UCLA Shooting Psyop: Gun Grabbers Say “Never let a good murder/suicide go to waste”

by Scott Creighton

Yesterday, when writing about the staged Jersey Zika Baby™ PR stunt, I wrote the following:

“Everything that happens in the US these days seems like a publicity stunt designed to aid one money-grabbing/gun-grabbing/regime change-backing agenda or another. And that’s because everything is.” me

Not two hours later, all the major “news” networks were breathlessly reporting on an “active shooter” situation at UCLA. They said there were “two victims” and the LA police had come in and locked down the campus and the hospital that sits across the street from it. They reported the FBI was there as were ATF and some version of Homeland Security.

It was big doings as we watched college students being herded around campus with their hands raised and being frisked by middle-aged cops… for their own safety of course 😉  .

Campus was locked down for a couple of hours while all manner of “public servants” ran around with their big guns yelling “hut, hut, hut, hut” like something out of the Blues Brothers (God knows you can’t make fun of cops like that anymore, can you? Oh the good old days)

Turns out the shooting involved one professor and one shooter who took his own life right there next to his target. The shooter left behind a suicide note… and the gun he used to kill his target and himself.

In short, there was never a threat to anyone other than the professor who died. So why did they stage that little scene?

The scene was self-contained and there was no other shooter involved… and the LA police, the FBI, ATF and Homeland Security all knew that before they locked down UCLA and the surrounding areas.

It’s also interesting to note, today is National Gun Violence Awareness Day which is promoted by none other than Everytown for Gun Safety, a Billionaire Bloomberg creation to rid the US of that dreaded second amendment.

Some insipid actress got in hot water on Twitter when she posted a selfie wearing her stupid orange tee-shirt and talking about yet another example of guns terrorizing “Merika! She later removed the offending Tweet (to protect her “brand”, God I hate Americans sometimes) and posted this explanation.

So yesterday was a “predetermined day of advocacy” huh? Is that why Californians had to shell out so much of their tax money for that little street theater presentation conducted by the police? Is that why Homeland Security and the FBI made sure to get involved and why they dragged the media along for the ride so they could terrorize the people of America just a little more?

It was a damn drill, folks. They knew the situation was over before they got the first 911 call. The campus police probably told them it was a murder/suicide, because that is obviously what it was.

But they haven’t had a big active shooter scenario in many a news-cycle moons, and, after all, today is gun-grabbing holiday set up by Billionaire Bloomberg, so I guess they figured…

“Never let a good murder/suicide go to waste”

They are now justifying what they did, terrorizing those kids because there “cooooouuuld have been” another shooter.

That’s right. There cooooouuuld have been another one.

And, there cooooouuuld have been some Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles running around whacking folks.

There cooooouuuld have been some aliens from plan 9 from outer space who committed the crime.

There cooooouuuld have been some evil commie hitmen who did it and were looking for President Obama as the next target.

There are all kinds of “cooooouuuld have been” scenarios that one could mention as a justification for locking down the campus, treating kids like criminals and generally terrorizing the country… ONCE AGAIN… but in fact, none of them make any sense considering the fact that the crime scene was contained and the gun and the suicide note made it clear FROM THE START that there was no “active shooter” running around the school.

They did it because they wanted to use their precious little toys (notice that big black RV in the first photo?) because if they don’t use them a certain amount each year, they don’t get another one next year.

They did it because they wanted to drill their response teams and pad the salaries of the first responders.

And they did it because the people of the country haven’t had a good scare in a couple of months and today is national “Let Grab the Guns For Billionaire Bloomberg Because He’s a Billionaire and Should Get What He Wants” Day.

What did I write yesterday morning before all of this unfolded? Oh yeah…

“Everything that happens in the US these days seems like a publicity stunt designed to aid one money-grabbing/gun-grabbing/regime change-backing agenda or another. And that’s because everything is.” me

“We need a media that covers power, not covers for power. We need a media that is the 4th estate, not for the state.” Amy Goodman

That’s what American Everyman is and always has been.

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2 Responses

  1. A friend and myself happened to be driving by UCLA right after the shooting happened. I have never seen so many helicopters, police cars, police SUVs, police SWAT tanks, etc. show up at a single place before. People in Westwood Village were wandering about staring at their phones or talking to people. Were they scared? Heck no! They were worried about the traffic. Everyone knew it was a murder/suicide hours before the lamestream media reported it.

  2. Amy Goodman??? She must have said this quite a while ago.

    I strongly doubt that it was really a murder/suicide. It just sounds wrong and fake to me, but then most “events” do these days.

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