Pulse Mass Casualty Event: New Details from Today’s Press Conference

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: This is interesting. According to the new official story, the suspect was locked in the bathroom with “4 or 5” hostages who, according to the Orlando chief of police, exited through the hole in the back wall after 5am when they breached. He said there were no shots fired by the suspect while the hostage situation was going on for 3 hours.

However, Eddie Jamoldroy Justice is the young man who was texting his mother from the bathroom. He said the suspect was in there with them. He is now listed as one of the deceased.

The official story hasn’t changed much but where it has changed or at least become more specific, is worth noting.

The Orlando Police Chief gave us the most interesting new developments in the official story this morning when he told us that:

  • the suspect did not fire on anyone during the 3 hour hostage standoff
  • hostage standoff took place in a bathroom
  • suspect had “4 to 5” hostages in bathroom with him
  • other “hostages” (15?) were in “other bathroom”
  • suspect made “ISIS” call while in bathroom
  • recordings of that call not available
  • no comment on surveillance videos in building
  • 3 or 4 cops made entry into building after exchanging gunfire with suspect outside and chased him back in. Gun fire continued inside building until suspect ended up in bathroom.
  • did not allow EMTs into building to aid 50 wounded/dead victims during standoff
  • SWAT blew hole in interior wall after 3 hours of standoff. Did not gain entry. Used device outside to knock holes in exterior walls to “save dozens” trapped inside bathroom with suspect (“4 or 5” reported by him earlier as in there). Hostages escaped out those holes and when suspect tried to exit, a gun fight ensued and he was killed.
  • the story about suspect “laughing and celebrating” while on the phone appears to be more Islamaphobic bullshit.

The police chief was asked directly about whether or not it was possible for some of the victims to have been killed when the police made the initial entry into the building at 2am and he answered by saying “SWAT took him out and the only thing behind him at the time was a concrete wall” deliberately avoiding talking about the initial entry into the building.

Here is a photo I found of the holes they blew in the exterior wall in the back of the building.

notice the impact craters from bullet strikes?

The spokesperson for the ATF said that there had been a “third gun” found in the suspect’s car.

could be suspect’s vehicle

The whole “pledged allegiance to ISIS” thing seems to come from an NBC story story which cites undisclosed police sources. At first it was supposed to have taken place just before the attack but now it is supposedly from a call to 911 during the standoff.

“Law enforcement sources told NBC News he swore allegiance to the leader of ISIS, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, in a 911 call moments before the rampage at PulseNBC News

Now the story is being repeated as coming from folks like Peter Schiff and the Homeland Security Department. No recording of that call has been offered by law enforcement.

You might recall the BS “pledge of allegiance to ISIS” part of the San Bernadino story which was eventually dispelled by law enforcement but still remains a staple of the press’ discussions of the event to this day.

Chris Hansen, the witness to the shooting, is running giving more interviews this morning. He’s been the “face” of this event since day one and interestingly enough, when all the other folks who were in the club when this went down were loaded on buses and taken downtown for debriefing, Chris was allowed to remain behind, never interviewed by cops or the FBI apparently and allowed to continue giving interviews one right after the other.

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  1. Im thinking the timing here is interesting in that this election fraud issue sesmed to be gaining momentum.

    This alleged suspect seemed to drive long way to do this?

    • yeah, and he supposedly saw guys kissing months ago in Miami. That’s south of his home. Orlando is north. Why go to Orlando if you are mad about gay people in Miami?

  2. Not sure if this psyop will create the momentum for Obama to pass any gun laws before his term is over, but it certainly gives Hillary a strong platform-issue to harp on until the elections. And trump, locked into the pro-gun paradigm by default, can’t even touch this except for its terrririzm aspect.

    The gun issue is a very strong one to pull all women into the ranks of the DP, and solidifies the women support from those women who are actually disgusted by Hillary, but as the heavily pushed meme goes, they will ultimately “hold their nose and vote for Killary”.

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  4. Has anybody seen any evidence of all these deaths and injuries? I haven’t. If someone has a link to some photos or video please post them because I am not finding any on Google, Google Image Search, or on YouTube (except the ridiculously tiny few mentioned below).

    I’m a bit surprised not many people have mentioned this obvious lack of any photos of any part of it. No victims, no wounded, nothing. Only a couple shots of a couple of people with small amounts of red liquid spilled on them, and another couple of shots of some people lying on the ground being administered to by first responders which are indistinguishable from the crisis actors in the Orlando live-shooter drill of last October.

    There is one video by some guy who was down the street from the event where you hear about 25 loud bangs, but you don’t see anything. If you watch the video from last October’s live-shooter drill in Orlando, they actually play a loud recording of lots of gunfire and a bomb very similar to the present video I’m describing, so who is to say the sounds are even necessarily real gunshots. They could be blanks.

    Here’s the Orlando live-shooter drill from last October:

    I forget whether you already mentioned this Scott, but the event also comes right after the globally followed funeral of Muhammad Ali, where the news cycle was filled with stories about a universally acclaimed righteous hero American Muslim who stood up for minorities and the little guy and against militarism, imperialism, and racism.

    What better way to put the kabosh on any thoughts about a universally respected and righteous heroic all-American Muslim who is deeply and universally beloved the world over?

    Also, a big racketeering and election fraud lawsuit has just been filed claiming that many of the primary elections were deeply fraudulent, and there seems to be a decent amount of damning evidence at first glance, and more importantly, the mass media has apparently been named in it as accomplices or co-conspirators! Oh but wait: MASS SHOOTING!

    Also, Operation Anakonda-16 is massing 30,000 NATO troops near the Russian border as we speak, including a bunch of German troops! Just what the Russians love: German troops moving toward their borders through Poland! Are we starting WWIII as a smokescreen to pass the TTP without so much as a mention in the press? To keep millions of fairly aware people from thinking about Clinton’s fraudulent victories? May be too conspiritorial, but maybe not. You get the idea anyway.

    • Scott’s point about one or two eyewitnesses NOT being taken to police HQ for questioning, but rather being left to spin a tale for all the media, seems pretty odd too, especially because that main witness in the black shirt with the baseball cap seems somewhat rehearsed. he mentions full-auto machine gun fire and makes the sound with his voice so it is absolutely clear he is talking about ful auto machine gun fire and NOT semi-auto individual trigger pulls for each shot. This sounds like a fake story to me, but I could be wrong. Why go full auto? It’s almost always a HUGE waste of limited ammunition.

  5. This is kinda interesting. Not sure what it means. This video is really lousy for visuals, but the audio….

    About 20 sec in is the barrage of gun fire during the breech. At around 2:30 there is one more single gunshot. Or what seems to be a gunshot. What’s up with that?

    Also of note, I have read that the off duty cop heard gunshots BEFORE he engaged Omar outside club. Then Omar RE-entered club. Other stories simply say the off duty and Omar exchanged shots before he entered club. I am betting this off duty cop was not standing at the entrance when Omar arrived or he’d be dead. Not sure if it’s important, but did Omar step inside, do his shooting and walk back outside only to run into cop who forced him back in? Were some patrons struck by police bullets at this point?

    I have to believe some of the victims were shot by the cops at 2:00 and 5:00. The reports I’ve read consistently say no shots were fired during the “hostage” period. Some neighbor to club says the shooting stoopped at 2:05 (he checked his clock).
    Residents of the Delaney Court condos next door to Pulse first heard the shooting about 2:03 a.m. Marlon Massey was watching the movie “Creed” when he heard “pop, pop, pop!” He checked his phone for the time: The shots went on until 2:05 a.m. http://www.foxnews.com/us/2016/06/13/sounds-orlando-massacre-from-inside-and-outside-nightclub.html?intcmp=hpbt1

    There were just too many shot in too short a time to have been done by single shooter in my book. Best case (in my mind) would be 60 rounds/minute and that requires a mag change (30 rnd mag assumed). He only had 3 minutes and some of that time was spent shooting w cop outside.

    • Great stuff Crys.

      I have asked several times in several of Scott’s article’s comments whether anybody has seen any evidence of 50 dead or 50 wounded, and nobody will answer. In multiple Google, Google Image Search, and YouTube searches I have seen zero evidence of this casualty count. No pictures of ambulances – just that one black pickup truck in the video where the ‘victims’ are being carried back toward the danger zone.

      Have you seen any evidence of mass casualties? All I see is evidence of a tiny handful of possible victims, maybe 10 at most and none of them show bad injuries (including the few ‘victims’ lying in the street being ‘treated’ by first responders – they are indistinguishable from the crisis actors in the October drill).

  6. […] Pulse Mass Casualty Event: New Details from Today’s Press Conference […]

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