Pulse Mass Casualty Event: Largest Mass Casualty Event in US History

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Apparently the suspect liked taking pictures of himself for his Myspace account wearing NYPD shirts, had a Florida security guard license and a firearm license and worked as a security guard at a local facility for juveniles. His ex-wife he used to beat her for not doing the dishes. So this means the “mental hygiene” laws will have to also apply to people who already have their firearms legally when they decide who gets to have/keep them.

UPDATE: Someone on Twitter asked me why there wasn’t more witness statements on-line or on the news and I remembered reading about the police rounding up all the witnesses and putting them on buses and taking them to the police station so they could be (told?) asked what they saw.

UPDATE: Mother of some missing guy is still making videos for ABC, still weeping. She says there are bodies inside the hospital that are unidentified and some in critical care who are still unidentified… yet here she is, outside on the street, talking to the press? I would be shoving my way through those doors at the hospital trying to see if my kid were on some gurney somewhere or on a slab. What is she doing talking to the press? And why is she acting like she’s weeping? Sorrow, you might think, would have given way to anger for me at this point. Why still weeping or acting like she’s weeping?

It is now officially the mass casualty event to end all mass casualty events in the United States.

Police in Orlando are reporting there are 50 dead in the Pulse nightclub with another 52 injured in local hospitals. Those numbers are up from 20 dead and 42 wounded released earlier this morning.

The officer at the press conference said there was some shooting at 2:02am inside the club (witnesses said between 20 and 30 rounds fired) and then some shooting that took place outside between gunman and officers and then the next shot fired were when the SWAT team breached the club at 5am.

It was reported that as many as 100 club-goers where inside when the suspect, Omar Mateen, born in New York and currently living in Port St. Lucie, Florida , went back into the club and the standoff started.

Police officials praised SWAT team members who entered the building at 5 am and saved “30 potential victims”

The same official said there had been “some communications” between the shooter and police during the 3 hour standoff but made it clear, there had been no more gunshots heard coming from inside the club during that time.

Omar was reportedly “on the radar” of terrorism officials, but no evidence of that has been released as of yet.

It is unknown how the shooter got into the club wearing a vest (and mask?) and carrying an assault rifle considering the officer outside the door would have seen him enter.

The bodies are still inside the club. Live footage from a helicopter does not show large numbers of vehicles on the scene to transport bodies.

This makes it the largest American Gladio op thus far. Officials are already saying this is “enough” and comprehensive “common sense” gun control measures need to be put in place “so this is the last mass casualty event we will have to suffer”

As you know, “common sense” gun control laws are those sponsored and supported by Billionaire Bloomberg and they involve a national “mental hygiene” law that will include a panel of technocrats in all states who decide if your mind is right enough to be allowed access to your second amendment rights. Those decisions will NOT be based on psychological evaluations done by mental health professionals, as that kind of restriction already exists. These decisions will be based on things like online comments, Facebook posts, political ideology and other forms of communications as opposed to some other form of official event or crime that separates people from their right to bear arms.

21 Responses

  1. You’re in Floriduh, Scott. get over there and play detective.

  2. Obvious false flag.

    So, just like Boston there were no ambulances to transport incapacitated “victims” to the hospital even though it took 3 HOURS for police to enter building? fInstead they had to be carried past a well-positioned camera that captured every dramatic rescue? No effing way.

    Well, at least it looks like TPTB have learned to carry out their false flags 1) at night and 2) in enclosed spaces w/ limited access so that they are no embarrassing Bostonesque photo-ops.

    I can’t wait to see all the cell phone footage from inside like Bataclan b/c I’m sure there were about 10,000 smart phones at the scene.

    Oh wait…


    Also, why is it that instead of EVER targeting leaders – military and otherwise – of the US Empire OR right-wingers who proudly HATE Muslims, the “terrorists invariably attack innocent liberals, y’know the people in the US who would be the LEAST likely to hate Muslims.

    Wake the fuck up, America. You’re getting played again.

    This shit is sickening.

    • that is a very very good point. they always go after the liberals and the left leaning in terms of civilian targets. Now there have been a couple of these events staged around military personnel. The Navy Yard shooting for one. The Navy recruiting center was another. but typically, they always go after civilian areas where college kids are or black church goers or now, gay people in a club at night.

  3. Three Hour Stand-off ?
    No gunshots heard?
    Then the police attack…
    Who killed the 50 people?

  4. oh…”20 to 30 shots fired” at 2:00A.M.

    YET! the ‘po-lice’ waited until 5:00 to attack!!!

    How did 50people die and another 40-50 wounded
    when police attacked at 5:00 ?

  5. sounds like scriptwriters fantasy to push and agenda…


    back to regular programming,
    where the same
    “terrorists” that print the currency
    still own the media
    and operate a crack house called Congress
    for the Jewish state called “Israel”

  6. just Listen! to this Despicable Fraud. npr etc brainwash-media.
    O…here comes president Drone MassMurderer…
    who enjoys delivering massacres at weddings and funerals.

    Orlando script FULL OF HOLES!

  7. Seems obvious, with 20/20 hindsight, that in the course of the AmGladio operation an “event” aimed at the LGBT community was necessary.
    Let’s all please keep an eye on Killary in the days to come. She’s going to try to ride this one into the White House.

  8. Also, this event will serve to take the heat off Killary as her indictment looms …

  9. Nothing more needed than a condemnation of the “invade the world, invite the world” neocon/ liberal internationalist policy, which states American imperialism is going to invite Muslims in while making them there and here gay-friendly, Israel-friendly and global/capitalist friendly…if it kills us.”

  10. Why bother to have a SWAT team, which stands for Special Training and TACTICS if you’re not going to use them to gain entrance for THREE hours? Did they have to wait until 30 or 40 or 50 were killed?

    The reports coming out this morning said there was 20 dead, until they flipped in a heartbeat to 50 dead???

    An how in the hell, during all of this, did the alleged shooter find time to chat with 9/11 dispatchers?

    Curious side note: Been watching this for a while now and both the CNN anchors and guest keep using the word, ‘INSPIRE,’ but not as a noun, but a verb.

    Look for this to be used to push the Lyin’ King’s tranny agenda and gun grabbing.
    And naturally, to INSPIRE Americans to keep killing Muslims.

  11. wait…! my small brain can’t absorb all this Hoax/Fraud !
    the 70police cars waited for THREE hours while a massacre was occurring. When did all this gunfire occur? At 2:00 or at 5:00?

    With all the thousands of billions, these nazi pentagon ‘homeland’
    PoliceState monsters get each and every year,
    They can’t devise a better story than this? !!

    Folks, we’re in deep trouble.
    Time to get out

  12. FYI, I just had to (unwillingly) attend training on what to do if there is an “active shooter” at the workplace. The video that they showed even had the DHS logo.
    What was said: If you are trapped in the same building with an active shooter, you are to get on the ground and NOT MOVE so as to not confuse the Police / SWAT who will be storming into the building to stop the threat.

    • I’d say get the f**k out of there and as far away as you can, as fast as you can, or the police are quite likely to make you one of the patsy’s victims. Our militarized police force is a threat like any desperate criminals lurking in the shadows. In a dark alley on a peaceful night, I’d be quite wary of desperate criminals. During an active shooter drill, I’d flee to a dark alley to seek the protection of desperate criminals any day before I’d come within 50 miles of a heavily armored police officer!

  13. an inside ‘witness’ says 8 minutes of automatic firing after 2:05.

    Where were LEO for 2+ hours?

    • Scott’s gonna have a lot of ‘fun’ deconstructing this pathetic script!

      So the security exchanged fire outside the club, patsy ran inside and started firing. And ‘security’ didn’t pursue…?

  14. […] Filed under: American Gladio, Pulse shooting event, Scott Creighton | 16 Comments » […]

  15. this evil stuff really hurts…the head etc.
    So Blatant! The monstrous corporate mass media,politicians,
    PentagonPoliceState expect our stupidity to allow them to impose their nazi nightmare TOTAL CONTROL,give up yer guns /go to
    FEMA Camps. Using this Ridiculous FalseFlag Treachery!

    All these npr media drones repeating the part Lie,
    and the millions of corporate pentagon weaponmakers/Nsa/cia types…
    one question…what are yer grandchildren worth,
    in this nightmare nazi world yer making?

    DAMNED ALL TO HELL, little hitler bureaucrats & EVIL WEALTH-demons. Yer descendants, if not nuclear ashes, will curse you in hell

    • Too bad there’s no hell, and the fascists know that. They are either stopped here on Earth, before they ruin your life, or not at all. There’s no divine punishment awaiting anybody. If they are allowed to ruin your life, they win, you lose and there is no punishment awaiting them after death. Just sayin’

  16. i meant the hell on earth

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