Bernie Could and Should Pounce on the New OIG Report on Hillary’s Deceitfulness but He Hasn’t and He Wont

by Scott Creighton (just a rant)

So what does that tell you?

At a juncture in the campaign when Hillary Clinton is on the ropes, Bernie Sanders has elected to feign his own KO off a weak, limp, flailing swat of a ghost punch from perpetual liar, Hillary Clinton.

As far as I can tell having suffered through a couple of his now completely standard, rote campaign speeches from yesterday in California, Bernie has remained mum on the subject of the Office of Inspector General of the Department of State’s report on email records management and cybersecurity requirements .

Yesterday I wrote about the significance of the report in terms of just how deceitful Hillary’s tenure in the State Department really was and just how selfish she is in the face of the very real threat her illegal use of that private email server was.

In terms of this report exposing her character or lack thereof, it couldn’t be more scathing. She is absolutely not qualified for office and as one writer put it, this report would certainly keep her from being appointed to any position in any administration because she couldn’t get past a confirmation hearing. And yet here we are, seriously considering her as the presumptive nominee of the hacked and rigged Democrat Party primary.

stolen 2

The fact that Bernie is performing some amazing feats of mental gymnastics in order to avoid even mentioning the report is depressing too say the least. The fact that he hasn’t seized on it as his primary campaign tool at this most critical moment in the contest is a bit… shall we say… suspicious?

Unfortunately, it’s not the first time Bernie has been less than enthusiastic about exposing the stolen Democratic Party primary recently.

He’s about to go into the last leg of the primary campaign with only a few states left and the MSM already having decided to forgo exit polling in Jersey and California, the two most important states remaining. Clearly someone in the corporate press has been paying attention to #ExitPollGate and they decided the best way to get way with Hillary stealing these last two big states would be to make sure there were no exit polls to compare the final results to.

If Bernie went all out in attacking Hillary on her integrity, her character and her willingness to risk the lives of State Department employees and overseas assets of our country for her own reasons, he could wipe the floor with her right now. But he’s not and people are starting to wonder why.

Bernie Sanders might be the only person in America who still doesn’t “care about [Hillary Clinton’s] damn emails.” But the State Department inspector general’s withering report on the matter certainly has everyone else’s attention…

What does Sanders say? He didn’t, actually, having taken himself out of this particular game months ago. Instead, a campaign spokesman offered up a big “meh.” “The IG report speaks for itself.” That’s it? It speaks for itself?

This unwillingness to drive home the stake poised over the heart of his adopted party’s soulless front-runner makes you wonder whether Sanders really does want to win the Democratic nomination, or if he’s sticking around just to bust up the living room furniture” Tom Jackson

This report should be the end of Hillary Clinton’s campaign. We shouldn’t have to wait for the corrupt FBI to announce their decision in the matter. They fabricate terrorism threats in order to arrest retards and “save” us every now and again. Who really cares what they come up with. They can’t prosecute too big too jail bankers who defrauded hundreds of thousands of Americans, sold BS derivatives to cripple the economy and stole their homes via robosigned documents and fraudulent repossessions.

And people actually sit around thinking the FBI’s final assessment of her email controversy will have even the slightest bit of legitimacy?

Were this report about Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump, you can bet your last dollar the Clinton machine would be all over it like flies on sh*t. She would even drop the “wont somebody think of the women?!?” campaign for that one.

What does Bernie do? Nothing. Nada. Zippo. Zilch. Zero.

And he’s not staying “above the fray” by trying to keep this campaign “about the issues”

Her criminal behavior, her lying constantly, her self-serving machinations while acting as the HEAD DIPLOMAT OF THE UNITED STATES… is the issue, or it should be. Not only is she not qualified to be president, but she has displayed an almost pathological disdain for honesty, transparency and accountability and FOR GODS SAKE, is that what we wish to inject into the White House at this particularly troubling period in world history?

At least in the past we had to wait a little while before we came to realize just how corrupt and twisted our presidents were.

And if she was that bad while serving as Secretary of State, someone who still had to answer to someone, just imagine how out of control Killary would be sitting behind the desk in the Oval Office.

Sanders has a responsibility to run the best campaign he can. His people, his supporters, all those young (and old, that’s you Roy) voters who campaigned for him and supported him way back when he was polling at 3% are entitled to that much. They earned it because, say what you will about Bernie Sanders, he’s been saying and doing this same sh*t for the last 20 years in office and what he is now… HIS FOLLOWERS MADE HIM.

So yeah, Bernie owes it to his people, the people he represents who want real change in D.C., to go all out and do everything he NEEDS to do in order to win the nomination and beat Donald Trump in the general election.

Anything less is a capitulation to Hillary, the establishment and even to the eventual president of the United States….. drum roll please… Donald Trump.

Bernie had better get out there, scrap the tired, worn-out, rote BS campaign speech and start taking it to Hillary the way he should. If he doesn’t, he’s giving her the nomination just as surely as if he were rigging the electronic voting machines himself.

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“a place where those who hate ignorance may strive to know, where those who perceive truth may strive to make others see.” John Masefield

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13 Responses

  1. Woof! Woof!!! … Baa … Baa ….baaaaaaaa

  2. Damn, that’s such a fluent, communicative and coherent article! Two bad about …

    Another monumental donation on the way.

  3. I haven’t read a lot of Mark Twain but I sense Scott is similar to how Mark Twain was. Do you like Mark Twain, Scott? (No, I’m not trying to change the topic – what you wrote says it all.)

  4. Just did a quick search on the type of voting machines used in Kentucky. Turns out that they were all Danaher 1242 models.
    Well gosh then, do these machines leave any sort of a verifiable paper trail?
    Nope. They leave no paper trail at all, no VVPAT, or voter verified paper audit trail. So Sanders could not have done a true recount even if he had wanted to. These types of voting machines should be illegal in a real democracy.

  5. I don’t get it either, Scott, unless somebody close to him is under threat—or something even darker is in play.

    That’s the only kind of thing makes sense to me about his strange behavior

    • I’m guessing people he cares about have been threatened, but that’s just my paranoid perspective.

    • My thoughts, exactly. Only explanation as he is not a dyed in the wool Dem, worried about the “good” of the party. Sadly, his silence makes me wonder about his love for this country.

      • Thanks, Crys.

        Helps to understand I’m not wandering around out here in Left field all alone all the time

  6. Reblogged this on Rikki Tiki Tavi Mongoose is Gone and commented:
    No surprises here for me!

  7. Why should Sanders lift a finger? You don’t bother to throw a match to a fire burning high on its own:

  8. Reblogged this on The Practical Vegetarian Weblog and commented:
    Bernie has never used attack politics against his opponents. Perhaps now may the time, but I agree with you, that I don’t think he will do it.

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