Pulse Mass Casualty Event: What We Know So Far

by Scott Creighton

Omar the Duckfaced Terrorist?

(see UPDATES at end of article)

Just over 24 hours after the shooting in Orlando of singer Christina Grimmie at a nightclub, there has been another shooting in another Orlando nightclub. The first shooting took the life of Grimmie as she was signing autographs after a show. Her attacker, identified as Kevin James Loibl, was not from the Orlando area but rather from St. Petersburg. Loibl was tackled on the scene by bystanders after he shot Grimmie and he was carrying a couple handguns so a mass casualty event was likely foiled by those people who responded by attacking him very quickly.

The very next night, we have another shooting at another Orlando nightclub and this one did turn into a mass casualty event.

20 people are reportedly dead inside the club with another 42 injured and taken to local hospitals.

The shooter is dead.

All we know about this new shooter is that, like Loibl, he “was not from the Orlando area” and his motive, if there was one, is not immediately clear at this point.

This new shooter from the Pulse nightclub, a gay nightclub, had the requisite number and types of firearms as many of the previous American Gladio events: hand gun, extended clips and of course, the obligatory AR-15 assault rifle.

I do not know at this point if he was wearing body armor and a mask as many of the other shooters have in the past.

From what I know so far, at around 2:02am Sunday morning, shots rang out inside the club and witnesses said it was about 20 or 30 shots. People started fleeing through the exits and at some point the shooter is supposed to have exited the building only to run into the off-duty uniformed Orlando police officer who was working security that night. They exchanged gunfire and the shooter went back into the club. No substantial injuries have been reported to law enforcement officers by officials.

From there it get kind of fuzzy.

It is said that they suspected they had a hostage situation on their hands in the dark nightclub. More club guests were still in the building, some sending out Tweets as they hid.

The law enforcement teams massed outside for the next 3 hours and then, the decision was made to breech and make entry into the club in order to “prevent further loss of life”

What has not been made clear is whether or not there was gunfire heard by officers during those three hours they were waiting outside. Which is an important detail.

Somewhere around 5am officers breached the building with flash-bangs and apparently some explosive device that took out a section of the exterior wall.

After that, there was a sustained gun-battle with the shooter and he was reported dead sometime around 5:45am.

Bodies still remain inside at 8:30am. They are concerned about what they call a “device” on the body of the shooter. They seem to know his identity but have not released that information.

Whether or not it is connected with the shooting from the night before has not been made public.

Neither has the motive.

They are reporting that the venue holds about 300 at capacity. With 20 dead and another 42 wounded (or otherwise injured), that’s a pretty high percentage for a shooter firing “20 to 30 rounds“.

Could it be LEOs mistook fleeing victims for a shooter in the dark nightclub at 5am in the morning? Remains to be seen.

There were early reports of a second shooter but it seems someone may have been talking about the officer outside firing at the shooter as he exited the building. Again, remains to be seen.

Here’s a photo reportedly of a victim from the shooting.


The #Pulse Twitter feed is riddled with gun-grabber Tweets already. Debbie Wasserman Schultz has taken some time off from stealing the nomination from Bernie Sanders in order to rant about there having been some 300 or so mass casualty shootings in the US in 2015.

It’s being called an act of domestic terrorism though no information has been released as of yet supporting that claim. That doesn’t stop the Islamaphobes from blaming the Muslims already.

Some are already trying to counter this current meme.

At this point I don’t have much more information. I will update article as more info becomes available.

Sorry to start off your morning with this news.


  1. 9:06am Now they are saying he had multiple handguns and that there were as many as 100 club-goers still in the building at 2 am. Witnesses said they heard “50 or more” shots fired when officers breached at 5. A hundred club-goers in Pulse when this took place and 20 dead, 42 injured? That’s an even higher percentage, is it not?
  2. 9:38am The mother of some assumed victim who’s spending an awful lot of time in front of CNN cameras, now says her missing son texted her “he’s rounded us up and now he’s going to kill us“. Seems kind of odd that a shooter would round them up and let them send out texts or Tweets before he does them in. All very dramatic and heartbreaking, isn’t it
  3. 9:44am Some fake “ISIS” accounts (probable Islamaphobes working for Rita Katz) are praising the attacks already.
  4. 9:47am NYPD counter-terrorism task force is reportedly “aiding” in the Orlando “investigation”
  5. 9:47am Shooter identified as Omar Mateen, born in New York and currently living in Port St. Lucie, Florida.
  6. 9:55am Shooter supposedly lived in Fort Pierce for a couple years prior to last night. He was a registered Democrat. His parents are both from Afghanistan. He was born in New York in 1986. [see photo of suspected shooter at beginning of article]

18 Responses

  1. “made a u-turn and started firing on the club” and “there was multiple shooters” according to the unnamed witness who happened to have Sky News on speed dial.


    • I have heard another guy saying he thought there were two shooters as well. PLUS… the former FBI guy who goes on CNN after each and every one of these things telling us the “official story” did his usual thing a few minutes ago and led with an explanation as to why so many witnesses always report multiple shooters when there is only one. Me thinks thou dost protest too much is my response to him. So yeah, it’s starting to look like there were more than one.

      Also, the big window in the front was blown out, but so were the windows all across the back of the building. very odd. they were blownout to the point where the concrete block surrounding them was damaged. that’s pretty massive in terms of force.

  2. Wondering if there were any coincidental ‘Terror Drills’ going on?

    • I just looked. I didn’t see one in Orlando, but there was one there in Oct. of 2015 so they were prepped I guess

      • General state of emergency declared for tropical storm. Mobilized Just Prior, just another coincidence, as ALWAYS. http://www.floridadisaster.org/eoc/PressReleases/06%2006%2016%20EXECUTIVE%20ORDER%20T.S.%20COLIN.pdf

      • Governor on TV mentions ‘state of Emergency’ Still. Smells like PSYOPS crap.

        • plus he was a guard at a Florida correctional institution down here. Looks like he wanted to be cop. So why would he throw all that away for this?

          • Pumping his as ‘security guard’

          • Lots and lots of weird stuff. Religious, but not religious. Upset about gays kissing MONTHS previous? Travels to gay place to kill for ISIS? Not military, kill a buncha gays. SMELLS more and more.

            • Just got interest in the Gimmie killing. Pulse Guns bought PRIOR to Gimmie. Could be coincidental, but ALWAYS best to investigate ‘coincidental’.

              • These 2 attacks were planned at the same time, independent of each other. The guns for the second shooting were bought before the first shooting, and each required at least some planning. Most likely scenario says there is a some kind of a link between the 2 shooters just happening to occur during ‘state emergency’ for essentially a thunderstorm that is and was still around.

          • Intel and law enforcement agencies operate divisions whose officers actively seek out and cultivate persons who albeit intelligent are emotionally and socially unstable. These targeted persons are cultivated IRT their social frustrations or political axes to grind, often being introduced into subversive political groups to be developed as informants. Depending on turn of events, they may end up as patsies in sting operations or false flag terror ops. Often they may have been assisted in gaining employment as government contractors or security personnel while being handled by 3-letter agency personnel. Ex: Thane Eugene Cesar, who was set up in a job with Hughes Aircraft and also ACE Security. As a contract guard he escorted RFK and while the inept, brain-addled Sirhan fired random shots into doors, ceiling tiles and bystanders, Thane Cesar pumped point blank pistol rounds into RFK’s head and back. Crowd pandemonium masked what really happened…masterfully done. False flag psyops are carried out similarly, as in the case of Timothy McVeigh and the transparently false flag Op known as the bombing of the OKC Murrah Building.

  3. Reblogged this on deinvestiture.

  4. I knew another American gladio mass shooting was coming soon once I heard a few days ago that General Patraeus was forming a gun control group with Gabby Giffords husband. This shooting fits perfectly into Obama’s gun control agenda with respect to the no fly list, no gun buy list. The shooter is a US Citizen and the biggest pushback regarding the no fly list is that it violates the 5th Amenedment right to due process. Americans are okay with the no fly list because it mainly targets Non-US Citizens. The ACLU and other groups have had success fighting the no fly list in court with regards to US Citizens, but as of right now the Government can still put a US Citizen on the no fly list without any notification and due process. Obama’s newest and greatest gun control agenda is to restrict any US citizen on the no fly list from being able to purchase or own a gun. Eventually when the shit hits the fan and there’s social unrest do to a collapsed economy everyone will find themselves on the no travel list without any due process or means to have yourself removed from the list. TSA at every major transportation, roadway, and state border. That’s the real agenda.

    • There is no doubt they are pumping this one BIG TIME. Pumping themselves – Nazis good NEEDED, but missing that most of the people were killed when SWAT Experts moved in. No details, no 911 call transcript, or voice. SMELLS BIGTIME.

  5. Interviewed by FBI in 2013 and 2014, BUT not under investigation or anything according to FBI. Just gets Smellier and SMELLIER. Bought all guns just a few days before.

  6. «Seems kind of odd that a shooter would round them up and let them send out texts or Tweets before he does them in.»
    «…no 911 call transcript»

    Nobody is asking these questions in mainstream media. They want us to think it happened.

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