Iranian Kurdistan Battles Kill, Injure 22 IRGC Combatants

(Yes, Greater Kurdistan requires a nice little chunk of Iran as well. Keep that in mind as you liberal Erdogan-bashers keep fanning the flames for regime change in Turkey. Obama’s nation-building effort isn’t going to stop there.)

from Asharq al-Awsat

Over the past few days, fierce battles between the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and the opposing Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) forces led to the demise of over eight IRGC troops and left 14 others injured, reported the KDP.

Most clashes took place northwest Iran in Oshnavieh city, situated at the border zone, wedged between Iran, Turkey and Iraqi Kurdistan.

As a result of IRGC shelling Oshnavieh and its vicinity, a large number of Kurdish civilians were killed and injured Thursday morning, KDP forces reported. On the other hand, the IRGC recounted the death of three of its fighters.

Moreover, KDP leader Rustam Jhankiri told Asharq Al Awsat that battles fought in Oshnavieh killed and injured 20 IRGC members among which is assistant commander Maj. Gen. Samad Bostani.

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One Response

  1. Hey Willy: so it continues in Iran eh?
    Under the radar of course- I had some news up regarding the Iranian situation from a couple of days ago
    Plus some terror financing via Norway to the PKK

    And then my latest- All of northern Syria annexed by the Kurds- wasn’t it convenient that ISIS shock troops went into all the right spots to create Kurdistan- in Syria and Iraq of course

    And the Benjews wants more recognition in Kurdistan- you know the jews that ‘converted’ to Islam..

    Where have I heard that previously- oh yah, Turkey and the Donmeh
    It’s just curious all those similarities. -scratching head-

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