Fishy Results in Puerto Rico Primary: Hillary-backing PR DNC Says it’s All Bernie’s Fault

by Scott Creighton

Peter Nicholas of the Wall Street Journal has started calling the Sanders die-hard supporters “Sandersistas” a thinly veiled slur in the neoliberal’s mind referencing the left-leaning Sandinistas of the Nicaraguan Revolution who overthrew a family of U.S.-backed dictators, the Somoza family, which, along with their National Guard death-squads, ruled for 30 years in the country.

“One camp might be dubbed the Sandersistas, the loyalists who helped guide Mr. Sanders’s political ascent in Vermont and the U.S. Congress and are loath to give up a fight that has far surpassed expectations.” Wall Street Journal

It’s a rather telling nick-name being handed out by someone from the neoliberal “free market” ideology based Wall Street Journal, don’t you think? Also interesting when you consider it was the Sandinistas that were targeted by Ronald Reagan and Oliver North via their “Iran Contra” scandal, illegally selling weapons to Iran so they could use the profits to fund the terrorist “Contras” to destabilize the Sandinista government.

The establishment is busy today telling us the Democratic Primary election is all but over since, as they figure it, Hillary Clinton is something like 30 delegates short of cinching up the nomination. Of course, they are doing that by giving her credit for “superdelegate” votes that haven’t yet been cast and wont be cast until late July.

They’ve already called Puerto Rico for Hillary in spite of the fact that as I’m writing this at 6am eastern time June 6th, 2016, only 59% of the votes have been reported. Hillary leads 61% to 39%.

The counting process has been extremely slow. CNN blames that on Bernie Sanders by saying the low number of polling places was also the fault of Bernie Sanders because someone at the DNC offices in Puerto Rico said so. The PR DNC has been openly supporting Hillary Clinton since the start of the primary season.

I thought I would take a look at the exit polls and see how they jived with the slowly reported results. Guess what?

There are no CNN exit polls for Puerto Rico.

There are no CBS exit polls for Puerto Rico.

So not only did the PR DNC blame Sanders for the lack of polling stations, they also in the same breath admitted that it wasn’t due to a lack of funding, ala the debt crisis which has been heaped on the people of Puerto Rico so the vulture capitalists could sweep in and buy up the territory for pennies on the dollar. The Sanders people dispute that claim.

I wonder if they will find a way to blame Sanders for making voters vote for their local candidates in one location and the Democratic Primary in another (which is surely leading to the extreme delay in “counting” the ballots)


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