Bern It Down

by Scott Creighton

One way Sanders supporters can show their disgust at the theft of the Democratic Party nomination is to take out their Democratic Party registration cards and burn them on video and then post them online via Twitter, Facebook or whatever imaging social media outlet people use.

This would be especially powerful if done by a number of the new young Dem. party members brought in to support Bernie Sanders. Don’t let Killary and the corrupt to the core DLC profit from stealing this election process. Perhaps if enough of the new registered voters take this step, the entrenched “superdelegates” of the left side of our one party system will get the message that they aren’t going to win any favors with the Trump camp once Hillary loses in a landslide to the Donald.

In 2008 there were 30,000 PUMAs (Party Unity My Ass) who refused to back Obama after he was declared the party nominee.

The level of corruption and graft this process in 2016 has seen should produce 30 million.

Do not let the corrupt Democrat Party of America profit from their suppression of the will of the people across this country.

We don’t want any part of the Goldman Sachs candidate.

We don’t want any part of a felon representing us in November.

We don’t want a war-monger who thinks of Iraq as a “business opportunity”

We don’t a proven liar as commander in chief.

We don’t want a regime change specialist laughing “We came, we saw, he died” with her finger on the button.

We don’t want any part of her Scoop Jackson, neocon neoliberal ideology running the country.

And damn sure don’t want her husband running around the White House again hitting on interns while popping Viagra.

Young people had a vision and hope for their futures. It was stolen from them by Hillary Clinton and the corrupt DNC. They need to take it back. We need to help them. Take out your cards, light them on fire and post the videos where ever you can. They don’t represent what you thought they did, would. They represent repression, election fraud and massive levels of voter suppression. So as Samuel Jackson asks, what’s in your wallet… and how does it make you feel?

6 Responses

  1. I hope people don’t go for the stupid idea of supporting Hillary “for the good of the party.” Who cares about the party?!

  2. You, the good americans, have to take up arms against these crooks who are at the White House; and these people who steal your elections. You must do the same, as Fidel did in Sierra Maestra. There are fine good americans who can make a great revolution in order to wipe out these gangsters, that have mocked and ridiculed your democratic system for their benefit. A big embrace from Jorge

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