Pulse Mass Casualty Event: Univision Allowed to Rummage Through Suspect’s Home

by Scott Creighton (H/T Kevin)

Well, they did it again. The authorities have allowed a Univision news crew to rummage around in Omar Mateen’s home after it was searched by law enforcement and guess what they found? Incriminating evidence lying right there neatly on the kitchen counter for them to show their mainly Hispanic viewers.

Aside from interfering with a scene that is at the heart of an investigation, that’s called breaking and entering if the Feds didn’t open the door and allow them in. But you know that is what they did.

It’s unbelievable what passes as “news” in this country. “News” and the rule of law, for that matter.

If this was really Omar Mateen’s home, he wasn’t just gay, he was super gay.

I’ve been involved with the theater and the film industry and even the fashion industry my entire adult life (except for when I got sick) and I’ve had many gay friends over the years. Have been to their homes on occasion. And I’ll tell you something, this is the gayest apartment I’ve ever seen. It’s almost what a straight man would imagine for a gay man’s apartment if he were to be tasked with being the set decorator on a sitcom.


Either way, they shouldn’t let reporters rummage around in people’s homes, especially if their dead or suspected of heinous crimes. This isn’t Al Capone’s vault and this kind of yellow journalism is distasteful.

9 Responses

  1. Just ridiculous!

  2. They seem to be modifying the narrative a bit- first it was he was a self-radicalized Islamist because of the internet and ISIS, and now they are adding this self-loathing closeted gay wrinkle to it. I wonder why.

    • do closeted guys use gay dating apps and pick up dudes at gay bars? do they have such overly gay apartments? I agree they seem to be going with the self-loathing thing, but I don’t know. seems to me that apartment was certainly out of the closet even if he wasn’t

  3. It is Noriega, all over again. Did they find a copy of Hitler’s Mine Kampf?

  4. “It’s almost what a straight man would imagine for a gay man’s apartment if he were to be tasked with being the set decorator on a sitcom.”

    That made be laugh. And it’s spot on. Ridiculous indeed.

  5. Well it turns out he was currently married. So that would explain the massive number of perfume/cologne bottles, and the overt ‘gayness’ of the bedroom. But isn’t it odd that it was the ex-wife who first is reported on, calling him abusive? And is the appearance of the ‘wife’, in response to info identifying the alleged shooter as gay?

    And also this means the reporter was in the home of someone who is alive, rummaging through their residence. Oh, and the house was burglarized?

    And the wife tried to talk him out of it?!?!

    We know the globalist are monitoring people’s reactions to their propaganda (lies). For awhile I’ve suspected that national news adjusts their narrative based on what is known, and how the populace is reacting to the event. Have to remind myself, that ALL of this could be fake. Every person with camera time, is in on the play.

    This false-flag is falling apart fast.

  6. He left his gun carry permit on the kitchen counter with Islamic literature. Right. Doesn’t everybody?

  7. Who ever runs these shows realized a tad too late that Islamophobia will only get more folks into Don’s Rump when what they really need/want is to get the entire LGBT community to support … You guessed it! Killary Golightly.

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