Clinton Machine Set to Steal Puerto Rico Primary Today Via More Voter Suppression

by Scott Creighton

Puerto Rico is holding their Democratic Party primary today and true to form, MSNBC called it for Hillary Clinton long before the polls ever opened. The only question they ask is “how close will the primary get Killary to the magic number?”

Puerto Rico has 60 delegates up for grabs. The MSM pretends Hillary only needs 60 delegates to cinch up the nomination but that’s not true. At current count, Hillary has 1,776 delegates while Bernie holds 1,501. Those are pledged delegates, won by the various caucuses and primaries held so far this year. We all know Hillary’s campaign machine has stolen a number of votes and suppressed likely Sanders voters along they way to achieve that slight lead but there it is none-the-less.

The slight of hand employed by the corporate media involves “superdelegates” and who they claim to support. Since they don’t actually vote until the Democratic Party convention in July, Hillary wont have “won” anything until then. There are only 895 delegates still up for grabs in the primaries and neither she nor Bernie will win enough of them to claim the nomination outright. She needs something like 67% of the votes to win that number and he needs about a 100%.

Puerto Rico’s Democratic Party is run by a rabid long-time Hillary supporter named Roberto Prats.

Back in April, Prats said that Hillary’s ascension to the throne was a “given” and that Bernie should drop out of the race.

The Sanders campaign has leveled some charges against the establishment Dems in Puerto Rico and Prats specifically. They say they have made it harder to register prisoners in Puerto Rico to vote today.

This is par for course. Voter suppression has been a big part of Hillary’s “wins” in New York and Arizona so far and it seems like the winning formula is being repeated in Puerto Rico and not just with prisoners.

Back in 2012 there were 2,300 polling places for the Democratic Party primary. In early May of this year, Prats and his “Hillary-backing” party promised they would have at least 1,500 for today.

Well, there are a total of 430 polling locations open today and they are only open from 8 am to 3 pm. Some 700,000 people are expected to try to vote at those few locations. Do the math. That’s 1628 voters per polling location for 7 hours at something close to 232 voters per hour. That isn’t going to happen.

In late April the election fraud was becoming so obvious, someone over at the Huffington Post, actually considered a pretty mainstream news outlet in the Clinton bag, wrote “Only Voter Suppression Can Stop Bernie Sanders

It was a carefully written piece about how the Clinton machine is stealing the nomination from Bernie via electronic voting machine fraud and voter suppression in places like New York and Arizona. It’s pretty accurate and I suggest you take a look at it.

Fact is, the writer of that piece is absolutely correct: the establishment Clinton machine is having to steal this election and they are getting mighty desperate and brazen in their efforts. So much so, they got the MSM to cancel exit polls in Kentucky, New Jersey and California in anticipation of those poll results not matching the election results which is a pretty clear indicator that something is very wrong with the election. There have already been a number of states with huge disparages between the two and of course, the MSM completely ignores that fact. But not everyone does.

What’s about to happen in Puerto Rico is a shame and a sham, but it’s not the exception this year, but the rule. At least, it’s the rule in the Democratic Party primary. For the most part, Republican Party primary exit polls have been well within the margin of error when compared to the official election results. Voter suppression doesn’t appear to be a factor either. And we know there are no “superdelegates” on the Republican side of the contest.

The Dems are stealing this election because Bernie actually stands for a bit of a difference than Hillary does. Though Trump pretends to be different, in reality, he wants to pump up the military, attack Iran, neoliberalize the economy of this country even more and even talks about making it easier for public political figures to sue journalists who write things about them that they don’t like. He’s a neoliberal globalist and wont be much different than Hillary. Plus he’s a billionaire and that promises to set a new trend in politics that the other billionaires certainly like. So Hillary and Trump, as someone once said, there’s not a dime’s worth of difference between them.

But between Hillary and Bernie, it’s a big difference and polls all show Bernie crushing Trump head-to-head so Bernie can’t be allowed to win the primary.

One notable difference lies in Puerto Rico’s debt crisis and the proposed solution to it.

Hoping to shore up his chances, Sanders said on Thursday he would introduce his own bill dealing with the Puerto Rico debt crisis, The Associated Press reported.

A House bill that has been approved by a U.S. House committee to deal with Puerto Rico’s financial crisis has drawn criticism, although it has won bipartisan and administrative support.

Clinton, like other Democratic supporters of the bill, has expressed concerns about parts of the bill, but wants to see it move forward to stop Puerto Rico’s problems from worsening. MSNBC

The bill would hand over control of the daily functions of government to a handful of technocrats so they can chop up Puerto Rico and hand it over to the vulture capitalists.

“The bill has provoked a furor among many island residents because it imposes a seven-member oversight board with dictatorial powers that harken back to colonial days, and because it is geared to protecting bondholders and paving the way for massive cuts in the island’s public services,” González writes in his column in the New York Daily News.

It’s pure neoliberalism brought on by economic terrorism. Clinton supports it, Bernie doesn’t. Everyone in Puerto Rico knows where the candidates stand.

So the poor working class voters and the prisoners are going to be denied the right to vote while the petty bourgeois are given one or two ballots.

This is the struggle right now across this entire country. Puerto Rico is just a microcosm of our fight. A fight that is being rigged because the establishment and their corporate press are fully aware that democracy doesn’t serve their interests right now, so it has to be crushed.

I feel for the people in Puerto Rico and what’s about to happen to them and I fear it will be the same everywhere in this country pretty soon.

Voter suppression, election rigging, ballot stuffing. These are the trades of 3rd world dictators and unfortunately, it’s the stuff of life for the Hillary Clinton campaign.

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  1. For sure, life for them people is going to stay nasty, get more brutish, and probably even shorter when Hillary and her friends win their way. They already tried Democracy.

    Found it lacking

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