California Dem Primary Turnout Down by 1.6 Million, Clinton Gets 660k Fewer Votes, Millions of Votes Remain UNCOUNTED

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: As you are reading the following article, keep this in mind: record numbers of Californians (18 million) registered to vote leading up to the primary Tuesday.

Yesterday I wrote about the voter suppression and election fraud that took place during the California Democratic Primary this past Tuesday. Today I want you to take a look at the comparison between the contested primary in California back in 2008 and what happened the other day. The numbers are surprising. The implications, along with the information coming out about the rigging of the election, are staggering.

I put it all in one nifty graphic for you guys (click on image for larger view).


So Hillary Clinton, at a time when she is about to clinch the nomination, received 667,000 fewer votes than she did in 2008. That says a lot.

Here’s another interesting set of statistics: according to an LA Times poll taken just before the California primary, there was an estimated 8 million people set to participate. 5 million alone were to vote by mail.


If you add the 3,475,720 votes for Bernie and Hillary to the 1,174,829 votes cast for Donald Trump, you end up with 4,650,549 total votes cast in the California primary Tuesday. That’s about 350,000 less than the expected mail-in ballots alone. And that’s too say nothing of the total being just over 1/2 of the expected total of 8 million.

Those are big numbers with bigger implications.

Here’s a little bit of trivia: how long do state lawmakers give the various districts to count and report in all the votes they receive? You would think they might decline from reporting that 100% of the votes have been reported (like it says up there in that graphic) but you would be wrong. Apparently they have a full month to count and report the votes. They can let piles of them just sit there on the floor, uncounted (like all those provisional ballots given to Bernie supporters for one reason or another)

“The independent Target Book, a publication that handicaps congressional and legislative races, called it “probable” that as many as 3 million ballots could remain uncounted by time Tuesday night ended. And traditionally, said the analysts, those ballots tend to have come from Democrats, young and Latino voters (and Bernie supporters with their provisional ballots).

As of early Wednesday morning, about 5 million ballots had already been counted, but there was no official word on how many remained. State election law gives counties 30 days to finish their canvassing of votes cast. Secretary of State Alex Padilla must receive certified results from each of California’s 58 counties by July 8.” LA Times

That is remarkable. An estimated “3 million” ballots from “young Democrats” sitting around on the floor somewhere in some backroom of a Hillary supporter working for the elections commission and California is called by the MSM for Hillary at “100% of the votes” being reported as counted.

And according to this investigative report, many Bernie Sanders voters were forced to use provisional ballots on trumped-up reasons.

It has been learned from poll workers that 50% to 90% of voters who were supposed to have been eligible to vote in the Democratic primary were told they would have to vote provisional ballots.    There were two irregularities leading to the forced use of provisional ballots instead of regular ballots.  The first was that previously registered voters’ names had been removed from the rolls.  The second was that someone (in most cases, not the voter) had marked them as vote by mail voters but they had received no ballot in the mail.   Oddly, virtually all of those not allowed to vote and forced to vote provisional ballots were Bernie Sanders supporters.” Justice Gazette

Not only were poll workers reporting this little scheme but also voters. Young, democrats who backed… Bernie Sanders.

Many people told they were registered to vote by mail when they weren’t and then told they had to fill out a provisional ballot which is now sitting in a bag someplace, uncounted.

That is remarkable. Remarkable that according to this report, about 40% of the votes cast in the California presidential primary are sitting around collecting dust somewhere, never counted. Remarkable that it’s state law that allows that to happen. Remarkable that Californians aren’t rioting right now.

I wrote the other day about the MSM’s decision to call the nomination for Killary just prior to the California primary and I said that they did that in order to create a pretext for the low voter turnout. The complicit media, if forced to report on this odd discrepancy in numbers, will undoubtedly point to the myth of their own creation, that Hillary had already “won” the nomination, as justification for this trend. That’s ridiculous. The 5 million votes by mail are a huge increase from 2008 which was around 3.7  million.

What’s going to happen to those estimated 3 million votes that were legally cast in California? Are they going to be counted? Burned? Shredded?

I hope someone goes out to the election commission offices and sees if they have some of those office document shredding trucks parked out back for the next few days. Because I will tell you one thing, with Cali as dry as it is right now, you know they’re not burning those Sanders votes.

The scale of election fraud taking place in California is on par with what they did in Puerto Rico, Arizona and New York. It’s amazing what they are getting away with because of the complicit media. And it’s terrifying to think that they are doing this in order to install a lying, psychopathic war-monger in the oval office.

4 Responses

  1. “I came, I see and You’ll DIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE” cackles Hillary.
    The fix is in, that deranged bitch will be in the WH come January.

    • in my short 50 years of life, I don’t think I have ever seen a crazier candidate. Even Bob Dole who spoke about himself in the 3rd person. She makes him seem perfectly sane by comparison. Maybe G.H.W. Bush. Maybe. But it’s close.

  2. Those Bernie supporters have to be angry. I hope they will scream and yell and scream and yell until a real investigation is done. Or until some whistleblower or many whistleblowers come out and tell what they know.

  3. Be in Philly for the convention. We have to show them first hand we are not willing to let this pass. We need numbers!

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