Pulse Mass Casualty Event: Turns Out, Omar Mateen Was Gay and Went Shopping that Day

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Food for thought. One the first day of the story, the “ISIS” pledge story was “leaked” by authorities while all those witness statements about Omar being gay and a regular at the nightclub never were. What does that tell you?

Looks like there was a reason the authorities withheld the witnesses from the press for as long as they could. Well, that is, they withheld the witnesses that weren’t professional actors like Christopher Hansen and this guy (thanks Crys)


He’s the guy who said he held the door shut while people inside the club were “banging on it”. And it’s confirmed, here is his IMDB page.

Now that the witnesses are freed from their debriefing with the Feds, a very different picture of Omar Mateen is starting to emerge.

Even his ex-wife says… wait for it… wait for it…

Yes, Omar Mateen, the new Hitler of the LGBTQ community was in fact, gay. And according to some of those witnesses the Feds kept from the press for the first few days as the MSM fabricated the official story of this shooting, he was a regular at the club. Not only that, but several people have come out and said he tried to “hook up” with them on various gay dating apps like Grindr and Jack’d.

He even appears to have gone shopping on Saturday before heading over to the club to hang with friends he knew.  Why would a guy who intends to go kill all his friends and go out in a blaze of glory for “ISIS” go shopping right before he does it? It doesn’t make sense.

This story is beyond fishy. It’s whack.

Many have said he was a “regular at the club for years” which dovetails with reports from old friends, old gay friends, that he would hang out with them a few years out of high school and go clubbing as well as the report from his ex-wife that they would do the same thing at gay bars and nightclubs. She said he had “tendencies”

According to the tracking of his cell phone, Omar spent the day at Disney Springs on Saturday before heading out to Pulse.

Disney Springs is a trendy shopping area full of expensive little shops like Filthy Rich, Johnson & Murphy, Kipling and American Threads, just to name a few.

The Feds have yet to disclose whether or not he bought anything on Saturday afternoon. That would be an interesting discovery, now wouldn’t it?

Some witnesses from the Pulse that night have him drinking alone at the bar while others say he was apparently with another man. The conflicting nature of those statements can be explained simply by what time they saw him or whether or not he was talking to the guy sitting next to him when they noticed him or not.

But the point is, he was there drinking… for a while… and possibly not alone while doing it.

One witness even said he spoke briefly to Omar, saying “hello”, that kind of thing. He said he seemed normal at the time.

Point is, the “evil Muslim hating the Gays” story is out the window. It held up for a little while as a possible motive, but it HAS to be gone.

He wasn’t there a couple of times in the recent past to scout the location. According to the regulars at Pulse, he had been a regular for years.

And his gay friends talk about how comfortable and even at ease he was with them while his ex-wife actually says that’s because he was gay.

In all likelihood, he was gay.

Now all we are left with is some undisclosed source from the investigation saying he pledge allegiance to “ISIS” on the phone as the standoff unfolded. That’s all we have and as we all know, law enforcement spokespeople never lie.

Last night I watched a bit of Rachel Maddow’s show and she has turned into Pam Geller and Rita Katz. Her whole show was about how “ISIS” is so diabolical, they motivated this guy (she was saying this “gay hating guy”) to attack this club and do it for “ISIS” without ever having contacted “ISIS”

She was off the chain with her war-mongering about “ISIS”. It’s fair to mention, Maddow is openly gay.

Trouble for her is she kept talking about how “ISIS” does this stuff while trying to bolster their public image as being able to run ops like this without having to run the ops. She and her guest talked at length about how all “ISIS” wants is the publicity in order to make them appear more powerful than they really are.

And she talked about them for the entire show.

She did EXACTLY WHAT SHE CLAIMED ISIS WANTED. She made them into some kind of all-powerful entity that could warp the minds of the young and old alike into doing their bidding from across the seas…

With absolutely no evidence that ever happened. Except for what someone at NBC claimed was a statement from an undisclosed official source.

Sounds kinda like WMDs in Iraq.

Sounds like “they hate us for our freedom”

Seems to me the very last thing our law enforcement professionals would want to do is promote a serial killer or a psycho of some kind when he’s on a killing spree right? We don’t give crazy people the one thing they want: more attention and celebrity status…

Unless of course, it’s “ISIS” and then we seem to go to great lengths to make sure they get credit for things they probably have nothing to do with.


I wonder why that is.

And my opinion on this is not in the minority. In fact, it’s an industry standard:

So why is it that we go to great lengths to promote “ISIS” after these events, even if they are only linked to them in the flimsiest, most tangential way?

Makes you think doesn’t it? Maybe it should make you think about that new Authorization for Use of Military Force that Obama, military leadership and the CIA wants against ISIS.

Did I happen to mention Omar worked for a company that contracts with the CIA? Did I mention that?

Ultimately, we now have a story about a gay man who frequented this club pretty regularly over the past several years, sitting around having drinks and enjoying his night with friends, who suddenly went off and produced an AR-15 from his asshole and started shooting up the place for no apparent reason. He didn’t drive his own car there and it may be that he actually went shopping just a few hours before hand. I would love to know if there were bags in that rental car from American Threads. That would be interesting.

The story is bullshit. The “ISIS” connection is weak at best. The witnesses seem to be actors, or at least the ones they allowed to do all those interviews over the last few days while they sat on the ones who would say Omar was a “friend”, “gay” and a regular at the club.

Fishy doesn’t even begin to explain this story.

23 Responses

  1. Yep, appears that way, Gays Killing Gays. When Religion and Reality Meet… MASSIVE Internal Conflict. Easily Directed by almost anyone. #DrEd

  2. If this thing gets really exposed, as it should, look for things to heat up in Eastern Europe, maybe they can still scare us with terrifying tales of those ‘Russkies!’
    Or WW III, that will definitely get attention.

  3. The patsy was employed by the giant FBI/privatized Wackenhut.
    They see big profits in bringing on the PoliceState.

    These ‘homeland”security’ devils and the Trump/Clinton Charade
    are bringing it this year, in time for financial/social upheaval!

    They might have overplayed their hand here in this blatant nonsensical hoax.

    Time to get out…

  4. Scott calls this hoax ‘beyond fishy. It’s wack”
    Yes, it’s Wack-enhut.
    methinks a Wackenhut operation ( this is an FBI- originated Corp,
    think CIA Blackwater). Wackenhut HQ is Palm Beach Gardens–
    down the road from patsy’s residence at St.Lucie.
    How convenient to stage the script at Orlando (top name recognition,
    for kids & parents)

    Rulers are going all the way with this.
    National PentagonPropaganda Radio NPR wall to wall Lies…


  5. in the Daily Mail story you quote:
    “He then saw Mateen at 1am Sunday as he crossed the street while making his way towards Pulse just one hour before the start of the deadly massacre.”

    Question: We have to assume he was carrying his AR-15 with him so why doesn’t this witness mention it?
    Either it slipped his mind or Scott is right: Omar produced it out of his ass when he started shooting.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3639961/Orlando-terrorist-went-gay-club-Pulse-dozen-times-got-drunk-belligerent-talked-wife-kid-massacring-49-people-there.html#ixzz4BYjhbK7p
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

    • if he was coming across the street, why did they dismantle that vehicle parked right there in the parking lot? who’s was that and why did they use the robot bomb thingy on it?

  6. False-Flag Commonalities – Orlando

    1) Multiple shooters become one: but it appears they have been unable to keep a lid on this w/ Orlando

    2) Alleged ‘perpetrator’ dead: either suicide or death by LEO, so can’t defend themselves or claim what they were about

    3) Communication during event: somehow the lone shooter finds time to text, call, communicate whilst in the midst of their shooting spree. In case of Orlando the shooter called 911 (always good remind people of that trauma mind control event) to blame ISIS.

    4) Crazy lone white gunman or dark Muslim extremist: and in this case ISIS! (wait, is that the same ISIS created by Western Intelligence Services to overthrow Assad?)

    5) Emergency Services Drill: in this case it was 6 months prior

    6) Absolute ZERO video/pics of event while it’s happening: In the age where everyone has a Smartphone, but somehow no pics or vids… hmmm. I wonder why they never take selfies? Or pictures of their victims, or hostages? But ALWAYS manage pics of walking wounded (but never severely wounded) post event.

    7) Grieving relatives (bad crisis actors): who can’t manage to shed a tear and show no physical evidence of emotional trauma but always remember to mention gun control

    8) Alleged Perps (Patsy) links to Intelligence: and usually it’s FBI, and in this case it is AND father former longtime CIA asset

    9) Weapons: Black ‘Assault’ Rifles! (AR15 or AK47) and black semi-auto handguns.

    10) Internet Time Stamps before event: In this case Twitter comments made several hours before alleged event took place.

    11) No actual evidence of any deaths: a body covered by a white sheet is NOT evidence of a death. And as stated above; In this age of Smartphones, where is the pic/vid evidence?

    12) No surveillance camera vids: In the age of video, no video evidence = nothing happened or what happened is different than the official narrative.

    13) Witness or family member of alleged victim (who gets media coverage; interview) is an actor; hello Luis Burbano (who was also a participant)

    It is these ‘commonalities’ that prove that these false-flag events are staged by the same group/organizations.

    So this was a Left side event. With a four-fold agenda; Gun control, LGBT sympathies, anti-Muslim sentiments, pro-war against ISIS. Actually this a Right and Left event… interesting. And as always using FEAR to manipulate the masses. Frankly I’m surprised they didn’t squeeze in a Russian angle in the event somehow.

  7. Reblogged this on Dreams of Liberty and commented:
    Too many things that doesn’t make sense…

  8. Hi Scott,

    He was Afghan descent…they are naturally G-a-a-Y! Grown man and boy relationships are going on for centuries, since Alexander days.

    A friend of mine told me a joke:

    On wedding night an Afghan to his newly wedded wife, “WOW, you’re beautiful …but I wonder what your brother looks like…”

    “In all likelihood, he was gay.”
    Agreed but he was a closeted one and they are the worst kind IMO.

  9. Here in Australia and on the BBC, the media is emphasizing the “hate” meme and the fact it happened at a gay club, rather than emphasizing the evils of ISIS.

    It’s interesting to see how much prominence this story has had in Australia in the past two days – we aren’t exactly a neighboring state of Florida. Maybe the fact that we will have a federal election in a few weeks has something to do with it.

  10. what is really strange that at first they reported 20 dead and 50 plus wounded and then afternoon they reported 50 dead and 50 plus wounded as you can see number of wounded stays the same where did they get 30 more corpses

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