Sanders Files “Recanvas” Request in Kentucky to “Show Young Democrat Voters the Count Isn’t Rigged” (?!?)

by Scott Creighton

It appears the Bernie Sanders campaign has finally paid some attention to the “conspiracy theorists” out here like Lee Camp and myself who have been saying for a while that the vote counts in the Democrat Party primary have been hacked… obviously hacked.

Yesterday, the Sanders campaign filed for a “recanvas” of the Kentucky primary results with the office of Kentucky Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes. You might recall, Grimes campaigned for Hillary just two weeks prior to the primary which she was in charge of and famously said it was more important to her to get Hillary elected than to do her job as Secretary of State.

“Recanvasing” is not a recount. All it means is the same culprits who gathered on primary day to rig the election will get back together on Thursday and sit around for a while in their respective precincts and call in to tell the Hillary-backing Grimes that everything is hunky-dory and their original vote tallies are accurate.

“A recanvas is not a total re-evaluation of who voted for who, but a review of the tabulations from each voting precinct for correctness.” Ledger Independent

This begs the questions “why a recanvas and not a recount?” and “what is the point of all of this?”

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