So Hillary is the One Who Can “Get Things Done” Huh?

by Scott Creighton

You know what she can get done?

She can provide left-cover for the continuation of the reactionary neoliberal economic agenda being advanced by our current president of “CHANGE” Barack Obama.

She can continue the Global Free Market Wars, regime changing any and all nations who refuse IMF/World Bank rule under the guise of “humanitarian interventions”

She can finally launch that war of aggression against Iran that her friends in Israel have been demanding for so long.

She can usher in the next round of brutal austerity and neoliberal privatization schemes while the fake left stand around doing nothing.

She can be our version of Alexis Tsipras or Francois Hollande.

She can steal the primary election right out from under our noses (since they cancelled exit polling for Kentucky, California and New Jersey)

She can make up her own rules from the Oval Office so there is no record of the crimes she commits as president.

She can sell influence via the Clinton Global Initiative fraud.

She can give lucrative positions to her slimy husband that he in turn can profit from.

And she can hold secret planning sessions over at Goldman Sachs where she promises them everything they want, just so long as she gains more power for herself.

That’s what Hillary Clinton can get “done”

But as far as getting done any of the real progressive ideas held by Bernie Sanders supporters, well, let’s just say her own words speak for themselves (image from AJ).

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