OIG Report Exposes Clinton’s Systemic Deceitfulness as Secretary of State

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Right on time to deflect the news cycle away from Hillary, The Donald gets some magical delegates from thin air and wins the Republican nomination. I watched his rally yesterday during which he let it slip that he would rather run against Hillary and not Bernie. I guess his “news” today will help make that possible.

In response to the release of the Office of Inspector General of the Department of State’s report on email records management and cybersecurity requirements, Hillary Clinton has been beside herself lying about what happened and what is in that report.

She has claimed that what she did (using a private email server exclusively while serving as Secretary of State) was approved by government officials. That it had been done by other Secretaries of State and was generally acceptable. That she turned over everything immediately when asked to do so. That she and her staff complied with the investigation fully. That the use of the private server never put sensitive information at risk. That she did it for convenience and no other reason. And finally, she claims it was a “mistake” and she’s sorry, but no one cares anymore (now that Bernie Sanders gave her a pass on it)

None of that is true. Not one single word. At least not according to the OIG report. And… I care… and I doubt I am really alone in that regard.

What the report suggests from my reading of it, is that Hillary Clinton went into the State Department in Jan. of 2009 with the intention to use an email server that no one would ever have access to and in-spite of laws and State Department rules prohibiting the use of such an email server as well as events that took place while using it that put that top secret information in serious risk, she continued to use the system because it provided her the ability to keep her communications secret and out of the historical public record.

When you consider all the sleazy regime change operations she worked on as Secretary of State (Russia, Green Revolution Iran, Libya, Honduras, Syria, Ukraine and of course her attempt to start a shooting war between the Koreas via the Cheonan Incident) and who she was serving with those attempted regime change programs, you start to understand why it was she wanted to be able to delete certain emails she sent as official business of the United States. And that’s too say nothing of the work she did drumming up donations for the Clinton Global(ist) Initiative from various dictator-run states whom she would later sell weapons to.

That’s also too say nothing of the work she did in the rigged election in Haiti or the way she handed over all those billions of dollars from the Haiti Relief Fund to her husband to squander. And of course, since she refuses to release transcripts of the speeches she gave at Goldman Sachs, this lack of transparency regarding her official emails makes one wonder just how many of them were to leading banking and financial sector CEOs and what she may or may not have promised them.

Hillary Clinton had motivation from the start to keep certain information from not only the public, but also from the historians and that is why she set off in the State Department from day one doing everything she could to erase any record of her official communications and this is made clear in the report, though I think, not reported on nearly enough.

Sure, many websites and news agencies are talking about her “truthfulness” with regard to this scandal. It’s not her truthfulness that is the question here, but rather, just how criminal did she expect her behavior to be as she set this system in place? You don’t build a wall and a moat unless you expect to be attacked. By the same token, you don’t set in place a system by which you can erase your fingerprints and sweep away your tracks unless you INTEND to commit OTHER… BIGGER…crimes.

To me, that’s the aspect of this whole discussion right now that is missing. Hillary Clinton went into the State Department determined to serve the globalist interests she has served for her entire professional career but she knew in order to do it, she had to make damn sure she didn’t leave any evidence behind. That’s what this email server scandal is all about.

So, in the interests of presenting her previous stint in public service in a way that should be considered before anyone backs her for another, more powerful position in government… I have taken a few screenshots of the report and added some commentary along with it in order to show you that Hillary is not only dishonest to the core, but she is systemically deceitful and clearly operating in a manner designed to camouflage her rampant corruption.

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