Tens of Thousands Show Up for Bernie Rallies… Media Silent Because the Fix is In

by Scott Creighton

Can you imagine the coverage a Killary rally would receive if more than 100 Hillarybot assholes showed up to support her ascension to the throne? It would be non-stop. Chris Mathews would cream in his pants like he did back when Obama was running. Rachel Maddow would have a stroke. An orgasm and then a stroke.

Fox News wouldn’t cover it, but that is to be expected.

What about this?



Bernie Sanders had between 20 and 30 thousand people show up at a rally on Memorial Day in Oakland and what did the MSM do (Oakland police said it was more like 60k including the overflow)? Here’s a quote:


Yep. Nada. Like it didn’t happen. Actually, they spent all day talking about Donald Trump calling Hillary a loser and her calling him a fraud.

Yesterday, 10,000 showed up at another rally he gave on the campus of UC Davis and again, zippo from the complicit press.


Had Hillary and her sycophantic ladder-climbers in the DNC not been stealing the Democrat Party primary, it would have been over months ago. Bernie Sanders (like him, love him or tolerate him) should already be the nominee and if that were the case, Donald Trump would probably drop out of the race considering the fact that he trails Bernie in ever poll ever taken thus far.

Unfortunately, the MSM has already cancelled exit polling for Kentucky, California and New Jersey setting up yet another election fraud via electronic voting machines. They’re going to flip the switch in Cali and Jersey (they already did in several states Hillary “won” including Kentucky) we just have to know that is coming.

Chris “Sloshmouth” Mathews has already made public MSNBC will be announcing Hillary as the “winner” at 8pm eastern time this coming Tuesday while the polls are still open in California. He bases that erroneous conclusion on the fact that Hillary by then should have enough delegates to “win” the nomination… if you include the “superdelegates” who don’t actually vote until the convention, ergo, Hillary will not have “won” anything this coming Tuesday.

And in all likelihood if these sorts of numbers are any indication, Bernie Sanders would crush Hillary in California if her peeps didn’t hold a magic bullet in the form of access to electronic voting machines and the State Attorney Generals who regulate their usage (a little shout out to the Hillary fan from Kentucky)

Point is, the establishment doesn’t want too see a President Bernie. That might be a little too close to a President Jimmy for their tastes. And they know full well if Bernie is the candidate from the left, that’s what they will get.

By keeping a lid on the size of Bernie’s rallies, the MSM is helping to produce a narrative that the primary election will be close. I don’t think it will be. If Cali used paper ballots, Sanders would wipe the floor with Corrupt Killary, especially considering all the recent news about her email deception.

People wonder why it is that folks like myself say #NeverHillary. I don’t find it that hard too understand. She’s a war-criminal, a liar, a war-profiteer and a reactionary neoliberal ass-clown. Just like her husband, Viagra Willy.

In short, she’s a republican way to the right of Reagan, Nixon and Bush Sr. She makes me sick. She makes a lot of people sick apparently, that’s why they show up at Bernie rallies and hope against all hope she and her raving band of neoliberal billionaire worshippers don’t continue to steal the election… but they will.

So make yourselves ready folks. Killary will “win”, Mathews will drool, Maddow will squirt and all of them will start a campaign of hatred toward us “extremists” who want something better from the left side of our one party, Business Party, system.

But as they rant and rave at us for not coming together to support a proven war-monger, remember this: we really are the majority and it isn’t even close.

Folks think the Republicans are fractured right now? You just wait. Just wait til the Hillarybots turn on the majority of the real left in this country. See what that gets them. Talk about down-ballot races… lol. It’s be a slaughter.

The irony here is that the last time electronic voting machines were used to such a degree, it was for the benefit of a Bush, family friends and vacation partners of the Clintons. Says a lot when you think about it.

6 Responses

  1. On the bright side, this vote and a fraudulent vote in California and elsewhere could be the straw that broke the camel’s back and we will see the end of electronic voting forever. And that could be the snowball just beginning its downhill roll.

  2. I meant to say a fraudulent result..

  3. They have the MSM. We have the truth, those of us who want to keep the country—keep the dream alive long as we can for all that we can.

    Theirs is the soft road, paved in green. Ours, often strewn with their obstacles.

    I wouldn’t trade places

    • I know. me neither. unless they offered my like… I don’t know… 60 bucks or so… then I might just have to think about it. 60 bucks is 60 bucks.

      • Yeh. 60 in greenbacks would look different than just numbers on paper, for sure.

        Probably how they hook a lot of us

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