Sanders Files “Recanvas” Request in Kentucky to “Show Young Democrat Voters the Count Isn’t Rigged” (?!?)

by Scott Creighton

It appears the Bernie Sanders campaign has finally paid some attention to the “conspiracy theorists” out here like Lee Camp and myself who have been saying for a while that the vote counts in the Democrat Party primary have been hacked… obviously hacked.

Yesterday, the Sanders campaign filed for a “recanvas” of the Kentucky primary results with the office of Kentucky Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes. You might recall, Grimes campaigned for Hillary just two weeks prior to the primary which she was in charge of and famously said it was more important to her to get Hillary elected than to do her job as Secretary of State.

“Recanvasing” is not a recount. All it means is the same culprits who gathered on primary day to rig the election will get back together on Thursday and sit around for a while in their respective precincts and call in to tell the Hillary-backing Grimes that everything is hunky-dory and their original vote tallies are accurate.

“A recanvas is not a total re-evaluation of who voted for who, but a review of the tabulations from each voting precinct for correctness.” Ledger Independent

This begs the questions “why a recanvas and not a recount?” and “what is the point of all of this?”

As I stated before, in Kentucky there is no official recount if the election is close. What you have to do is file a court order to get them to recount the vote and the court has to rule on the motion. It is certainly more difficult than asking Hillary-backing Grimes to review her own thieving work, but chances are the Sanders campaign would win their request in court and get the recount they request, were they to do that.

So why don’t they?

That’s the question.

Seems to me this move is all about PR. It’s putting a “debunked” band-aid on the #ExitPollGate dilemma. This ridiculous “recanvas” move will allow the establishment too say “See? We investigated this and put it to bed. Nothing too see here, move along” and unfortunately, it’s being done by the Sanders campaign themselves.

There is growing concern that the primary is being stolen right out from under the noses of the Sanders supporters. Debbie Wasserman Schultz is about to “take one for the team” and step down from the head of the DNC in order to rebrand the corporate entity as somehow “more credible” to the young Sanders supporters who are so crucial to the Hillary campaign once Bernie bows out.

I mean, that’s the whole thing there right? Bernie’s job was to bring the young, idealist progressive voters back into the fold of the corrupt Democrat Party with Killary at the helm and all of a sudden, thanks to folks like Lee Camp and others, these are the very people who look like they are quickly becoming #NeverHillary

I know it’s a strong accusation on my part, suggesting the Sanders campaign is actively trying to aide and abet Killary’s theft of the primary election, but it wouldn’t be the first time Bernie openly helped her efforts to become the next president. Anyone remember his refusal to talk about EmailGate?

Well, that said, my opinion on this matter isn’t just focused on his previous lack of effort nor their choice not to push for a real recount, it’s actually based on what his own campaign spokesman said yesterday about this “recanvasing” effort:

A Sanders campaign representative said the recanvass request was important for the integrity of the Democratic presidential contest, in which Sanders is continuing to challenge Clinton despite her formidable lead in the number of delegates needed to secure the nomination.

“I think the point is just transparency, it’s not just about Kentucky,” Sanders aide Larry Cohen said on CNN. “It’s about trying to create a context, now and at the (Democratic) convention, that these primaries and caucuses need transparency, they need to be authentic, they need to build confidence among voters, particularly younger voters, that this is not rigged.”

Sanders has generally drawn more support from young voters than Clinton. Huffington Post

The recanvas will not change the results. A recount might, but that will never happen. What will happen is the establishment DNC will ditch Debbie and stage this ridiculous “recanvas” facade in an effort to prove to those coveted young voters that Hillary can’t win on her own that the process has been fair and that she didn’t actually steal the election… like she did.

Keep in mind, there are no exit polls from Kentucky because after #ExitPollGate started trending a while ago, the MSM decided to cancel exit polls in Kentucky, New Jersey and California… just so there would be no moe confusing contradictory math in the future.

This development from the Sanders people is very upsetting.

On the surface I am sure many people out there, especially Hillary backers like Kentucky Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes and all those thousands of fake online personas getting paid to promote Killary as the real deal, will be promoting this move as the end-all-be-all to finally put to rest our “conspiracy theories” about blatant election fraud. It wont.

It wont even when Bernie himself comes out and says “Don’t pay attention to EmailGate and don’t pay attention to Exit Poll Gate”

Bernie has been serving the interests of the corrupt Democrat Party from the beginning and he’s doing the same thing now. If he files for a recount. A real recount. Then I will apologize to him and his staff. Until then, just more of the same from Sheepdog Sanders.

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  1. Been listening to a song from back in another day, back when we thought there was an angry, vocal, and active Left—some of us, anyway.

    Turns out, maybe it was what happens to those of us. Our Left will end up with us:

    “Standing on the Moon”

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