Brazil’s media ‘incited protests,’ favored Rousseff’s impeachment from start – Greenwald

(This is why Erdogan of Turkey put restrictions on those three Gulenist newspapers. The ruling elite get their companions in the publishing business to stoke the flames of regime change. Erdogan was taking steps to counter the attack. Steps Dilma should have taken. Of course they will always scream about democracy and tyranny when leaders they are undermining make moves to combat their regime change agenda which is why it’s such a despicable scheme. The regime change operation itself is the real attack on democracy considering the fact that the people voted for these leaders and by and large, still support their elected leaders, the same ones these globalist are trying to remove from office.)

from RT

Brazil-based US journalist Glenn Greenwald, who broke the story on NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, said Brazilian media is owned by a few families that have a clear political interest in pushing President Rousseff out by “inciting street protests.”

“What makes Brazil so different in terms of its media is that the largest media organizations are almost entirely owned by a very small number of families. It was for a long time. Three, four, now it is five,” Greenwald told RT’s agency Ruptly during an event in Rio de Janeiro on Thursday.

“They all have the same interests, they have very close ties to the political class, they have clear political interests that are not the interest of the overall population. There is very little inhibition about using the media outlets for political activism.”

[read more here]

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