California Election Fraud

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: California Dem Primary Turnout Down by 1.6 Million, Clinton Gets 660k Fewer Votes, Millions of Votes Remain UNCOUNTED

I’m going to post a few examples of reports of election fraud that took place yesterday during the Democratic Party primary which Hillary Clinton supposedly won.

These are only a few examples of what appears to be widespread election fraud taking place in Cali. Meanwhile, Puerto Rico is still at 69% of the vote counted.

Read Greg Palast’s report on how the Cali DNC has rigged the voting in such a way as to deliberately alienate independent voters and make is very hard for them to cast a vote (you have to know the magic words or bring your mailed in ballot (that doesn’t have presidential candidates on it) along with the envelope. No envelope, no vote.

What some people don’t understand is that the privatization of the surveillance state, the collection of all your information like phone calls, emails, Tweets, comments online, communication in your car, communication in your home, Facebook turning on the mic on your phone so they can listen to you throughout the day… all this information is USED by someone.

One way they may use it, could be to figure out how you are going to vote. And that may determine whether or not your name is “mistakenly” left off a voter role when you go to cast your vote.

For those out there saying “if I’ve got nothing to hide I have nothing to worry about” you simply don’t understand the power of that information and how it can effect you. You don’t have to be planning a revolution to be considered undesirable. Sometimes it’s simply your preference in a political race that can earn you a place on a list.

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  1. Reblogged this on deinvestiture.

  2. Is anything being done about this election cycles massive election fraud? We’ve seen it all over the place. This is ridiculous. What are we suppose to do?!

    • there is a lawsuit being filed and these guys are calling for a massive Occupy-type demonstration at the DNC convention in July.

      I think aside from pressuring the Sanders campaign to file a series of lawsuits in various states that have clearly stolen the election, massive public demonstrations of civil disobedience is probably the best way to go.

      • His followers are young, probably single, most of them, anyway. There’s nothing more important for them to be doing with their lives right now.


        Otherwise, Hillary might have other plans for their lives

  3. well, Kalifornia is “Progressive” and I suppose that this is their type of “progress”

  4. On 4/4/16 I reregistered Republican. On 5/30/16 I called the Riverside County Voter Registrar’s Office to inquire why I had not received a ballot. The clerk verified my reregistration, but said she could not understand why the Riverside County Voter Registration Office had NOT sent my ballot. She assured me it would be in the mail that day. Ballot never arrived. Upon filing a formal complaint with the California Secretary of State I was told to “vote provisionally”. Upon receiving a Provisional Ballot the Precinct Officer told me I was one of 500,000 Riverside County Voter’s by Mail who had NOT been sent their ballot.

    Here are some questions for Riverside County California taxpayers:

    Where is the money going that was budgeted for Absentee Ballots?

    Why is Riverside County Registrar not being investigated by the California Secetarary of State?

    Why was the name of said Registrar not available on the County website prior to the 6/7/16 election? Is that name available today and if so why not?

    Is this one of many acts of voter supression effecting Californa’s Primary Presidental Election vote, or govermental incompetence, or both??

  5. Also massive fraud took place at the Austrian presidential elections, only vigilant general public spotted fraud, in some district up to 149% of eligible voters apparently voted.

    The massive election fraud was uncovered by the general public, and not by the authorities.

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