Clinton Ascension Updates: MSM Pulls More Superdelegates from their Asses and WTF Happened in Puerto Rico?

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: See important UPDATE at end of article

Don’t be distracted by the MSM’s sudden announcement that Hillary Clinton has clinched the Democrat Party nomination. She didn’t.

She is certainly in the process of stealing it, but she hasn’t pilfered it just yet.

So all you petty bourgeois Hillarybots just cool your jets. You got a month and a half to wait before you can revel in your “victory” narcissism.

Late yesterday evening, the Associated Press decided to do the Clinton team a favor by pulling some more magical “superdelegates” out of their asses (PRESTO! exactly enough to put her over the top, as it just so happens) so Hillary would win the news cycle leading into the last Super Tuesday we will have to suffer this year.

Of course the “All Hillary All the Time” channel, MIC-linked MSNBC, decided to jump on the propaganda train right along with the AP as Mathews and Maddow were particularly sycophantic last night, heaping praise on the historic moment that a corrupt, vile, lying, war-mongering female Scoop Jackson “Democrat” would be the nominee for the presidency of the United States.

What a proud moment for Democrats.

Yes, it was a pivotal moment in the ongoing class warfare exercise that is the 2016 Democratic Party primary season (voter suppression and election rigging is class warfare, for those of you who don’t know. The elites suppress the masses, the poor working masses, in order to maintain their control of the system. That’s class warfare.)

Pivotal moment or not, why did they do it? What was so important yesterday that they felt they needed to enrage Bernie supporters even more with this clearly incendiary announcement? Even the DNC  said the press needed to stop adding “superdelegates” to the vote tallies because they haven’t voted yet (July 25th is when they vote). So why would they do that?

And what the hell is going on in Puerto Rico? Could it be these things are related?

Here’s my theory:

Hillary Clinton is scared something may turn up in the FBI investigation into her illegal email server scandal and if it does she’s starting to think maybe some of those loyalists and sycophants who serve as “superdelegates” might start thinking of cutting a deal with Sanders.

After all, Bernie does better against Trump than Hillary in poll after poll. And if they think she may end up being sacrificed by someone in Justice (or thrown under the bus because someone there doesn’t like the vile woman or her husband) then maybe they start thinking they stand a better chance of getting a good deal with Bernie post election 2016 than they do with Trump (since they didn’t back him or fund him)

Hillary is conniving enough to come to that conclusion. She’s a political predator after all, and even her fans will admit that.

So what she needs is a landslide victory today in Jersey and California. But the polls just don’t show that as a potential outcome.

In fact, it looks more and more like Bernie will win Cali outright and perhaps, if turnout at all those rallies is any indication (and the lack of turnout at Hillary events), Bernie might just win it by a considerable margin. California is an open primary and independents are allowed to participate which helps his cause considerably.

What Clinton needs is a big-time victory in California and New Jersey. The MSM has helped out Hillary by cancelling exit polling in those two states like they did in Kentucky where the primary was stolen by a Hillary-backing State Attorney General who said supporting Hillary was more important than doing her job just two weeks before the primary (they also seem to have cancelled exit polling in Puerto Rico where something close to 200,000 voters were disenfranchised by the DNC down there this past Sunday, but more on that later)

She wants to get as close to victory without the “superdelegates” as she can and at a minimum she wants to make sure she “wins” Jersey and California so she can show the delegates she has momentum.

The announcement from the complicit press will not dampen the spirits of the Sanders supporters. If anything, it’s making them madder and more committed to getting out and voting today. It’s like a bitch-slap in the face of a pit-bull. Not really going to incite the kind of reaction that the slapper intended.

But that doesn’t matter.

It doesn’t matter because they are going to steal the elections in New Jersey and California just like they have done in many other states.

What this move by the complicit press does is provide a PRETEXT explaining why “Bernie supporters don’t show up” for the primaries today.

After the election tallies are in, we will probably see a great drop in the official results in terms of votes for Bernie. That’s because they’re going to flip the switch and steal the election.

This new narrative, this pretext, will allow the Hillary supporting talking heads like Mathews and Maddow to explain the discrepancy by saying those young voters were a. demoralized b. disheartened c. drunk. d. you can pick your own storyline.

Of course, the glaring disparity between poll numbers and the final count will be problematic for the Clinton campaign going forward. We already know they’ve been hacking the election like Dick Cheney and Karl Rove on crystal meth. But that isn’t her concern right now, the “superdelegates” are. And positioning herself as best she can in order to show them she’s the one they want to stick with is Hillary Clinton’s primary focus.

After all, her calculus is that all us dumb voters will forget about how she’s stolen primary after primary this year and eventually enough of us will be so terrified of the Dreaded Trump Monster that we’ll deliberately forget all of that and screech at the top of our lungs at anyone who dares bring it up in a week or two.


That’s my theory on the manufactured “superdelegate” news from yesterday which brings me to my next topic, the stolen Puerto Rico primary.

Here’s a fascinating little piece of information, aside from disenfranchising something like 200,000 voters in the Democratic Party primary this past Sunday, guess what else is going on?

They seem to have stopped counting the votes at 69%

At 6:52am yesterday, this was the official tally of the Puerto Rico primary with 69% of the vote counted:


Later that day I pointed out the fact that they were still at 69% at around 12 noon, 5 hours later:


Guess what? It’s now 5am Tuesday morning, two days after the Puerto Rico primary and you know what percentage of the vote they have counted? 69%


And just in case you might think this is just a glitch on CBS’s website or that someone hasn’t updated the numbers, these incomplete results are the official tally on the Wiki Puerto Rico Democratic Party Primary page:


Green Papers website is currently showing the same thing as well.

Just to give you an idea of how many votes have been either suppressed in Puerto Rico or erased, let’s take a look back at the 2008 Democratic Party primary results:


Are you kidding me? That’s a difference of around 328,000 votes shaved off, missing in action, evaporated, gone, vaporized, disappeared, hijacked, kidnapped… or…. stolen.

That’s a lot of votes folks.

And what do you want to bet they were mainly from poor, working-class and young voters?

Here’s the real question: why did the Hillary-backing DNC in Puerto Rico stop counting votes at 69%? Did they really stop counting to take a vacation… or did they simply stop reporting the counts?

I think part of the reason the Hillarybots in the complicit press made the announcement when they did last night was because they needed to shift the news cycle away from the Puerto Rico primary. Aside from claims that Hillary “won” the primary, the news about it just dropped off the radar with a thump (kinda like my fuel pump is doing right now)

My guess is, in a week or so they will get around to finishing the count down there and they will, surprise surprise, come to realize Bernie Sanders won by a few votes. They will then re-tally the delegate count, but of course, it will be too late at that point. The damage will have been done. Hillary gets her momentum going into today’s primary contests and the MSM gets to announce she’s “won” the nomination long before she really has.

It’s remarkable just how corrupt this process has been from the start.

While Donald Trump runs around making what ever comments he can so the Dems can paint him as racist, Hillary and the complicit press in this country are busy stealing the Democratic Party nomination so the Donald can take a dive in the general election and put war-mongering neoliberal Scoop Jackson-styled Hillary Clinton in the White House. Then he’ll be able to go back to doing what he does best: being a pampered celebrity TV star.

This is how the establishment class retains control of the system.

Through outright graft, distraction and playacting, the angry masses are both appeased and suppressed simultaneously.

And these political spin-doctors running the show think they are getting away with it, for the most part, because their lying talking heads on the network corporatist “news” channel are able to read their ridiculous scripts without twitching or giggling too much.

Funny thing is, when you think about it, Hillary Clinton is going to be queen over a rather unhappy kingdom.

The vast majority on the left didn’t want her because she’s a reactionary republican war-monger who is going to push for more austerity and is willingly sign every fascist trade deal she can get her hands on.

And the vast majority of the right doesn’t want her because, well because she’s Hillary Clinton and those idiots think she’s a soooOOoooOooOOocialist.

So not only will Hillary Clinton be the first female president this country has ever had, she will also be the most unpopular president it has ever “elected”… right off the bat.

People in Jersey and California need to get out there and vote today. Yeah, they are going to steal it. But you have to make them steal it. Don’t give them a damned thing. Make them steal it.

When it all shakes out, you guys keep this shit in mind. Don’t forget what the Clinton establishment did to steal this nomination from you because that is who they are stealing from… you… not Bernie Sanders.

Sanders has NOTHING to do with it. It’s YOUR FUCKING CHOICE that’s being rejected by not only a corrupt political class but also by their complicit lying media pundits who are nothing more than ladder-climbing sycophants to power.

They’re stealing your democracy. Your votes. Your future. And your dreams. And Hillary Clinton and the complicit press who MUST AT THIS POINT KNOW that Cali will be stolen, don’t give a shit.

They don’t because it’s class warfare and figure they are winning.

No, we aren’t allowed to have a Sanders or a Allende or a Lula as a candidate. We might just vote “the wrong way”

And that’s class warfare.

God help ’em when the plebes finally figure this shit out.


Well, well well.

Someone (Chads Diebold) directed me to a Twitter user (Stardust) who found out that this AP story about those new secret delegates was actually planned as far back as June 4th, 2016 or even April 6, 2016. She figured that out by following the image location on the AP Twitter announcement. In the title of the photo location IP address is the title of the image which reads as follows “2016_Q2-Email/20160605_hfa_graphic/secret-win-V2-060416c_02.png

Here’s the entire address:


AP putting together a graphic for Hillary’s “victory’ beforehand isn’t that much of a shock, but them doing it right before the day they supposedly find those new Clinton-backing delegates just might be. I don’t know how damning this is, but it isn’t good. Clearly the story is fabricated to serve Clinton’s interests and those of her backers at places like Goldman Sachs.

Take note of the title of the graphic “secret win”. Yes, I guess it was a “secret” wasn’t it?

4 Responses

  1. “Late yesterday evening, the Associated Press decided to do the Clinton team a favor by pulling some more magical “superdelegates” out of their asses.”

    Yes, the AP did this in an effort to get Jersey and California voters to stay home.

    The California primary is rigged like all the others, but establishment Democrats don’t want this rigging to be too obvious. They fear that if young Americans despise Hillary even more than they do now, they will not support Hillary when Sanders drops out, in which case Trump could conceivably win. The “Sandernistas” will vote for Jill Stein, or they will just stay home. Some of them may even vote for Trump as a protest.

    Trump says he opposes the TPP. He might point out that Hillary refuses to release any of her emails regarding her support for the TPP.

    I say that if Hillary takes the White House, she will destroy Medicare and Social Security to “save” them. She will privatize the two programs so that 1.1 trillion dollars a year in FICA taxes flow straight to the thieves of Wall Street. This will be Hillary’s crowning “achievement” (the TPP and TTIP will be Obama’s) assuming she doesn’t start World War III.

  2. ‘I say that if Hillary takes the White House, she will destroy Medicare and Social Security to “save” them.’

    Sounds about right. That’s what these evil neocons do.

  3. And right on cue, Trump seems to be going full retard.

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