PR DNC Guilty of MASSIVE Voter Suppression in Puerto Rico Democratic Primary

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Ok. Here we are 5 hours later (11:45 am) and the numbers are exactly the same. They haven’t officially tallied a single vote more than they had at 6:52 am this morning. Here’s another official site with the same numbers.


I guess it takes a while for the Hillarybots in the PR DNC to look up the names of people they disenfranchised and then vote for them.

Even after suppressing the voting rights of 600k Puerto Rico voters, they are still having to work hard to steal the measly 40 or so delegates she’s going to get from this. Remarkable.

UPDATE: In 2008 the Democratic Party primary in Puerto Rico had over 2,300 polling stations. Yesterday, there were 430. Poll workers are volunteers so the economic manufactured crisis in the territory had nothing to do with it.

Take a look at this.

Yesterday I reported that the Democratic National Party of Puerto Rico announced on May 5th of this year that they were expecting to have 1,500 polling stations to handle the 700,000 voters they estimated would want to cast their votes yesterday, Sunday June 5th.

And when they suddenly announced last week that they had drastically reduced the numbers of polling stations to 430 because, according to the Hillary-backing PR DNC, they had a problem with the election support teams being tied up with the local elections yesterday, they dropped that expected voter turnout from 700,000 down to 300,000.

“Por su parte, el delegado nacional del Partido Demócrata, Kenneth McClintock, explicó que en principio se proyectaba una participación electoral de alrededor de 700 mil votantes en la primaria demócrata en la Isla. Sin embargo, tras la reducción de centros y colegios, la nueva proyección ronda los 300 mil. ”

translation: “For its part, the national delegate of the Democratic Party , Kenneth McClintock said that in principle voter turnout of about 700,000 voters in the Democratic primary on the island was projected . However , after reduction centers and schools , the new projection of around 300,000 .” David Cordero

They did that because they knew damn well 700,000 people could not cast their votes in those few locations in the mere 7 hours the DNC allowed the polling places to remain open.

Well, that’s 400,000 people being disenfranchised right there. That’s HUUUUUGE voter suppression from the start.

But wait… there’s more.

Check this out:


This is currently the official results of the Puerto Rico Democratic Primary (6:52 am eastern time Monday, day after the primary) and the results show a total of 63,794 votes have been counted which they claim is 70% of the total votes.

Uh… what?!?

That means the total votes should end up being somewhere around 91,134!

Holy shit. That’s only 13% of the original estimate of 700,000 from May 5th and 30% of the projected 300,000 from a week or so ago.

Anyone remember how up in arms we were back in 2000 when 54,000 black voters were disenfranchised in Florida so George W. Bush could “win” that election?

Yesterday in Puerto Rico we are talking a high-end of over 600,000 people and a low-end of just over 200,000.


Here’s a video of a guy talking about the problem as it was developing a couple days before the primary.

6 Responses

  1. Of course, the MSM has been totally silent about this latest outrage. What were the lines like after officials closed two thirds of the polling places? Why does Hillary get 37 delegates to Bernie’s 14 when he had well over half the “votes”, even after the suppression/theft?

  2. It’s even worse than you can imagine. I’ve included a link to CNN and their coverage of the Republican Primary in Puerto Rico. Notice that 100% of the votes had been counted by 4:30pm ET on the day of the election! In 2008, over 384,000 people voted in the Democratic Primary; yesterday it will be lucky to break 75,000 if and when they ever decide to finish counting.

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