The Boss Level of Stupid in the Hillary Clinton Propaganda Campaign: “You down with TPP?”

by Scott Creighton

and so did Warren!

You down with TPP?!” Fallon

Yeah, you know me!” Obama

On the same day that neoliberal corporate shill President Obama “made history” by endorsing his political mentor and benefactor, neoliberal corporate shill Hillary Clinton, he also did a little stunt on the Jimmy Fallon Tonight Show, something called “Slo Jam News” where Obama, Fallon and some other guy, “slo jam” various outrageous propaganda points about the ‘success” of the Obama administration.

It’s supposed to be hip and funny and irreverent and get the real message out to all those young Jimmy Fallon viewers who might be crossovers from the Sanders campaign which Hillary and her team suppressed, disenfranchised and otherwise just flat out robbed of their primary election votes.

Keep in mind, this little propaganda stunt took place a mere two hours after “progressive” “liberal” anti-corporate, anti-globalization senator Elizabeth Warren sold out on the Rachel Maddow show and gave a breathless, life or death fear-mongering endorsement of neoliberal corporate shill Hillary Clinton. Elizabeth Warren and the Sanders supporters her endorsement was designed to target are extremely dead set against fascist corporate trade deals like the TTIP, TiSA and of course, the TPP.

So after his endorsement announcement and then hers, President Drone Strike, President Peace Prize, President Fascist Trade Deal goes on Jimmy Fallon and delivers this message to the young people watching:

And that’s why I negotiated the new trade deal called the Trans Pacific Partnership, or the TPP” Obama

Now hold on there Pres dispenser, are you sayin you’re down with TPP?” Fallon

Yeah, you know me. Look, Jimmy, the TPP allows American businesses to sell their products both at home and abroad. The more we sell abroad, the more higher paying jobs we provide here at home. It’s that simple” Obama

So what you’re sayin is this trade deal will help put everyday Americans back to…” Fallon

work, work, work, work, work, work. He put us back to work, work, work, work, work” moron in the back

The TPP allows business to sell product both overseas and at home. That’s brilliant. Why haven’t we ever been able to sell our stuff overseas before? Wow. What a great idea.

Uh. No. That’s level boss stupid. But there it is.

The TPP allows Big Business to usurp the laws of nations and localities in order to maximize their profit margins no matter what the cost to consumers, workers or communities. And if they don’t get their way, they are allowed to sue nations and states and townships in order to force them to change their laws or pay massive penalties due to the profits they are keeping those companies from making because of them.

It’s that simple.

No “free trade” deal has ever helped put Americans back to work though each and everyone of them used that lie as a selling point. This case is no different and not really very subtle.

So what you’re sayin is this trade deal will help put everyday Americans back to…” Fallon

work, work, work, work, work, work. He put us back to work, work, work, work, work” moron in the back

The trade deals are super secret. They will not be made available to the public for at least 5 years after they are signed and go into effect. And that’s because there is so much wrong with them. They are such an intrusion into our democracy and our very way of life.

They cover things like forcing nations to accept GMOs, forcing nations to allow technocrats to determine their domestic policy agendas, keeping nations from supporting the BDS movement and forcing nations to install neoliberal economic ideology measures like privatization, open borders for “flexible labor forces” and market liberalization.

In short, the TPP, the TTIP and TiSA are the new Bill of Rights for the developing neoliberal corptocracy which will undermine democracy and the rule of law in every country that signs up for it including this one.

Of course, thanks to that little stunt on Jimmy Fallon’s show, you’re going to have a number of little kids today running around singing “you down with TPP? Yeah, you know me”

I wonder how long it will be before they make sellout Elizabeth Warren dance around and screech “You down with TPP? YEAH YOU KNOW ME!!!” in that phony forced passion she likes to use.

I’m guessing it wont be long. She’s got to prove she’s got her mind right before she gets her payday.

I can’t wait to see it myself, Elizabeth Warren’s ultimate betrayal moment. The very moment her soul breaks as she sells out to the Killary establishment she’s fought against her whole life.

There’s a made for TV Lifetime or Oprah channel movie right there.

You down with TPP?” Fallon

Shut the fuck up, you fucking sycophantic piece of shit” Scott

UPDATE: In an earlier version of this article I identified the host of the Tonight Show as “Jimmy Kimmel” and not Fallon. A reader pointed out my mistake. Sorry bout that but I can’t say I am not proud to not know the difference when the asshole does propaganda like this for President Peace Prize.

4 Responses

  1. I think you mean Jimmy Fallon (The Tonight Show)

    • thank you. fixed it and left an update noting the mistake. though I am kinda proud that I don’t the difference between Fallon and Kimmel

      are you sure they aren’t the same fucking person? they look identical to me. anyway, I fixed it. thanks.

  2. You know that Fauxcahontas was a Republican til the late 90’s?

    As for TPP, another Clinton delete job…

    Hillary is so old she has been on every side of every issue at some point.

  3. Elizabeth Warren = Killary’s VP. It’s that simple.

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