OIG Report Exposes Clinton’s Systemic Deceitfulness as Secretary of State

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Right on time to deflect the news cycle away from Hillary, The Donald gets some magical delegates from thin air and wins the Republican nomination. I watched his rally yesterday during which he let it slip that he would rather run against Hillary and not Bernie. I guess his “news” today will help make that possible.

In response to the release of the Office of Inspector General of the Department of State’s report on email records management and cybersecurity requirements, Hillary Clinton has been beside herself lying about what happened and what is in that report.

She has claimed that what she did (using a private email server exclusively while serving as Secretary of State) was approved by government officials. That it had been done by other Secretaries of State and was generally acceptable. That she turned over everything immediately when asked to do so. That she and her staff complied with the investigation fully. That the use of the private server never put sensitive information at risk. That she did it for convenience and no other reason. And finally, she claims it was a “mistake” and she’s sorry, but no one cares anymore (now that Bernie Sanders gave her a pass on it)

None of that is true. Not one single word. At least not according to the OIG report. And… I care… and I doubt I am really alone in that regard.

What the report suggests from my reading of it, is that Hillary Clinton went into the State Department in Jan. of 2009 with the intention to use an email server that no one would ever have access to and in-spite of laws and State Department rules prohibiting the use of such an email server as well as events that took place while using it that put that top secret information in serious risk, she continued to use the system because it provided her the ability to keep her communications secret and out of the historical public record.

When you consider all the sleazy regime change operations she worked on as Secretary of State (Russia, Green Revolution Iran, Libya, Honduras, Syria, Ukraine and of course her attempt to start a shooting war between the Koreas via the Cheonan Incident) and who she was serving with those attempted regime change programs, you start to understand why it was she wanted to be able to delete certain emails she sent as official business of the United States. And that’s too say nothing of the work she did drumming up donations for the Clinton Global(ist) Initiative from various dictator-run states whom she would later sell weapons to.

That’s also too say nothing of the work she did in the rigged election in Haiti or the way she handed over all those billions of dollars from the Haiti Relief Fund to her husband to squander. And of course, since she refuses to release transcripts of the speeches she gave at Goldman Sachs, this lack of transparency regarding her official emails makes one wonder just how many of them were to leading banking and financial sector CEOs and what she may or may not have promised them.

Hillary Clinton had motivation from the start to keep certain information from not only the public, but also from the historians and that is why she set off in the State Department from day one doing everything she could to erase any record of her official communications and this is made clear in the report, though I think, not reported on nearly enough.

Sure, many websites and news agencies are talking about her “truthfulness” with regard to this scandal. It’s not her truthfulness that is the question here, but rather, just how criminal did she expect her behavior to be as she set this system in place? You don’t build a wall and a moat unless you expect to be attacked. By the same token, you don’t set in place a system by which you can erase your fingerprints and sweep away your tracks unless you INTEND to commit OTHER… BIGGER…crimes.

To me, that’s the aspect of this whole discussion right now that is missing. Hillary Clinton went into the State Department determined to serve the globalist interests she has served for her entire professional career but she knew in order to do it, she had to make damn sure she didn’t leave any evidence behind. That’s what this email server scandal is all about.

So, in the interests of presenting her previous stint in public service in a way that should be considered before anyone backs her for another, more powerful position in government… I have taken a few screenshots of the report and added some commentary along with it in order to show you that Hillary is not only dishonest to the core, but she is systemically deceitful and clearly operating in a manner designed to camouflage her rampant corruption.

1. Oh the tangled webs we weave…

Upon entering the State Department, Hillary Clinton set out right off the bat to make sure no one would ever have access to a paper trail of her actions while serving as Secretary of State and in spite of her recent lies about the issue, it had nothing to do with “convenience” and it certainly was not a “mistake”.

didn't want certain emails to be accessable

Listing her clintonserver.com address with the government would have effectively made her personal server subject to government inspection and she did not want that. It would also have meant that it was public domain in much the same way that a .gov address is… subject to FOIA requests. Hillary certainly did not want that. So it wasn’t convenience that mandated her private server account, but a deliberate decision (even after it was proving to be far less convenient) to keep certain communications “off the record”

The government had something in place in 2009 (she served from Jan. 2009 to Feb. 2013) called SMART which was basically an automated system of logging official emails which replaced the older system where officials had to print and file emails in an official location. Hillary simply refused to use it because she didn’t want access to be allowed to certain communications.

clinton refused smartSo not only did this mean that her emails on a private server would not be recorded for history’s sake, but also that emails she sent to other staffers would not either. She instead decided to continue with the old system of printing various communications and turning them over to official locations.

When she was finally forced to turn over her emails, nearly two years after leaving office (left in Feb. 2013 and turned over 55,000 pages in Dec. of 2014), the 30,000 emails wasn’t even close to being a complete record of her official emails. She herself said she deleted more than 30,000 emails, claiming they were “personal” and not related to government business, but since then we have discovered many that were supposedly personal were not and even more telling than that, before she succeeded in setting up her private server, in the first few months as Secretary of State, she conducted a great deal of business via a temp government server, and all those emails, she simply deleted.

her 30k emails incomplete

Also in spite of her recent statements about the issue, there was certainly a policy in place when she took office that prohibited the use of the kind of private, unacceptable, insecure system she used.

2005 policy

This policy was completely ignored by Clinton from the beginning and again, contrary to her statements, she had no authorization to use this system.

she had no approval

Not only did she never obtain official permission to use the system, she never attempted to ask for permission. She didn’t ask because she knew they would refuse on the grounds that it posed too significant of a risk to national security for her to do so.

From day one she intended to shield herself from public scrutiny and potential prosecution. That much is clear and to that end, some may need to seriously re-evaluate their support for her as president of the United States.

2. How much she would have sacrificed to protect herself and her criminal enterprise …

And in line with that, Hillary has often said her private server system was never in danger of being breached. Well, according to this report, it was widely known within the confines of her advisors that the system was breached, several times. Even after that, this report shows Hillary Clinton never informed the cybersecurity professionals in the government or anyone else about these threats.

hackedhacked again and kept quiet

The footnote is a remarkable insight into the criminality and selfishness of Hillary Clinton.

It basically states that there was a continued threat against the security of her private email server which held extremely sensitive materials on it, and because she wanted to be able to continue using the illegal server for her illegal purposes, she refused to report the incidents to any computer security personnel or anyone else in the department for fear of them forcing her to shut down her private server.

This is an amazing statement which shows just how reckless and selfish this woman is.

We know she lied about top secret material being on this server. We know that other sources have shown it was hacked as Guccifer takes credit for that. We know that in her capacity as Secretary of State she was in possession of information regarding the whereabouts and identities of all sorts of agents, assets, moles and deep cover operators in other countries who’s lives would be at stake instantly if their information were to be released. And knowing full well that someone knew her email account location and was in the process of hacking it, successful or not, she declined to alert talented and skilled technicians who could have helped her protect that information in the best interest of the United States and those assets in the field.

And she did that because she wanted to keep her criminality hidden from public view. There is no other reason possible.

What an amazing insight into the soul of Hillary Clinton and so few writers out there even mention this aspect of the report.

3. In such bad company…

Hillary has said that it was standard practice to use a private email server for the official work of the Secretary of State. This is untrue.

This report goes back to the start of emails, back when another criminal, M. Albright was Secretary of State, and it lists how many have used private servers and how many have not.

In short, basically the list that Hillary belongs to regarding State Department officials using ONLY a private email account to conduct their personal business is pretty short. Three, to be exact.

And they aren’t the type of people anyone wants to be associated with.

bad company

Apparently Condi Rice didn’t use emails at all and John Kerry uses them sparingly, but always on a government server.

Interestingly, when they were conducting the study, the OIG sent Hillary and her staff 26 requests to fill out surveys about their email usage and they only got 5 back. They sent out 36 such surveys to John Kerry and his staff and received 30 back. A little better transparency in one administration than the other, wouldn’t you say?

In the case of Hillary Clinton’s comparing herself to previous secretaries using private servers, she is in the company on only one: Colin Powell. And you guys remember what was going on during his administration, don’t you? A little thing called (false flag) 9/11 and the run-up to the illegal invasion of Iraq which required tons and tons of official lies from the State Department to help justify it (anyone recall his performance at the UN Security Council meeting?)

Do you think Colin would want all those emails floating around to be found by someone? No? You would be correct.

You see, he left office without printing them out, just like Hillary did. He was hiding his complicity in criminal behavior as well.

sec powells emails

To this day, Colin Powell has not turned over his emails and has gone to great lengths to prevent anyone from the OIG from trying to retrieve them.

powell still hiding emails

So there you have it, Hillary Clinton aligning herself with the guy who was most responsible for lying us into a war of aggression with Iraq (which Hillary helped promote on the floor of the senate back in 2002 and which she famously said turned into a “business opportunity” at a meeting in Iraq’s Green Zone in 2011)

“hey”, she says… “it OK if I did this, since this proven criminal and liar did it first”

The other State Department employee who used a private server was fired for using a private email server and eventually fell from grace due to his rampant corruption as well.

gration fired for using personal accountThat’s some company for Hillary to keep, don’t you think?

4. Do as I say, not as I do…

At one point, the Clinton State Department issued a “best practice” suggestion to all their employees: don’t use private email servers because they could be hacked:

HC suggested not using personal email accountsClinton continued using hers.

5. If you see something… shut the fuck up…

This part is interesting. After becoming concerned the use of private email servers for official business could be dangerous to our “national interests” (you can guess what those are) at least two State Department employees went to their superiors to warn them about the Secretary of State using a private email server account. If you see something, say something, right?

You know what they got? The smack-down…

the matter is not to be discussedThese two were clearly threatened to keep their mouths shut about the criminal use of a private email server by the Secretary of State. I guess Hillary adheres to Obama’s disdain of whistle-blowers. This might also explain why so few in the Clinton State Department responded to the OIG survey requests.

6. OIG Study? What OIG Study?

Hillary and a number of her closest aides refused to take part in the OIG investigation. And this is also very telling because the study is not about accusing Hillary or Powell or Rice or Kerry or Albright (that crazy war-mongering criminal) but rather, it’s designed to assess the email and cybersecurity situation at the State Department and make it better, more secure, for our employees overseas and our beloved “national interests”

One might think that Killary… oops, pardon me… Hillary… would wish to assist the OIG in evaluating the situation with cybersecurity as much as possible in that she may well be a seated president in the near future and depend on a safe, secure communication system being in place for her own Secretary of State.

You might think that, but of course… you would be wrong:

clinton refused interviewNot only did she refuse to assist the OIG in this important study, but her close friends (accomplices?) did as well.

staff did not comply with investigationSo not only did Hillary Clinton put her staff in jeopardy back when she ran the State Department, but she’s still doing her part in undermining the security of that department even now.


And why does she do this? She does it, she did it, because it served HER INTERESTS.. not those of the State Department. Not those of national security.

Hillary Clinton went into the State Department determined to find a way to erase or seriously redact the historical record of her actions as Secretary of State. She did that in direct contradiction to the State Department rules while fully aware of the risks it put many, many people out there serving their country in good faith.

And now Hillary is determined to prevent this report from not only correcting the mistakes of the past, but also from exposing her systemic deceitfulness as Secretary of State.

I guess that’s because she doesn’t want to go to prison and because she fully expects the left in this country to be so afraid of the possibility of a President Trump, that they will willfully ignore the important revelations of this report and continue to support her lying and manipulation and disregard for the safety and security of anyone else but herself.

This is truly a damning report in so many ways. Hillary Clinton and Colin Powell. Birds of a feather. I certainly hope it opens some eyes on the fake left side of the one party system. Electing her at this point is unforgivable.

Last month I had hoped I wouldn’t have to do a donation drive this month, but things don’t always turn out the way you expect them to. If you can help with anything, it would be appreciated. Thank you very much.

“a place where those who hate ignorance may strive to know, where those who perceive truth may strive to make others see.” John Masefield

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9 Responses

  1. Great analysis, thank you Scott.

  2. Fantastic deconstruction, great work.

  3. The best article I have found breaking down the situation with this overtly corrupt & deceptive “public servant”. Could not concur more Scott. Well done and hopefully the FBI + DOJ will as well.

  4. She is a treacherous c#nt. I wonder how many American life’s she has on her non existing conscience. She, and Bill “Cohiba” Clinton, should be prosecuted and fried.

    • she’s amoral. like those activists said about Obama after a visit to the White House a week after he took office in 2009, she has no moral center whatsoever. she should be behind a defendant’s desk, not a podium giving speeches. it’s amazing what our political system has devolved into.

  5. Hillary Clinton is a serious nutcase,she stays with her criminal “rapist” husband,she lies every time she opens that ugly trap,she marginalized america’s security,this tramp belongs nowhere near the White House and hopefully she will drop dead at the podium while debating our next president,Donald J. Trump—-and as she is lying on the floor,Trump tells her to BARK like a dog,one more time!!!

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