The Sellout Circus Begins with Elizabeth Warren in the Center Ring

by Scott Creighton


Yep. The establishment is in rabid mode in their rush to build support for Hillary Clinton’s coronation before anyone takes the time to realize the bitch stole the nomination. Here’s a little bit of irony for you: President Peace Prize of the Drone States of ‘MERIKA! has officially endorsed Hillary Clinton with a video he made a couple days ago. During that video he also thanked Bernie Sanders for bring so many young enthusiastic voters into the warm embrace of the (Un)Democratic Party. Irony? He backs the candidate that suppressed and disenfranchised all the voters who he thanked the other candidate from bringing to the party!

And here’s the announcement about Elizabeth Warren scheduled to endorse Killary Clinton tonight on Sellout Maddow’s show.

Rachel Maddow is a sycophantic ladder-climbing sellout to billionaires and the establishment that serves them. She was one of the first to lie about Bernie Sanders supporters “being violent and throwing chairs” at the Nevada caucus in Vegas a month ago. She just totally lied about what happened. She’s a lying fraud of a human being and I completely understand why she backs something like Hillary Clinton.

So not only is Elizabeth selling out to Clinton, but she’s pumping up Sellout Maddow’s ratings while doing it?

Bye-bye Elizabeth. You had integrity once, long ago. Sold that shit out. Pathetic what some people will do to remain relevant and in power.

I guess we are all just waiting now to see what Bernie does. He’s meeting a bunch of establishment DC folks, the same ones that helped rig the primary against him and crush the hopes and aspirations of all of his followers. Is he going to take this thing all the way to the convention (since she really hasn’t won anything yet) or is he going to sell out and try to tell all of his supporters that Killary the Monstrous is going to adopt all of their concerns and fight for them while president? (cough cough cough)

What is Bernie positioning himself for? I guess we will find out soon enough.

“You say it’s all circling the drain? Had to end sometime” Riddick

17 Responses

  1. honestly, scott, i got nothin’. i see no plausible way to defeat the powers that be. if others have faith in what you endorse, and wish to proceed, i wish them all the best, and total success. however, i feel the effort is ill-advised. i would love to be proven wrong in this instance.

    • why should I discuss anything of substance with someone who seems content to make fun of my illness and living situation as if any of that matters? and yes, that is trollish behavior.

      • if nothing else, you should discuss substance as your duty as a Truth reporter.
        if your illness and living situation are genuine, as you have publicly described, i apologize for the attacks. but it was tit for tat, or this for that, in response to your mocking of my spiritual beliefs and experiences.
        i’d say, in boxing terms, we were both hitting below the belt, but i believe “you started it.” no you, no you, no you. . .
        next round, let’s fight cleaner.

        • they are genuine and apology accepted.

          and maybe I shouldn’t have started out with that quote from your shaman article. things got heated pretty quickly, so, sorry bout that. I have to admit, that reference to South Park, though clever, was a bit harsh. I’m still laughing about it though.

          • re: “”they are genuine and apology accepted.”
            OK, that’s cool. I’ll take you at your word.

            re: “and maybe I shouldn’t have started out with that quote from your shaman article. things got heated pretty quickly, so, sorry bout that.”
            NP, I enjoyed the flare up. Apology accepted.

            re: “I have to admit, that reference to South Park, though clever, was a bit harsh. I’m still laughing about it though.”
            Maybe if I watch the episode, I can connect to what you are saying. Got a link?

    • people are going to get out in the streets and resist at some point in time. I would much rather see them protesting the stolen primary at the DNC than Trump at the RNC. At least he won the nomination and is their choice. I think it’s also important to set a precedent, that progressive, real left-leaning people are not going to sit on their hands for another 8 years simply because they anoint another left-cover president. So yeah, I think it’s good people get out there and make some noise about voter suppression, election rigging and voter disenfranchisement. I thought it was good in 2000 when they did it. I think it’s good now. and if I could afford it and could physically do it, I would definitely go. But I’m not suggesting anyone do it. I’m just reblogging an articles so people know it’s a thing if they want to. I suggested they burn their DNC voter registration cards. That was my suggestion.

  2. Dear fellow Sheeple,

    Time to lay aside the outmoded voting paradigm and start thinking outside the box–the ballot box.

    I agree with all they say about Trump. The only thing worse than a Trump presidency would be a Clinton presidency. Don’t let them scare you into voting for Clinton. This year’s election will only be one thing: a referendum on Oligarchy. Going to the polls this year will be a vote for oligarchy. Boycotting the ballot will be a vote against the oligarchy. Simple as that!

    It grieves me to have to note that my so-called Liberal friends that profess to love Obama and Hillary seem to suffer from some kind of mental impairment. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama represent such a supreme betrayal of nearly all the values associated with traditional Liberalism that I am surprised the word “Liberalism” does not scald their lips when they pronounce the sound like holy water would burn an angel from Hell. At least a half dozen stolen or dubious primary contests, a virtue media blackout of Sanders’ massive rallies, a fawning, uncritical coverage of Hillary, and to crown the glory: the AP announcement of her coronation even before the California vote was counted: Come on Sheeple what more evidence to you need of the ham-handed grip on the throat of our dimocratic(no typo) process do you need?

    Bernie never stood a chance. I predicted the election would be stolen out from under him dating back to the inception of his campaign. His strategy is now to try to install as many Progressive planks in the Party platform as that fictional document will hold. Who ever expected a candidate to be governed by a Party platform once elected? Obama? You’re joking.

    Now is the time to turn on, tune in, and drop out of the whole rotten process. I’m calling for the biggest general presidential election boycott in history!

    Go home, get that late garden planted, make friends with your neighbors, buy a gun. The revolution is coming as surely as the world is warming , the waters are rising, and the times are changing! A Trump Presidency will be assured by the few foolish enough to believe elections matter.

    Sleep well Sheeple. Sorry world. America remains mad, Hillary is mad, Donald is mad and the oligarchs are still in the driver’s seat, drones drone on, boots march, “and there’s no discharge in the war!”

  3. aww, scott, i was hoping you’d come! i live about 25 miles north of philly & am hoping to witness this spectacle & personally picket the clinton-witch.
    re sanders: people should not be surprised when he caves to & endorses a hillary candidacy. he’s not going to start any kind of revolution, because he’ll still promote & take sides in the false left-right paradigm. but maybe he’ll have been the start of better things to come once people realize this…
    people should get used to the idea of more mass-shootings & “terror” attacks once hillary takes power & passes the tpp & ttip — much in the same way the french are suffering under “emergency powers” as their gov’t enacts unpopular labor “reforms”, etc.
    power to the people.

  4. I never understood the ‘progressives’ love for Warren. She was a Republican for longer than she’s been a Democrat.

    She’s critical of Wall St but she’s a neoliberal through and through.

    • she does that little self-satisfied “feeding off her own forced passion” trick which makes people think that she has a fire burning inside and of course they think it’s for them. The way I see it is, she’s actually a lot like Donald Trump in that regard.

  5. Sen Warren let all of the progressives down and the country by not endorsing us before Super Tuesday. With her help, we could have and should have won Mass. Why and what does she have up her sleeve???

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