Hillary Clinton is Just F*cking Crazy (cold Chai video)

by Scott Creighton

The IG report came out last week saying Hillary Clinton was a criminal and a liar.

A new revelation from the FBI on Thursday showed how Clinton used her illegal and insecure email server to authorize Death Squads from Above drone strikes in Pakistan in 2011 (strikes which killed civilians 90% of the time). She actually used her cell phone to give the authorization to kill civilians in a foreign country that we are not currently at war with. Keep in mind, the drone program is the MOST SECRETIVE program we have on the books so her saying she did not send and receive top secret emails on her server is a flat out lie.

White House spokesman Josh Earnest admitted Hillary Clinton was under a criminal investigation on Thursday, so the Clinton campaign quickly released the Obama endorsement video to bury that news story.

Another new report out from the Washington Post details how Hillary Clinton gave an appointment to a big Clinton Global(ist) Initiative donor a spot on a top-secret foreign policy advisory board so he could use it like insider trading and make money off future military adventures.

And of course, folks are becoming increasingly aware that Hillary Clinton did not in fact “win” the primary, but rather she colluded with a number of neocon-leaning like-minded individuals and stole the Democratic Party nomination from Bernie Sanders, who by all rights, sans voter suppression, voter disenfranchisement and election rigging, should have won the primary by a landslide.

All that, and today, thanks to Hannah Chanpong, we have a new little view into the mind of Hillary Clinton. It was apparently recorded the other day in Washington D.C. and it speaks for itself.

We should put that right up alongside the “We came, We Saw, He Died. hee hee hee” video.

In this video, she is giggling and bragging about the illegal, extrajudicial murder of the beloved leader of another country that never did a damn thing to us. That murder took place in the context of the Libyan regime change operation that she herself rammed down the throat of Barack Obama, an operation he later called a mistake.

Hillary Clinton is fucking crazy and if any of you think she’s the “safe” choice come this fall, that’s a terrifying thought.

UPDATE: Remember what a war-monger she was about Iraq and Iran, not way back in 2002 and 2003 when she stood on the floor of the senate and repeated the lies of the Bush administration trying to get senators to vote for the war, but even back during the debates of 2008?

Her Iraq vote was not some single runoff “mistake” on her part. She’s a neocon warmonger. She always has been and always will be.

Do you also remember her in 2011 while serving as Sec. of State telling business leaders in the Green Zone of Iraq that America needs to start looking at Iraq as a “business opportunity”?

Hillary Clinton calls Iraq a “Business Opportunity” – If You Vote for this Fascist, You Are a Fascist

She didn’t make a “mistake”. As she stood on the floor of the senate, lying through her teeth, she already knew what a “business opportunity” illegally invading and occupying Iraq would be for her and her billionaire friends. And all she needed were a couple thousand US troops to sacrifice their lives and well being so they could turn a nifty profit off of it.

Never Hillary? You’re Goddamned right. Never Hillary. Not once.

3 Responses

  1. Some of those drones are used to ship opium out of Afghanistan to processing labs in Turkey.

    Al Capone was a punk.

  2. Al Capone would have been a captain of industry if he would have started the Capone Family Foundation or the Capone Global Initiative. If you’re gonna be a criminal, I guess, you need balls the size of Ursa Major and, of course, a soul dead as dead can be. The Mafia were trick-or-treaters compared to the filth today.

  3. America needs her behind bars, but she owns America

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