US Troops Seen Wearing Patch of Kurdish YPG Death Squads in Syria (that’s SYRIA… not “Rojava”)

by Scott Creighton (H/T Penny)

Kurds generally consider Rojava to be one of the four parts of a greater Kurdistan, which also includes parts of eastern and southeastern Turkey (Northern Kurdistan), northern Iraq (Southern Kurdistan), and northwestern Iran (Eastern Kurdistan).[20]

Just a quick note:

It’s being reported that some of our Special Operations troops in Syria who are assisting the Kurds in their effort to bust off a piece of the country for their own, are now wearing arm patches of the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG), a group that Amnesty International accused of committing ethnic cleansing campaigns throughout northern Syria.

kurd patch 1

Here is a pic of the YPG flag.

People's Protection Units Flag.svg

Rudaw, Kurdish publication, reports the news this way:

At least one of the US special forces soldiers advising the Kurdish-led Syrian alliance fighting the Islamic State (ISIS) was photographed wearing the insignia of the Kurdish Protection Units (YPG), which the Pentagon says is common practice under such circumstances. 

“Special operations forces, when they operate in certain areas, do what they can to, if you will, blend in with the community to enhance their own protection, their own security,” explained Pentagon spokesman Peter Cook on Thursday.” Rudaw

What Rudaw wont tell you is this: the YPG are vicious death squads who are actively ethnically cleansing northern Syria making ready their new nation, built by Barack Obama, Greater Kurdistan.

And now apparently we are making our troops wear YPG patches on their arms. Sometimes I’m glad my father didn’t live to see this shit.

“In a 38-page report, “‘We Had Nowhere Else to Go’: Forced Displacement and Demolition in Northern Syria,” Amnesty International catalogues allegations of forced evictions of Arabs and Turkmens and the destruction of their homes and property. “In some cases, entire villages have been demolished, apparently in retaliation for the perceived support of their Arab or Turkmen residents for the group that calls itself the Islamic State,” Amnesty International noted. Villagers said they were ordered to leave at gunpoint, their livestock shot at. The watchdog used satellite imagery and video footage to verify the claims.

In the Arab village of Husseiniya near Tell Hamees, for instance, only a single house was left standing. Residents said the YPG had razed their homes in February. In Raneen, near Tell Abyad, locals said YPG forces had threatened to shoot them if they failed to leave. One person said, “They told us we had to leave or they would tell the US coalition that we were terrorists and their planes would hit us and our families. In Raneen, where some people were with IS, there were lots of problems but we had nothing to do with anything.” Alleged YPG threats of calling in US airstrikes against villagers if they didn’t leave are repeated throughout the report.

Kurdish officials consistently reject all such claims, saying that villagers had been evicted for their own safety…” al Monitor

Forced relocation, razing entire villages, calling in coalition airstrikes on civilian targets if they do not submit to Kurdish rule or leave…. this is what the YPG are doing in northern Syria in order to facilitate the creation of Greater Kurdistan with the full support of Obama’s military advisers.

And these people being dislocated aren’t “pro-ISIS”, they are pro-Syria and don’t want to give up their homes and towns for the creation of a new, corrupt Saudi Arabia in the middle of Iraq, Turkey, Syria and Iran. Want to know why there are so many Syrian refugees? You think it’s “ISIS”? Think again. It’s the Kurds stealing Syrian land for their new country. Specifically, it’s the YPG operating as roving death squads throughout northern Syria that are making all those refugees we keep worrying about, not “ISIS”

And yet….

US coalition spokesman Colonel Steve Warren on Twitter said “US Special operators will often wear patched from their partner forces as a sign of partnership.” ARA News

A Kurdish politician made it very clear how they feel about the international community standing beside them as they ethnically cleanse Syria looking for their new nation:

“Of course, Kurds are happy with the international support and volunteers joining fighting against ISIS but they still feel that more is needed in this side and the international community should do more to defeat terrorists militarily and politically. At this stage it is important to officially recognise the Kurdish sovereignty.” ARA News

Right. Let me translate:

“We stole the land. We killed and maimed and burned out hundreds of thousands of Syrians for this land. It’s ours now and we have the greatest military on earth standing with us, bombing non-compliant villages on our behalf and wearing our patches to show their “partnership” with us.”

Recently, more and more people are starting to figure out what our new “freedom fighters” are doing in Syria. Basically the same thing the Contras tried to do under the Reagan administration. The same thing the neo-Nazis recently did in Ukraine.

“Kurdish militant groups also have their own agenda and priorities. But fighting ISIS is not their top priority either. They have used the Syrian civil war to take control of territories inhabited by Syria’s Kurdish minority and they are trying to expand that territory at the expense of other ethnic groups. They have even been accused of ethnic cleansing to reach their expansionist goal.” Assyrian International News Agency

Hell, even our ambassador to Turkey openly talks about what the Kurds and the YPG are doing:

The U.S. ambassador to Turkey has called on Kurdish rebels to lay down arms and end violence in Turkey.

Ambassador John Bass also said Thursday that the United States does not provide weapons to a Syrian Kurdish militia group, which is affiliated with Turkey’s outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party – or PKK.

Bass said Washington was sensitive to Turkey’s concerns over the Syrian Kurdish militia group and opposed any efforts by the group to change the demography of northern Syria “under the guise” of battling the Islamic State group. It was a reference to Turkish accusations that the Syrian Kurdish group is purging the area of Arabs and Turkmens. WBAL

Turkey is understandably upset about US Special Operations guys running around in Syria wearing YPG patches. You’ll remember, the YPG openly declared war on Turkey for not handing over that part of Greater Kurdistan not that long ago.

the Democratic Union Party’s (PYD) armed wing People’s Protection Units (YPG) terrorists openly declared war on Turkey”.

Here we have a NATO ally being threatened by a group affiliated with a recognized terrorist organization (the PKK) which has recently admitted responsibility for terrorist bombings in Turkey, and we have our guys wearing their patches on their arms?

Of course, we fully support the Turkish regime change op, don’t we Steve and Lizzie?

I don’t know what other patches our Special Ops guys have been forced to wear in the past and I’m not sure I want to know.

What I do know is the YPG are a terrorist group, cutting a bloody path through northern Syria in pursuit of their real agenda, Greater Kurdistan. As the previous author mentioned in the quote above, the Kurds are not fighting “ISIS”. They are calling in air-strikes on non-compliant villages in the area they want to steal for their own purposes. They are threatening, killing, evicting and burning like there is no tomorrow because for them, there isn’t one. This is their change to steal land and form their own neoliberal client state of the US and the masters of the universe and if they have to kill a few secular Syrians in order to see it through, they seem more than willing to do it.

Unfortunately, a couple of our guys are having to patch up and “blend in” with these thugs and war-criminals in support of this agenda.

It’s disturbing to me and probably more than a little insulting to the troops having to wear that crap on their arms.

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  1. Willy: my response to you at my place
    You’ll notice the mis/disinfo sites are framing this in a bad Turkey context- so typical- Without even realizing this is a false flag- in your face
    Not with ships but with soldier- flying the flag of Kurdistan because that’s what they NATO soldiers and Peshmerga are fighting at the behest/for the benefit of- another nation state as they sykes picot again for Kurdistan aka Israel 2.0

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