Pulse Mass Casualty Event: Media in a rabid push for fascist gun-control legislation I wrote about yesterday

by Scott Creighton

[see update at end of article]

Yesterday I wrote about the two main congressional initiatives being pushed in the House and Senate focused on changing gun laws in the country as a response to the Pulse nightclub shooting.

One sets up a commission to create a list of “mental defectives” who will not be allowed access to their second amendment rights ( H.R.1217 – Public Safety and Second Amendment Rights Protection Act of 2015  ) .

The other, run by the Department of Justice, will use secret evidence to place citizens on a blacklist which will do the same thing  ( “No Buy No Fly” bill, HR1076 – Denying Firearms and Explosives to Dangerous Terrorists Act of 2015, )

The current push in the media to vet these fascist pieces of legislation in the public mind comes after a 15 hour filibuster in the Senate which resulted in the Republicans agreeing to allow a vote on the Senate floor. Gotta prep the public for acceptance of the blacklist bills. Thus is the real purpose of the media profession.

We are now entering a phase here in the States where we are actually considering the legitimacy of allowing the government to create arbitrary lists in secret that revoke individual citizen’s constitutional rights based on someone’s interpretation of things they said, wrote or Tweeted.

Aside from the obvious effects this will have on an individual’s second amendment rights, it CLEARLY will effect their first amendment rights as well as people will be less likely to voice an unpopular opinion if doing so might end up putting them on a list.

The implications are staggering when you walk it through. Words like “thought-crime” and “Stazi” come to mind.

I argued that this is, or should be, unacceptable in a democratic republic as will certainly morph into violations of other constitutional rights for all kinds of people and I also pointed out that the timing of this process, right before the TPP, TTIP and TiSA are enacted, is a dead giveaway as too what the real purpose behind it is.

Today, the press is chocked full of pundits blathering about how we must get something done to protect the homeland. These fascist bills seem to be their focus. The push seems to be trying to get them passed in congress before anyone in the country remembers how much we opposed them last time they tried to pass them.

On Morning Joe, Sen. Manchin, a Democrat and long time gun-grabbing supporter, actually said this:

If you don’t take advantage of a crisis to push your agenda through, shame on you” Sen. Manchin

Using the loss of life to promote a current political agenda is par for the course in this man’s mind? Shame on someone.

The Secretary of Homeland Security, Jeh Johnson, was asked earlier since the shooter was not on the no fly list and had passed background checks, how would new legislation have prevented him from killing all those people.

His response was to tell the questioner that there are “several” proposals in congress and that there was no question that “something” had to be done to protect the “homeland”

He didn’t mention a thing about what those two proposals I listed above would actually do to prevent such things from happening. I wonder why (not really)

Criminal David Petraeus, who was CIA director during the Benghazi attack and eventually pleaded guilty to felony counts of mishandling intelligence while cheating on his wife, has teamed up with “death squad poster boy” Stanley McCrystal in a new effort to grab guns here in the US.

“A group of former senior military officials and veterans, including Gens. David Petraeus and Stanley McCrystal, have launched a veteran-focused gun law initiative.”..

Recent mass killings and broad cultural respect for veterans might help the group turn the tide for gun control legislation, Sims said.

“We’re going to put energy into this debate,” he said. “If this group can’t get anything done, I don’t know who can.” Stripes.com

On Friday these two unconventional warfare experts announced their coalition to grab the guns. On Saturday, the Pulse nightclub shooting occurred.

Former directors of the Central Intelligence Agency, the National Security Agency, as well as several 3- and 4-star generals and admirals have launched a new effort to control the sales of guns in the United States

The group was formally launched at a press conference in Washington, DC, on Friday, just hours before Sunday morning’s mass shooting in Orlando.” Ian Allen

And what does Stripes say about this effort? “Recent mass killings and broad cultural respect for veterans might help the group turn the tide for gun control legislation

Oh yeah. What are the odds you think?

So here we are. We have former CIA heads, Salvador option team leaders and “death squad poster boys” pushing hard for legislation that will allow the US to start making lists of folks they don’t particularly like. Secret lists based on secret evidence that ultimately negate someone’s constitutional rights.

And the TPP, the TTIP and TiSA are waiting in the wings.

Oh yeah. That sounds like a good way to honor the victims.

What a day, huh.

UPDATE: Guess who else supports the “No Buy No Fly” blacklisting bill? If you guessed the guy who is deliberately tanking his campaign so Hillary Clinton will be the next president, you would be correct.

4 Responses

  1. Well said, I think the wealthy elites know something big is coming like economic collapse and they have to hurry up and get their unconsitituianal tools to control the shit storm. That’s why the Republicans will cave in on gun control because they will be brought into a secret economic meeting and be told what is really going on. You have to look at all the impending doom to see what’s really happening, the writing is on the wall. You have Brexit coming up, Lehman Brothers type failure of Deutsch Bank is coming soon, default of Greece and Puerto Rico is already happening, and the inevitable default of Spain. All of this will create a spiral of defaults and economic turmoil across the globe. The wealthy elites are scared to death for their safety if such things happen. They might be jailed or worse lynched like the mobs did to the wealthy elites in the French Revolution. They feared and tried everything to quell Occupy Wall Street who were just a bunch of broke hipsters, can you imagine their reaction to angry mobs of everyday average citizens. Fuck yeah they need to get that secret watch list going.

    Also, they have to make sure they keep bringing in all those pesky male Muslim refugees so they can keep the masses in fear and justify their expansion of their wars and unconstitutional tyranny against the people. Endless patsies makes for great propaganda.

    • Great post- I would only add that the economic collapse is likely scheduled
      for late August/early September of this year. Panic the muppets out of the market and buy it all back, dirt cheap, with free bailout money- just like last time.

  2. This is the ultimate Beta test! How dum the Rulers deem u.s.
    Time to get out…sfreer7@gmail.com. DownUnder OutBack GrassLand. Homesteaders Free Collage…

  3. […] but worse: people think it’s real, and is used as the basis for real-world decisions, like Congress immediately calling for even more gun restrictions and mental hygiene laws in the wake of this recent installment of mass […]

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