smells like money laundering …

    • or just banking in general. a bunch of well meaning people dump a bunch of money into someone’s lap and it’s used by that person until they decide you can have it back.

  3. So then these Donation funds are how the participants (actors) are paid? I’m confident it would be easy to get willing participants when a potential couple hundred thousand is on the line.

    I just ran into this one;

    I’m suspect this is a performance as well. Couple things, if he did say ‘Allah Akbar’ then how come this wasn’t blasted all over the news?

    This is a CNN broadcast, in which 2 people claim others were involved. Interesting. I wonder if this segment was broadcast on TV?

    Unless I’m mistaken, Pulse was a ‘Gay Mens’ club. The two ‘victims’ who speak are both women? I know women go to gay bars, but still the majority of people at a Gay club are male.

    I’m beginning to believe this about these staged events. There is the Truth (what actually happened, and which we may never figure out), the official narrative (which is fabrication), and then the ‘alternative’ narrative (which is to distort/confuse/mislead those searching for the Truth). All three are controlled by the globalists.

    I’m still not convinced there were real injuries or deaths.

    What are ya’lls thoughts on this vid?

    • here’s my guess. they use patsies like Omar to set up what they tell them will be some form of event like a shooting or something. The WTC bombing in ’93 is a good example. The guy doing it thought it was going to be an inert bomb, but they made a real one instead. Years ago (2014?) they seem to have tried to set up Omar in another of those manufactured terror stings the FBI likes doing so much but for some reason, I guess he didn’t fall for it, so they cut him loose. My guess, because of the house situation, he knew something was on the itinerary so he was tying up loose ends with the house. They got someone to pick him up, that explains the rental car, and they took him out for some shopping and drinks at Pulse. He was seen drinking in the club earlier in the night. My guess is, he either expected to leave and didn’t or he did and they brought in some professionals to shoot-up the place, cause some injuries and general chaos. Because of the issue with the extended body-count (perhaps because the thing at the gay pride parade was a wash) it makes me think they had decided on a certain number of fatalities early on for political reasons. I guess some where actually shot and hurt like in Aurora (shooter used both an AR and a shotgun loaded with birdshot to get the numbers up). They had crisis actors planted ready to go with the first news reports while keeping the real victims on lockdown (took them away on buses and they didn’t tell their stories until much later). When the real victims or witnesses came out, they were the ones saying they had seen him there before. I don’t think that was supposed to be the story. His father’s performance saying he was mad because he saw two men kissing was. I think the “self hating gay” spin is just damage control. When you say they control all the narratives, I think that is true only in so much as they are often working overtime to spin the story, to fix the narrative. My guess is, there were some shooters there. It was staged for effect. They had dramatic scenes per-arranged like the video procession of victim groups walking back toward the Pulse on the street. They had crisis actors ready to go to tell their stories for heart’s and minds effect. It was a managed street theater performance with some (not all) victims being legit. Like the Boston Bombing. Some of them were real, some not, put there for effect and to serve as the poster victims of the event, people whom they could count on to say the right things.

      • They’re ‘trying’ to control all the narratives. And they definitely are throwing in disinfo. Maybe it’s another scenario like SB, where the Right and the Left are fighting over the dominant narrative? Or maybe what we are getting more now is glimpses of how the media controls/distorts the actual story. It probably would be informative to watch how CNN, FOX, and MSNBC each cover the same event. And observe when they are in agreement, and at odds. Certainly one fact, the ones producing this crap know that people are jumping all over these false-flag events immediately now.

        I am reminded of the OKC Bombing. They floated the narrative that middle-eastern men (Muslim terrorist) were seen, I know because I remember watching it. But this went away. I suspect they float out ‘options’ to see how the public will react (accept) to it. Then will adjust the narrative as need be. So in the case of OKC the public at large would not buy that narrative at that time at that location.

        I agree that sometimes there is a mix of real and fake victims. It would makes sense. Especially if in different locals (Paris 13th) or in a dark area like a club. The few real victims are then used to prove the much larger fabricated victim list. But again, I am leaning towards no real victims, possibly even the patsy is alive. And there is a solid reason for no real victims. Fake victims don’t have real family demanding justice, seeking answers, and asking uncomfortable questions. Much easier to control the narrative with no real victims. And thus we have Christine Leinonen.

        At the end of the day those creating these false-flag events have one objective, conceal the Truth. Thus if people won’t buy the official lie, then they’ll trot out the next lie, the alternative lie. So disinfo, misinfo, false trails are all part of the game. And many within the Alt/Truth community are playing for the other side. Just have to keep your head about you, keep calm, think, and listen to your intuition.

        Also a good question Jody in a mass casualty event, as there are specific groups/companies who do this.

        Both leg wounds and both female… @ 2:00AM at a gay men’s club.

        • If there are no blood trails, no spurting arteries, no people screaming in pain, crying for their mammas and begging God not to let them die, then nobody was shot.
          A real shooting scene is full of raw emotion, fear and pain. It ain’t like TV. Since most people’s perspective on these events are the thousands of hours of fictional TV ‘violence’ they have witnessed, they are pre-programmed to believe these shooting hoaxes.

    • did you notice the two victims who aren’t sticking with the official story were both shot in the leg?

    • Re: whether or not real people were shot … one question to ask would be, who cleaned up the blood? Not to be crass but … if over a hundred ppl were shot up in a gay bar that would be a serious bio hazard.

  4. It gets better folks, ran into this @ MemoryHoleBlog. This is my comment from MHB.

    “We have a ‘victim’ giving interviews who claims he was shot in the hand and this saved his life and neither hand is injured or bandaged. And the victims name is Angel Colon. (And if the significance of colon and gay shooting aren’t clear then look up colon).

    Two of the doctors involved have last names of Lube and Cheatham. Do I need to mention lu…. never mind.

    It is so brazen. But it did make me laugh. But obviously many people are still buying this crap.”

  5. I’m digging your research! Check out Dave Mcgowan’s book Programmed To Kill and you’ll notice many serial killers seem to be involved in “Gladio 2, Electric Boogaloo”

    Here’s the PDF*iJ4*yS1qwASsL-kTZPqaZXpwdunGy2ikjpqYmLLZGrbcAtcBgltwBImv5haO*U2D*Iq0MtRT5tfwXPakb7a5*MqLx6BrdW/DavidMcGowanProgrammedtoKill.pdf

    • ‘Programmed to Kill’ and ‘Weird Scenes in the Canyon’ are both excellent books by Dave. What serial killer was not part of Gladio 2? Proving how all these discordant threads are related and manipulated by the same folks.

      RIP Dave. Thanks for seeking and speaking the Truth. See you on the other side.

    • thanks for the link. I was sad to hear of Dave’s passing a year ago. It troubled a lot of people in the alternative community.

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