Pulse Mass Casualty Event: Obama Likely to Get Two Agenda Items from This

by Scott Creighton

[see UPDATES at end of article]

To say that President Obama is determined to get his comprehensive “common sense” gun law and “ISIS” war authorization passed in congress would be an understatement.

He recently said he saw it as the major disappointment of his two terms in office that he couldn’t get Billionaire Bloomberg’s gun-grabbing bill passed. And we all know how badly he has been pushing for a new Authorization for the Use of Military Force since Dec. of last year.

Hell, someone wrote about that just a couple weeks ago saying “Congress has been derelict in its duty to authorize the use of force against ISIS.

As some of you know, this new authorization for war would be an open-ended blank check for Obama and whoever replaces him next year to wage endless war against anyone, anywhere in the world just so long as someone makes a stupid “ISIS” video claiming they are there. It’s more open-ended than Bush’s war against al Qaeda. And since we seem to be fighting alongside al Qaeda in Syria (al Nusra) then I guess they really need a new authorization so they can legally bomb Libya, Yemen, Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, Turkey (soon enough), Iran (soon enough) and any other location where “ISIS” might pop up.

The New York Times (thanks for the tip Victor) has posted a story about how this event will likely dominate congress for the foreseeable future.

The political aspects of the attack were inescapable, given an episode that contains elements of Islamic extremism, gay rights, gun control and more in the final months of an already heated national campaign year.

Senator Christopher S. Murphy, a Connecticut Democrat and gun control advocate, said on Sunday that Congress had “become complicit in these murders” by failing to act to limit the availability of guns. Senator Ben Sasse, Republican of Nebraska, said the killings showed that “violent Islam, whether its card-carrying members of ISIS or Al Qaeda or its crowdsourced attackers, must be defeated.” New York Times

Terrorism, either authentically organic or the false flag variation, always has political implications. In this case, these are two very important political transformations that will be served by the events in Orlando this past Saturday night.

In spite of the fact that we only have hearsay evidence that “ISIS” had anything to do with this event (do any of you remember right after the Aurora attack some “undisclosed law enforcement source” said that Holmes made the statement “I am the Joker” after his arrest? Turned out to be completely false, like the claim that the young woman accused of the San Bernadino shooting left a Facebook comment under someone else’s name swearing her allegiance to “ISIS”) our current political “hero” Bernie Sanders (himself holding a rather suspect history with regard to various regime change projects in the past) said “we have to stop “ISIS”. I wonder how he will vote on the new Authorization to Use Military Force against “ISIS”

We will have too see how the politicos decide to take advantage of this event to get what they want. Never let a good crisis go to waste, right? Even manufactured ones. Especially manufactured ones.

Now let’s see if Mr. Obama can somehow tie this into getting his TPP and TTIP agenda fulfilled. Then he would have the trifecta.


  1. from 7pm last night: “The top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee tells The Associated Press that investigators have not yet found evidence of direct communication between the Orlando nightclub gunman and Islamic State members overseas.Rep. Adam Schiff has been briefed multiple times by federal law enforcement. He says it is possible that Omar Mateen was self-radicalized but not “under the command and control of ISIS.” Miami Herold
  2. Obama press conference this morning: Obama says “debate shouldn’t be about EITHER all about terrorism OR all about guns” but I guess about both… (which is exactly what I just wrote) – Obama said there was no evidence of a connection between shooter and “ISIS” but that he was “likely” radicalized by that dreaded internet thing and since he was predisposed to violence and it was so easy to get guns after the dreaded internet thing radicalized him, this event took place. So apparently it’s about “ISIS”, guns and shuttering certain topics on the internet. There’s the trifecta.

2 Responses

  1. Don’t forget the time-honored tradition of the ‘October Surprise!’

    The more that comes out, the stupider the FBI looks.

    • Indeed, gotta delegitimize FBI so when Comey and some agents quit in protest over the non-indictment of Hillary the public will just shrug and vote for her.

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