Egyptair MS804 and Malaysian Airlines MH370: Is Something Dreadfully Wrong with the Arleigh Burke-class Guided Missile System?

by Scott Creighton (H/T Anon and Tim)

Yesterday I wrote about removing an article from their website which detailed an Africom navel exercise that was taking place when Egyptair Flight MS804 went down in the same location it disappeared. Readers have pointed out that the article is back up on the Navy website with a different posting date and article number along with a rather remarkable edit.

After having a look at the new version of the official story from the Navy and comparing what happened with Flight MS804 to Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370, it occurs to me that there may actually be something very wrong with the missile guidance systems on our Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyers and someone may be trying to avoid having a meddlesome researcher figure it out.

The Navy has put back the offending article on Phoenix Express 2016 and if it was painfully suspicious that they removed the article in the first place after a few of us noticed Flight MS804 flew right through their little naval war-games when it disappeared, what they’ve done now look like it came straight from the OJ defense team playbook.

The very first article I wrote about the missing Egyptair flight written on May 19, 2016 (a day before the one that got all the attention) included this:

“According to the Phoenix Express 2016 website:

U.S. units participating include the dive and rescue salvage ship USNS Grasp (T-ARS 51), and the USS Gravely (DDG 107). Additionally, medical and maritime interdiction operations specialists will assist participating partner nation units during the exercise.” Phoenix Express 2016

The USS Gravely is a Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyer with the motto “First To Conquer”. “Gravely was sent to patrol the eastern Mediterranean Sea in response to rising rumors of an imminent U.S. military intervention in the Syrian civil war”” Scott Creighton, May 19, 2016

That quote came from the webpage which now reads in part:

“and an Algerian officer will oversee a five-ship surface action group participating in the at-sea phase.

Medical and maritime interdiction operations (MIO) specialists will assist participating partner nation units during the exercise.

A senior leader seminar will be held one day prior to the start of the exercise, organized and facilitated by the Near East South Asia Center for Strategic Studies.” Story Number: NNS160523-10 Release Date: 5/23/2016 10:28:00 AM

The original which I quoted, located via the Wayback Machine by Anon, reads as follows:

“and an Algerian officer will oversee a five-ship surface action group participating in the at-sea phase.

U.S. units participating include the dive and rescue salvage ship USNS Grasp (T-ARS 51), and the USS Gravely (DDG 107). Additionally, medical and maritime interdiction operations specialists will assist participating partner nation units during the exercise…

A senior leader seminar will be held one day prior to the start of the exercise…” Story Number: NNS160517-22 Release Date: 5/17/2016 3:44:00 PM

There were a few minor changes to go along with this edit but I feel it is very telling that it would appear the Navy has decided to erase the record of their Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyer, the USS Gravely, participating in an event in which a civilian airliner may have been downed accidentally by a surface to air missile.

From the Wiki page on this class of destroyer:

“They were designed as multi-mission destroyers[8] to fit the anti-aircraft warfare (AAW) role with their powerful Aegis radar and surface-to-air missilesWiki

Also interesting is the fact that I had mentioned in that same article a quote from in reference to Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370:

Two planes drop off radar suddenly over naval drills involving the same class destroyer equipped with the same surface to air missile systems with witnesses at both events describing seeing burning planes in the sky in the area where they disappeared. In both cases it appears the planes will never be located.

Is it possible that this is a coincidence? Is that likely?

Or, is it more likely that a guided missile system currently being used by the Arleigh-Burke-class destroyers is not as accurate and combat ready as the military procurement teams would have our sailors believe?

Is that who the editors are covering for? Raytheon or one of the other big boys in the “military industrial complex”?

This would not be the first time that a system was declared fit for combat and shipped out to our boys overseas when it wasn’t resulting in some rather unpleasant accidents. You could fill a couple volumes with reports about those. I’m sure someone in the military already has.

Clearly, I am operating on the assumption that these two events, Malaysian Airlines Flight Mh370 and Egyptair Flight MS804 were accidents. Unlike Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 flying over Ukraine, in these two theaters of operations (Asia Pacific and Africom) the downing of civilian airliners has no strategic value, even for the black-ops boys of Special Operations. It should be noted, I believe Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 was downed by the neo-Nazi fascist regime in Kiev, not Special Operations.

With the “pivot to Asia” and the current program to re-colonize the whole of Africa underway, bad press like this, the downing of a civilian airliner in either location would cripple on-going “hearts and minds” operations and embolden the movements on both continents which are dedicated to getting NATO and US military interests out of the areas.

We are often expected to imagine our military as being incapable of such accidental downings of civilian airliners. Any such notions would call into question our military’s engagement across the globe and could in fact begin a national call to step-back from the program of ever increasing military readiness and the subsequent spending that goes along with it. Especially at a time when vicious austerity measures are being slammed on the civilian population because of the dreaded debt monster.

With so much at stake overseas and here at home for the M.I.C. it’s understandable that someone somewhere may have thought it would be a good idea to remove evidence of the same class destroyer being involved in yet another military drill when yet another civilian plane was shot down.

Perhaps someone didn’t want a pattern exposed.

I can’t speak to the motives of this edit but I can wonder aloud now about a possibility of yet another shoddy guidance system being made ready and installed on Navy vessels before it was fit for combat. It’s happened before and I’m sure it will happen again.

If, and I emphasize the word “if”… if these events were brought about by faulty missile guidance systems on two Arleigh-Burke-class destroyers, then God help our sailors and pilots in the event that we end up going into a full-scale combat scenario with a military like that of Iran, Russia or China. How many US sailors or flyers, how many NATO planes, will these systems take out by mistake before they are fixed or replaced altogether? How many times will the sailors on board one of these vessels stake their lives on the missile system taking out a threat in the air before they are hit only to watch their weapons sail off into the sunset looking to acquire some other unintended target instead?

It is said you don’t go into a hunt or combat with an untested gun. What if it’s been tested and proven to fail but you’re stuck with it anyway because some bureaucrat struck a deal with the military industrial complex for the purchase and delivery of a flawed product?

As I have stated before, I don’t know what happened to Flight MH370 and Flight MS804 but I know what the evidence is starting to look like and after having done this work for so many years I no longer believe in coincidences and have come to understand if there’s a cover-up, there’s a fire somewhere. Something someone believes NEEDS to be covered up.

My heart goes out to the victims and their families on these two flights (might as well add those of TWA Flight 800 while I am at it). But, if I am correct and this was a horrible accident born of unscrupulous business dealings within the military purchasing machine, my heart also goes out to those sailors on board those vessels. Living with something like this, the knowledge that can never be shared of a horrible accident taking so many lives, must be an unimaginable burden.

If there is fault here I doubt it is with those sailors or their commanders on board those vessels. Like so many other aspects of all of our lives these days, the fault can and should be laid squarely on the corrupt politicians who facilitate greedy corporate interests whose sole interest is making a buck no matter what the cost. Clearly this is a story as old as war itself and my work is merely a drop in a very large sea of suffering, both civilian and military.

My thanks goes out to Tim and Anon for pointing out the changes in the article. Very telling indeed.

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  2. Excellent work, all of you. You make a compelling case!

  3. Interesting rewrite information, however there are a few problems with ‘accident’ and US. US most definitely has to power to shoot down planes via destroyer. However, taking out communications by a US destroyer, an Iron Dome Type functions has not been known.

    In fact the first time Iron Dome has been noted on a ship was Israel, and coincidentally a DAY Before MH804 shot down.

    So you think it’s just coincidence the leading expert on Ebola research and development by the US on MH370 way to expose the information to a significant number of media and science was an ‘accident’.

    I definitely like the insights, but the conclusion has a couple of problems.


    • where was he headed to hold this press conference? China?

      When I do this research I focus on what is known, not theories as to motive. I seriously doubt the darker forces working within the MIC need to take out entire commercial airliners to get one guy. It kinda leaves a lot of loose ends. But it is possible, I suppose, though I have yet to read about a potential target on MS804.

      Like I wrote in the article, folks don’t like to think about the possibilities of accidents taking place via the military but they happen all the time and especially when so much money is involved for the contractors. This certainly wouldn’t be the first time a system was rushed to delivery that cause fatalities in the military.

      As far as shielding communication is concerned, we don’t know that happened. All we know is something happened to the flight very quickly and if it was a surface to air missile like that which brought down MH17, it could have taken out all communications when it detonated outside the right of the cockpit.

      Especially if it killed the flight crew. Kinda hard to communicate when you’re dead.

      If you wish to post a link to the evidence you have about Iron Dome being on a ship in the area the day before the downing of that flight, please do. I would be very interested in seeing it and as this article proves, I am certainly supportive of information provided by readers. Supportive and grateful.

      Of course, keep in mind I have already viewed Dahboo 0007’s video on the subject and did some research which returned to me some rather conflicting results (mainly, the Iraeli/US drill in that area took place in early April and was over prior to Flight MS804 passing through there). People should also know, Dahboo had made a prior video which featured all of my work on the subject.

      If you have some links to leave showing they were there, I would be glad to take a look at them. but like I told you before, making a leap to motive is a tricky thing. Accidents are bad enough to prove especially when so much is on the line. Deliberate acts are nearly impossible. But if you have evidence, I would be glad to take a look at it.

      That’s why I try to stick with what I can prove. In this case, two destroyers of the same class were in those areas when the planes went down and in both cases, the wreckage will never be found, nor will the black boxes. And of course it seems someone is trying to erase certain traces of those facts from official websites. That’s a pattern and an obvious attempt to hide it. If from that you can glean some form of motive, then that’s great for you, but I can’t. What motive I can ascertain from this is completely one of a military contractor trying to protect their profit margins and their defense department contract.

      The way I see it is this… if they could have gotten away with saying TWA Flight 800 fell into a fissure 20,000 feet deep and was lost for all time, then they would have rather than pull it up and reveal what it revealed. Flight 370 and MS804, they presented a different option. They wont ever be found and I think there is a reason for that. Now whether or not you believe there was a motive behind their downings or whether you believe it was the result of a spotty guidance system being protected by a military establishment that sees no good in exposing their contractor’s failings publicly, we can agree that something rather fishy took place when they decided to scrub that website. they didn’t do it for kicks. that’s for damn sure.

    • thank you for the links. I will take a look at them. Just for the record, WordPress automatically sends comments with multiple links to the moderation folder which sometimes I see and sometimes I don’t. This time I did. My settings are for no moderation so if it happens again, please send me an email and let me know the comment is waiting for me to respond. otherwise it may take a week for me to figure out something is missing. You can either send me an email or just post another comment telling me to get off my ass and find your comment. thanks

      • Thanks for the response. No problem. Also for the record Israel Iron Dome Information via Greece, NOTAM Phoenix Express already noted in previous comment, did not think I’d have to rereference it. Although, the Israel noting Iron Dome use was not posted here, was just in my article. Again, thanks for the information you provided. DrEd

    • as I stated earlier, I did not “ignore” Dahboo 0007’s video, I simply could not corroborate it with another source. In fact, I couldn’t find the original source he quoted. I did however find several articles about the US/Israeli drill that took place before Flight 804 passed through there, but not one taking place at the same time. That doesn’t mean I “ignored” it. I researched it. there’s a difference.

      • Well supplied what you missed in the comment. Ok, no ignore poor research then since the information was widely available via other articles on Israel and Iron Dome.

  4. Excellent analysis! It definitely explains a lot, especially regarding the overall cultural and social views of the military and how “off-limits” it is in terms of auditing and budgeting.

  5. I concur with Greenmon, excellent analysis. As I’ve stated before in regards to these shootdowns, I do NOT believe they were ‘accidents’.

    Which got me to thinking that possibly the Ship commander, the radar operator, and weapons officer are not involved but someone on the ship made it happen, hacked internally? Then I remembered the Russian plane that basically shut down the US destroyer. So possibly a remote hack? (Which is pretty damn sobering if this is so, with the implications that US weapons systems could be turned on US assets) But… as always. Who benefits? Nationality of the planes, who was on board, location…

    And this is the more important group of passengers on MH370;
    “…twenty passengers were involved in cutting edge electronic technology used for defense purposes, including electronic warfare, such as weapons that can “cloak” or make planes invisible,…”

    I’m still not sure what happened to MH370, but a plane carrying DoD contractors whose work involves making planes invisible, plane disappears? Is this simply a tacit acknowledgement of what actually happened? A message to insiders, see what we can do, or maybe the message is; we can do it too? Remote control the aircraft and make it disappear? And no they can’t make it physically disappear, but they can erase it from the computer systems tracking it.

    One other interesting note; MS804 has dropped off the news radar. Did they ever provide a definitive narrative as to how it was brought down?

  6. Wikipedia lists shutdowns:
    5 1980s
    5.1 Linhas Aéreas de Angola Yakolev Yak-40
    5.2 Korean Air Lines Flight 007
    5.3 Polar 3
    5.4 Zimex Aviation Lockheed L-100, Angola
    5.5 Air Malawi 7Q-YMB
    5.6 Iran Air Flight 655
    5.7 T&G Aviation DC-7

    6 1990s
    6.1 1993 Transair Georgian Airline shootdowns
    6.2 Rwandan presidential airliner
    6.3 Lionair Flight 602

    7 2000s
    7.1 2001 Siberia Airlines Flight 1812
    7.2 2003 Baghdad DHL attempted shootdown incident
    7.3 2007 Balad aircraft crash
    7.4 2007 Mogadishu TransAVIAexport Airlines Il-76 crash

    8 2010s
    8.1 2014 Malaysia Airlines Flight 17

  7. And here’s a Russian account:

  8. “USS Seawolf missile shot down TWA 800 – Wane Madsen Report

    USS Seawolf missile shot down TWA 800

    According to a senior member of the staff of then-Secretary of the Navy John Dalton, the test firing of a new generation Navy missile from the submarine USS Seawolf accidentally struck TWA flight 800 en route from New York to Paris on July 17, 1996. According to the former Navy official, the missile test was so important for the Clinton administration, it was being shown live on a Navy closed-circuit television feed at the White House. The Seawolf’s missile was to have struck a drone reportedly being towed by a Navy P-3 Orion maritime surveillance aircraft. However, to the horror of the Navy personnel involved with the test and senior White House staff gathered to witness the missile’s successful launching, it veered off course and intercepted the TWA 800 Boeing 747, killing the 230 passengers and crew on board the aircraft.

    ABC News Paris correspondent and former John F. Kennedy Press Secretary and U.S. Senator Pierre Salinger reported that a U.S. Navy missile, according to his sources, had downed TWA 800. A vicious smear campaign was launched against Salinger and he was eventually fired by ABC. This editor subsequently spoke at length with Salinger about both TWA 800 and Pan Am 103. We agreed that the ..”

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