Pulse Mass Casualty Event: Why Is There a Whole Parade of Victims Walking Back Toward Shooting Scene?

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: I just heard a reporter on MSNBC telling a story related to him by a victim’s father. He said he was wounded, shot in the leg, fell on the ground and got trampled. Said his kid saw a report on TV which showed a picture of the alleged shooter and he claimed he saw him that night at the bar drinking. So this guy who hates gays is at the bar, wearing a vest and carrying an AR-15 and drinking at the bar with gays? What?

UPDATE: Only 4 people named as victims of the shooting. Not much is known about any of them.

UPDATE: Suspect, Omar Mateen, worked for private global security company, G4S for the past 9 years or so. You mean to tell me this guy who liked to wear NYPD shirts, who’s father was a wannabe big wig in Afghanistan and who worked for one of the largest for-profit security companies in the world, just “went off” and decided to kill gay people because he saw a couple kissing a few months back and then dedicated himself to “ISIS”? Is that really the fucking story? Really?

Oh wait… he had been investigated by the FBI twice since 2013 for supposedly making “terrorist sounding threats”… and yet he was still working for G4S? bullshit

UPDATE: According to the official story, the suspect called the cops during the standoff and “pledged allegiance to “ISIS™”  They said that phone call happened about 20 minutes into the standoff so that would have been around 2:30am. The chief of police held a news conference this morning at 10am and he was asked about whether or not it was terrorism related and he said they had no evidence that it was. WTF was that?

You’re not going to believe this.

Apparently after barely escaping the Pulse nightclub with their lives, all the victims decided to walk back down the street, in front so some dude with a camera, right past the still ongoing hostage situation.

What? No. That didn’t happen. The police would have prevented anyone from doing anything that stupid.

Well, apparently not.

A reader sent me a little insight via email, so I looked it up and there they were, walking down the street, right back toward the Pulse nightclub across the street, right through a hostage standoff scene. And just one group (the one with that guy in the stupid hat who did all those TV interviews) but in fact, several groups of “injured” people. There they are, walking right back through the police standoff scene.






All these guys survived the attack at the club only to get away, down the street a little ways, and they walk back, in a neat little well timed convoy of dramatic scene groups, right back in front of the location where cops just had a shootout with the bad guy.

As you can tell from the darkness, the cops had yet to break in and clear the guy out and even if they had by then, they would still have the area locked down.

To give you an idea of how close these people are to the scene, here’s a Google Street View of the location. They were right across the street.


As you can see, they were set up right across the street from where the shootout was taking place inside the club.

The cops would NEVER have let wounded civilians, or civilians of any kind, just walk across the street from an active hostage scene where there was just a massive shootout in the parking lot. That’s ridiculous.


44 Responses

  1. Think this is a bit outdated, believe that the PULSE co-owner, Legler, moved to Baltimore, but it’s still interesting:

    Ron Legler ; President / CEO Florida Theatrical Association Orlando, Florida Area Entertainment

    Owner: Pulse Nightclub Orlando

    July 2003 – Present (13 years)

    President / CEO: Florida Theatrical Association

    February 2001 – Present


    Still haven’t read why the SWAT team waited until 50 were killed and 50+ were wounded before they gained access.
    Must of liked to listen to the sound of an assault rifle popping off several hundred times.

    • according to the officer who gave the press briefing, the only firing was at 2:05 and then after 5am when the SWAT team breached. Nothing in between according to him this morning.

      • Yep, only 2 groups of firing, when first entered, and then mega firing with SWAT ‘expert’ raid that killed the majority of victims.

      • Then they need to mention that so that viewers who heard differently in the wee hours this morning will know the narrative changed.

        Sounds to me like they grabbed the wrong patsy.

    • AR-15 — Arma Light Rifle. Not an assault rifle. It fires single rounds. It has to shoot three or more rounds at a time to be classified as an assault rifle.

  2. Check out http://google.com and the black ribbon. Oh, and see this >> Man with weapons and explosives arrested, was going to L.A. gay pride parade, police say http://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-ln-gay-pride-la-weapons-20160612-snap-story.html

    • Looks like loner nutjob. If had been part of FBI sting, they’d have had a place for him to stay. Explosives were tannerite, aka exploding targets. Nothing here but loner with guns and some exploding targets as most likely scenario, which really does not fit someone going on killing spree.

  3. Man ‘Cut Off’ Live On Air, After Saying Someone Was Holding Doors Closed at Pulse Night Club https://youtu.be/w8NEv1rvDFM

  4. Omar Mateen, Terrorist Who Attacked Orlando Gay Club, Had Been Investigated by FBI http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2016/06/12/omar-mateen-id-d-as-orlando-killer.html

  5. Another DHS/FBI active shooter drill gone “live” …

  6. Incredible, how they got this one through, with the president making a statement, so that people really believe that it happened.
    Why not follow future drills, in order to control next false flag operations? They are already discussing gun control in Sky News…

  7. Been watching ‘RT’ and they were live. One of the anchors just said the authorities are having trouble identifying the victims. Over 12 hours later?
    That tells me that the shooter(s) shot the victims in the face or head, and the bullet so distorted the head/face, the faces can’t be used to ID the victim.

    If the victims did get shot in the head, that’s a professional hit and not from the designated patsy.

    • they have officially released the names of 4 so far. of those, only one appears to have a history. If the victims are real, the shooter is pretty professional. Killing 50 of 102 casualties? that’s about a 50% mortality rate. Not bad. Sounds like a pro to me. Funy, all this talk about the shooter, the G4S security guy, I have yet to hear about his military training or his target practice. Doesn’t G4S usually hire exclusively from the ranks of former military?

    • and I guess not one had a wallet in their pocket with their I.D. in it.
      I mean , really.

  8. Reblogged this on deinvestiture.

  9. […] mainstream media reporting that it is an ISIS terror attack, to alternative bloggers posting evidence that it may have been another false flag–so have at it, if you’re hankering for […]

  10. Great page! Thank you for all of your posts, you clearly do a lot of research. Your posts about fake revolutions in turkey and other countries have opened my eyes. Think I might make a donation soon when I have some money on my card.

  11. It appears that James Howell- the guy arrested in LA- also worked as a security guard. I didn’t find information on which company he worked for, however. http://www.thewrap.com/james-howell-la-pride-parade-west-hollywood/

  12. Notice that this hoax happened in low season, just like Charlie Hebdo and Friday the 13th. Can’t have the ‘terrorist attacks’ affecting anyone’s bottom line.

    • notice it started right at 2:05 am?

      “Florida: Last call set statewide to 2 a.m., some cities have passed exemptions to the law, notably Tampa, St. Petersburg, and Pinellas County (3 a.m.), Broward county (4 a.m.), Key West (4 a.m.), and Miami (24 hours in the Miami Entertainment District). Liquor store closing times vary by county.”

  13. Oh those poor sodomites. Allah attack a gay bar.
    Is everything a conspiracy to you Scott?
    Sandy Hook- Boston Marathon- mh 370- mh ??- Ball earth- 9/11-Moon landings?

  14. Let’s see. Gun control – check. LGBT – check. Muslim Terrorist – check. I guess Bilderberg was getting too much attention?

    But wait! Worked for a Global Security Firm? Contact with FBI? So either just doing his job or a MK Ultra victim… or both.

    Just like the past few False Flag events no video or audio recordings of the actual event? Hmmm…..

    As with Boston, Sandy Hook, Paris 13th, Brussels… show us the PROOF of the dead!!!

    I just did 1000 push-ups in a row!!! What you don’t believe me? I swear it is true. Wait I have video of me doing 10… you can extrapolate the rest.

    I bet if it was reporting on the ‘News’ you would believe me… 😉

    (Well not you AE readers… 🙂

  15. I also think Killary Golightly’s upcoming indictment on federal charges needs to factor in, Kevin … Folks need a very powerful distraction from that one.

  16. Kevin’s post just above makes me scramble to post because he just beat me to one of my points:

    A lot of people here seem to be under the impression that some people have been hurt in Orlando. What is the basis of this belief?

    There seem to have been some loud noises caught on video, but even Rita Katz knows how to do that without killing anybody. I see no evidence of anything whatsoever other than a tiny number of people with some red liquid spilled on them and some loud bang noises. are there any photos or video of victims? I don’t see any.

    There are at least two videos of “inside witnesses”, one saying two shooters, full auto fire, guy holding exit door shut, and some other stuff. But both sound a little questionable to me.

    Here’s the main one, saying two shooters, blocked exit, and full-auto firing:

    Frankly, though he may possibly be sincere, he sounds a bit like a plant to me. Maybe not.

    The other video I saw is of a witness who pretty definitely heard two shooters – gunshots coming from two directions – and seems to claim he blocked an exit door (Is this the guy who the guy in the video above is referring to? Sounds like it).

    This second witness was on ABC news but I haven’t found a link to it yet.

    No matter; the story has some problems.

    For one, there are reports of multiple tweets from bar-goers inside…but no video. Club-goers sat there taking the time to type text messages, but nobody got video? Nobody made a phone call, or called 911 by voice? Nobody even made a voice recording? Hm.

    How ’bout photos of anything? Victims? Dead? Wounded? Hm. Not so much. Club full of tweeting gay men with phones, yet no photos or video. Right. Makes perfect sense.

    How ’bout photos of ambulances with people on stretchers? Not so much. No time for such frivolity.

    Any photos of wounded?
    A tiny handful maybe, and the victims look indistinguishable from the crisis actors in the October live-shooter drill in Orlando.
    How consternating!

    Are lots of military men gay?
    Any of them in intel?
    Enough to pack a nightclub?
    Smart enough to give a good prepped interview?
    Maybe even knew the shooters who were popping off blanks because they’re all one big team?
    Why not?

    The “eyewitnesses” to the Pentagon plane hit come to mind: almost every one of them working in some current or former capacity for the MIC, many directly for the military.

    Then there’s the rather surprising datum that we have 50 dead and 54 wounded when the guy is estimated to have only been able to carry around 300 rounds. Sounds maybe plausible, but is it really? Sounds like an expert though.

    Then there’s the witness you cite above who saw him at the bar – he had all the weapons and all that ammo at the bar? And the video witness embedded above – though he does say two shooters pretty clearly, all of the witnesses seem just a tad contrived story-wise.

    Hoping that someday soon we’ll see the first plausible photo of a victim.

    In the meantime I would research the owner of the Pulse Club. I wouldn’t be surprised if the owner has military connections. And see if any intel HQ’s or hubs are in or near Orlando.

    The other previously mentioned point that he was employed by a big security company carrying licensed firearms for them, when he was on a terrorist watch list, is so innnnnteresting!

  17. «Crimes of Empire» blog has a video of a desperate crisis actor fake crying. The best scene is at the end. This woman is from Florida. Many people understand that this is a fake event. Others, like Alex Jones, go with the show, saying that ISIS (a CIA fiction and production) was all over Florida.

  18. The Newspaper of Record (NYT) weighs in:


    Could this be the FF/PsyOp that seals the deal on the 2nd Amendment? Let’s ask Killary …

  19. Here’s a link to an NBC News video. It’s title? Wounded Carried Out Of Pulse Nightclub After Rampage. Actually, they are being carried toward the Pulse just as the screenshots show, too!


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  21. […] Pulse Mass Casualty Event: Why Is There a Whole Parade of Victims Walking Back Toward Shooting Scene… – willyloman.wordpress.com […]

  22. I’m almost positive the wounded they were carrying they brought from the club to the fire station and then back toward the club where the ambulances and cop pick up trucks were to transport the wounded

    • Nope, the fire station is in other direction.

    • This is actually one of the most inexplicable parts of this event. Dozens of first responders in the background of the video, yet this tiny handful of putative victims’ friends had to do the transporting? Back toward the danger zone? Hundreds of police and no ambulances? There are no photos or video of ambulances, or of all the other dozens of people who allegedly ‘got out’. I have seen very few reports that seem credible in any way.

      Where is the evidence of a mass shooting? It seems to be essentially all hearsay from the police and sketchy sources with no direct evidence.

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  26. Drove cab and worked for Fl.Blue Sheet in Orlando for 12 yrs.June is slow season. Hacks drove to and by Pulse at 2 am.Only 50-75 patrons and about 10 cars in their small parking lot at 2 am. Nowhere 350 patrons.no way not on June 12,2016 @ 2am. I have attended fatal car crashes and bloody homicides on hot muggy Orlando nights and hundreds of Flies land on the bodies and blood at night with a vengance yet none are seen . About 3 am we were told’no fares’ near Pulse. Also no sunrise? It rises at 5 am in June!!!!. The best and why I am writing this is that the head EMT of Kissimmee David Hawley’s shoulder cam shows the inside of Pulse after 5 am and there are NO ejected or spent shells and no or very little blood. The rifle ammo will go thru everything yet no bullet holes just punched walls. Hawley is married to a retired orthopedic surgeon and nice woman to boot. Mateen it had been said had undergone hypnosis by a former MK ultra practitioner helped Whitey Bulger while living at his South Boston hdqtr. called Triple O’s in the 80’s & 90’s.This same man was fired from the District Atty Office because of his use of hypnosis on victims and witnesses of crime. He later was a personal assistant to one of the rich and powerful Koch brother in WPB. You see and learn driving hack. Feel free to contact me.

  27. Senior EMT David Hawley on the scene recently retired from Kissimmee -Orlando recently. His shoulder camera shows NO ejected shells on the floor.Also no bullet holes just punched out walls.No blood on floors or spray patterns anywhere. Being June there should be flies all over in the early sunlight, but againI none! 350 patrons? No way. Nightclubs hurt in June south americans havent arrived.Pulse only has a dozen parking spots. Cabs have photos prior to 2 am and the dance floor next to the door has maybe a dozen on the phone cam. Hawley and I are in our late 60’s I was in Civil Defense it appears it was a drill done in off season that violates the 1948 anti-propaganda act. You cant pretend events like Pulse. It can create panic like Orson Wells Martian Invasion of 1938 NJ. Technically the American populace in cooperation with the military is mandated to remove the US government in response to red flags. Even Trump hasnt been told he doesnt have to ask the courts permission to submit executive orders to protect US citizens. He can draw up a Writ of Mandamus excluding judiciary having citizens sign the petition. Under ‘learned hand protocol’ Trump would have Dictatorship powers for 30 days subject to citizens review…..I have all the info from 1968…no sunset on this law..

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