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  1. And more beautiful than Hilarity (I have a penchant for the hideous and, of course, I only very rarely pay attention to the only thing of substance in this and every other American election that has ever been, that is, the style of dress and physical appearance of the candidates, whatever they may be, be it human or lizard, I don’t discriminate).

    • that is very open minded of you. As Cthulhu’s unofficial spokesman I can only say he is pleased with your acceptance of his deformity and promises to reserve you a tentacle of your very own for the inauguration party. what fun!

      • Oooo. A tentacle. Even more lizard-like than an octopus for a head. What fun, indeed. I can’t imagine what pleasure Cthulhu must give when he gives head as he brings all of his tentacles into play. Certainly more than Hilarity even without dentures could manage, tentacles down. Maybe that explains, if only in part, Bill’s former and doubtlessly ongoing indiscretions, if I may be permitted an incidental mention, albeit one that generically speaking has always been an absolutely pivotal American political issue. I look forward to the inauguration. May the best species win.

      • Oooh!!! Please give him my best too! I’ll gladly endorse his great vision for the world! 😄

        • from what I can tell online, his vision is “no lives matter” and I think there is an honesty to that which both of his opponents feel, but wont say. I always felt that honest, straight up evil is less evil than lying, pretending to be something else evil. maybe I’m old fashioned. or retarded. but that’s how I see it. and if you think about it, there’s a logic there.

  2. The version of this I heard was, “Vote Cthulhu – Why Accept a Lesser Evil?”

  3. Personally I’m a fan of FSM (Flying Spaghetti Monster!)

    Though I will admit Cthulhu would kick FSM’s ass in a throw down. Which makes me wonder… can Trump trump Hitlery in an one on one?

    Choosing the lesser of two evils is still choosing evil. And deliberately and consciously choosing evil is giving that very evil consent. Never choose (vote) for evil!

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