“It’s me. I’m the shooter” Ugga Bugga. Ugga Bugga Bugga… boo (can you count the lies?)

by Scott Creighton (H/T Dr. Didlio)

A News 13 producer named Matthew Gentili gives us a run-down of his day with “the shooOooOoooOooter”

Supposedly Omar Mateen called this skinny lying prick 50-something minutes into the hostage standoff and said “Do you know about the shooting? It’s me… The shooter… blah blah blah (in “Arabic”)… I did it for “ISIS””

Ah. There you go. So much for the missing motive. Wraps it all up. Nothing to see here. Move along.

Yep. That’s this shifty-eyed kid’s story that will eventually secure him a big-time spot at a major network station in a major market city. And you can believe him in spite of his shifty-little eyes.

In a tragic case of irony, while he was in the middle of doing this interview, Matthew Gentili called me up and he said, “Do you know about the interview?” and I said “Yes” [shifty eye, shifty eye, shifty eye] and he said “It’s me, the liar… blah blah blah (in pig Latin)… I did it for Obama… and a better job with benefits… and my own parking spot” [shifty eye, shifty eye, shifty eye]

Now, there is EXACTLY as much proof of my story as there is of his. EXACTLY THE SAME AMOUNT OF PROOF.

The FBI declined to comment on whether or not Mr. Gentili actually spoke with me the other day.

Does anyone recall the story about James Holmes telling that law enforcement officer “I’m the joker” when he was arrested? The story was complete bullshit. They eventually admitted it was bullshit.

Let’s watch the video and count how many times Matthew Gentili feels uncomfortable lying on camera. Let’s make it into a game, shall we?

Me? I count 10 lying tells from Mr. Gentili. Ten! That’s pretty good for a 1:30 interview.

“The FBI has not confirmed whether or not Mr. Gentili actually spoke to Mateen”

Yeah, I guess they wouldn’t.

I wonder if Mr. Gentili is old enough or educated enough to know what a “Mockingbird” is. I guess he knows now.

Thanks for the tip, Doc.

16 Responses

  1. Yeah….Gentili’s story sounds like hogwash to me.

  2. If you can control your gag reflex, this Washington Post article is rich:


    I guess that takes care of our doubts, eh Scott?

    • This is significant. It proves that the Alt press is having a impact. Since The Washington Post (what, the 2nd most prominent national newspaper, behind the New York Times) has devoted a whole article to maligning and debunking the Alt news. Bring the doubters back into the fold of lies.

      Thanks for the link Victor.

  3. PS Kudos to the, uhh, journalist (?), Caitlin Dewey …

  4. Scott, do you have any guesses as to why “the shooter” spoke in Arabic? He is supposed to be an Afghan.

  5. Right hand dominant. Eyes move to right parallel to head when constructing language not to left as when remembering. From a cursory NLP look at that vid. (Neurolinguistic Programming) I’d go with constructed story too Scott.

  6. Reblogged this on deinvestiture.

  7. so did you like the Addams family better than the Munsters…?

    or Dark Shadows better than Bewitched….?

  8. More embellishment on this hoax has just been reported. A Jewish gun store owner, one Robbie Abell, has claimed the ‘shooter’ was in his store some weeks previously, attempting to buy level 3 body armor and talking in Arabic. If you want level 3 body armor, you can buy all you want on e-bay. For now. Undoubtedly Abell and his friends would like to see this changed.

  9. Okay, this just keeps getting better and better.

    “Did my loved one suffer?” “I don’t think so. I didn’t see any evidence of struggle or any signs of trampling,” he said, weariness in his voice, “It was just like everyone stopped and laid down where they were, if that’s any consolation to the families.”

    And there was report a couple days back (my apologies, lost it) that said they were having problems identifying the victims, as if they were all head/face shots for instance. Maybe someone else here has seen it.

    Well, everything’s okay now!:

    “By midnight Sunday, ALL VICTIMS were ferried to the main morgue and identified by Monday afternoon.”

    A “ten year career”? Most folks don’t usually brag that early in the game.


  10. Arabic, eh? Are not the official languages of Afghanistan Dari and Pashto? OH, he also had time to pen a 93 page screenplay to be seen next year on Netflix!

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