Gladio 2.0: Ataturk Airport Suspects are Named as “Russian” as Russia and Turkey Repair Relations

by Scott Creighton

Just a quick note:

Yesterday I wrote about the decidedly Gladio 2.0 feel to the recent attack at Turkey’s Ataturk International Airport. The official story is that the three attackers were “related to ISIS” via Raqqa and that the attackers themselves were from Russia, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan.

“Officials believe the men — identified by another Turkish official and state media as being from Russia, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan — entered Turkey about a month ago from Raqqa, bringing along with them the suicide vests and bombs used in the attack, the source said.”…

“One of the toughest battalions in ISIS is called the Uzbek battalion,” he said. “These were the guys who were essentially on the front lines guarding Falluja, the city they just lost in Iraq.”…

CNN national security analyst Peter Bergen said the revelation of the Istanbul attackers’ nationalities will serve to “open people’s eyes to the fact that there’s a very substantial Russian, former Soviet Union, presence within ISIS, both in terms of the foot soldiers and the leaders.” CNN

The Gladio connections are impossible to miss if you understand what Gladio actually was.

Operation Gladio first came to light in Italy in 1990, after over 40 years of clandestine operations. Members of the project revealed that similar projects existed in most if not all countries of Western Europe.[1] These stay-behind networks were, in essence, super secret armies in at least 14 European countries, which were kept secret from the official governmental structures of the host countries – being controlled by other forces such as the CIA and MI6. They remained mostly dormant but were also involved in anti-communist activities including anti-democratic agitation and false flag terrorism. ” Wiki

Today there is some new relevant information coming out of Russia which might just explain why the attackers have been named as being of Soviet Old School or Russian origin.

“Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a decree lifting Russia’s restrictions against Turkey.

Putin also instructed the Russian government to take steps aimed at lifting the ban of charter flights between the two countries. He canceled restrictions on the sale of tours to Turkey.

The decree comes into effect from the day of the official public notice, the Kremlin said.

The Russian president instructed the goverment to hold talks with Turkish authorities on bilateral economic ties.” Sputnik International

So let me see if I got this straight:

the CIA was concerned about the release of the new Benghazi report that does include some damning new information regarding what that compound was actually being used for, what the CIA’s director’s drone was doing flying overhead an hour before the attack so the director could watch it unfold and Hillary Clinton’s State Department holding up the rescue mission for 3 hours arguing about what clothes the soldiers should wear.

So the Ataturk attack deflected the national media just long enough to bury that report. “ISIS” has to factor in because the President wants an opened ended authorization for the use of military force from congress to go after “ISIS” anywhere and everywhere for the rest of time.

And of course, Brennen himself warned us of attacks from “ISIS” a week before it all happened. Now he says there will an attack just like Ataturk right here in the US. We had better take the director of Gladio CIA at his word, huh?

Toss into that mix a billionaire technocrat shipping and trade mogul who is the new prime minister in Turkey who comes out before any investigation is done saying exactly what NATO, the US, Israel and the CIA want him too say, that it’s “ISIS” that is responsible for the attacks, and what you are left with is a rather suspicious looking Gladio event unfolding as many of them did back in the day.

It was Recep Tayyip Erdogan who started the normalization of relations process with Putin. It would appear it was other actors in Turkish government who did the same with Israel.

Perhaps there is someone who doesn’t wish for relationships between Russia and Turkey to normalize. I mean, after all, the entire point of Gladio was too keep European nations from getting too close to the Soviet Union after WWII.

I have too say, the timing of all of this is remarkably suspect. If I had too guess at who was really behind the attack at Ataturk Airport, I would have too say it was ordered by NATO’s Gladio administration and carried out by YPG Kurds in Syria. “ISIS” Kurds, Kurds “ISIS”? Hard too say which is which anymore. And don’t just take my word for it, over at CNN recently, Syrians were were saying they couldn’t tell the difference and couldn’t decide who was worse if they could.

I think the new “blame Russia” slant on the Ataturk attack is quite telling. And what it tells me is this:

Andrews Air Force Base Shooting: Active Shooter Drill Goes Active Shooter… then it doesn’t

by Scott Creighton

How many times have we seen this? Too many too count.

Gee, I wonder if he will have been “inspired by “ISIS” and “radicalized” on the internet”? Anyone want to put any money on it? How about weapons? Let me guess: an assault “type” weapon and a semi-auto hand gun or two with extended magazines?

So the MSM had to report someone at Andrews leaked the fact that there had been an active shooter drill scheduled for today. Once the MSM all jumped on that part of the story… suddenly, the story changed to “no. we were just kidding. it really is a drill. gotcha!”



Ataturk Airport Bombing ala Gladio 2.0, Steals Headlines from Benghazi/CIA Commission Report

by Scott Creighton

You can always count on “ISIS™” to strike at the most opportune moment for Western interests. This is a pattern that has been well established in recent “ISIS™” history.

When we started loosing control of our puppet regime in war-torn Libya and the people started rising up to kick our corrupt cronies to the curb, “ISIS™” suddenly showed up and thus we had all the justification we needed to start bombing again.

It works something like this:

When globalist interests wanted Japan to tear-up their peace constitution making way for Obama’s “pivot to Asia”, “ISIS™” decided to make a ridiculous beheading video featuring Hapless Haruna which was so badly Photoshoped, not only did Fox News have to admit it was a fake, but the Japanese people started up a bad Photoshop contest making fun of the “news’ story.

On Dec. 25th, 2014, I entered the contest with this effort. Notice how it pulls “ISIS™” into the all important War on Christmas? Subtle, huh?


I think I should have won but since I’m not Japanese and since I made it with Autocad and not Photoshop, I was disqualified. Racist bastards.

Truth is, there is a VERY long history of “ISIS™” popping up just where they are needed to justify whatever the CIA or the MIC or NATO or Obama wants at the moment. Unless you are brain-dead or a total shill (or coward), you cannot deny it.

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25 Media Outlets Suing for 911 Calls, Recording of FBI Negotiations and Police Body-cam Footage from Pulse Nightclub Shooting

by Scott Creighton

25 major media outlets including the Orlando Sentinel are suing the city of Orlando for the release of some vital information relating to the Pulse nightclub mass casualty event that happened a couple weeks ago.

Notably, they want the audio recording of the FBI negotiation with the shooter, the audio recording of the 911 call he made during the standoff in which the feds claim he proclaimed his “allegiance to ISIS” and any body-cam footage from responding officers involved in the initial attack and the final shootout some three hours later.

The city of Orlando is fighting the release of these details, which are often released to the public when requested, on the grounds that “the FBI has asked the city to withhold information.”

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Mother Jones: My Four Months as a Private Prison Guard (videos)

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Turns out, the reporter who went undercover is Shane Bauer, the same Shane Bauer who was probably working as a CIA Mockingbird when he was supposedly captured by Iran crossing the border illegally in July of 2009. Guess they were trying to drum up some “reporting” for Hillary on route to her planned Green Revolution in the country. I guess now we can take whatever he does with a grain of salt.

This is what privatization does for all you neoliberals, neocons, New Dems and Libertarians out there who support the idea.

Here is the Mother Jones article by the investigative journalist who put himself through this so we could see how our tax dollars are “better spent” by government in collusion with Big Business. This kid has guts. Below are the first few videos in a series of documentaries about his undercover life as a prison guard working for CCA.

My Four Months as a Private Prison Guard: Part One

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Why the CIA Weapons Trafficking Claims Were “Unsubstantiated”: They Were Not “Allowed” to Investigate, Witnesses “Refused” to Testify

by Scott Creighton

Unsubstantiated Claim that CIA Shipped Arms From Libya to Another Country” Elijah Cummings, Democrat’s minority report on Benghazi Committee investigation

Here is the answer as to WHY the allegations of the CIA and Hillary’s State Department running guns from their terrorist destabilization team in Libya to their terrorist destabilization team in Syria were found to be “unsubstantiated” in the new Benghazi report released yesterday (minority white-wash) and today (official report): the NSC forbade the commission from reviewing specific evidence and all the State Department and CIA witnesses took the 5th whenever they were asked about it.

See? She’s innocent of illegally transferring weapons of mass destruction from one group of terrorists to another. What more do you need?

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The Tale of Two Benghazi Reports: The Shillin for Killary Never Ends

by Scott Creighton

The shillin for Killary Clinton never ends. “So let’s make her president” says the fascist arm of the New Dem “left”

When Rep. Elijah Cummings wasn’t sitting on the floor in congress fighting for the New Dems’  fascist “no buy no fly” secret list building legislation that strips citizens of their constitutional rights via secret evidence considered by arbitrary panels in the “Justice” Department, he was sitting on his fat ass in the House Select Committee on Benghazi as the leading member of the minority party and therefore the Chief White-washer and Brand Defender of his presidential choice, darling champion of the working man, Hillary Clinton.

The republicans of the Select Committee announced they were finally going to release the results of their two year study today, Tuesday, June 28th.

So to offset the effects of that release, sycophant to power Elijah Cummings released the “minority report” from the Democrats late yesterday, which though unofficial, promises to provide enough covering energy for Killary long enough to distract those who wish to be distracted until this new Killary Crime blows over.

Though Elijah says the republican version is nothing more than “partisan politics”, his report is packed full of partisan headings like these:

  • Secretary Clinton Never Personally Denied Security Requests
  • Secretary Clinton was Active and Engaged
  • Terrorists Caused Attacks in Benghazi Not US Foreign Policy
  • Unsubstantiated Claim that Documents Were Scrubbed
  • Unsubstantiated Claim that CIA Shipped Arms From Libya to Another Country
  • No Evidence Talking Points Politicized

Aside from the fact that there are literally piles of evidence which suggest Rep. Cummings and anyone else who prepared this minority report are lying through their teeth about much of these statements, fact is, we wont really know how much evidence there SHOULD BE because the criminal and neoliberal war-monger Hillary Clinton ERASED 30,000 OFFICIAL STATE DEPARTMENT EMAILS before turning over a carefully screened selection of what she said were “all” of them.

That being said about the Cummings/New Dem cover-up for the fascist Clinton State Department days, there are already tid-bits from the Republican version of the commission findings making their way to the public domain already and the picture they paint, though not vastly different than the white-wash presented by their opposition, is still quite damning in it’s own right.

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