We Are Attacking the GMCIR and the People of Fallujah, Not “ISIS™”

by Scott Creighton


The Iraqi puppet regime and it’s sugar daddy, the US military, has just started a new slaughter in Fallujah. They dropped leaflets over the city a couple days ago telling people to get out, pretty much the same thing they did back in 2004, twice, when they decimated the city and killed thousands of civilians because they failed to bow down to the new rulers of Iraq.

They say they are after “ISIS™”. That’s a lie. They are fighting against the Iraqi insurgency (post-U.S. withdrawal) not some fabricated justification cobbled together to give President Peace Prize some legitimacy as he rushes back into Iraq to preserve our grasp on what Dick Cheney and George Bush stole back in 2003.

Fallujah and Mosul are critical elements of this fight and it has nothing to do with British carney workers and the fake beheading videos they made.

The complicit press is already in the process of justifying huge numbers of civilian casualties as the “human shields” story and “ISIS death squads” stories are being cobbled together.

Clearly, large numbers of civilian casualties are expected in this new offensive to take Fallujah from the General Military Council for Iraqi Revolutionaries (GMCIR)

While the MSM and most of the so-called “alternative” press in this country is focused on which unpopular candidate will “win” in November, I intend to spend as much time as I can covering the new massacre being carried out in Fallujah.

In January of 2014, the General Military Council for Iraqi Revolutionaries (GMCIR) was formed as a direct result of the West’s puppet, Nouri al-Maliki, killing hundreds of protesters who were sick of Iraq’s neoliberalized economy and the brutal corruption of the US-installed government.

The mythology of “ISIS™” started in June of 2014 when the US military realized their puppets in Baghdad were about to lose Dick Cheney’s prize in the Middle East and all those precious oil contracts were going to be null and void when the Ba’athists retook the country from our boy Maliki.

The group has referred to itself as the Islamic State (الدولة الإسلامية ad-Dawlah al-Islāmiyah) or IS[35] ever since it proclaimed a worldwide caliphate in June 2014[36][37] and named Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi as its caliph

The unconventional warfare “regime support” operation called “ISIS™” basically created a situation in which the United States would be justified in returning to combat status in the country after President Obama pulled out the vast majority of our combat troops and declared the invasion and occupation of Iraq to be the “wrong war”

The problem with going back into Iraq to fight the GMCIR is that they are the same secular Ba’athists we bombed into submission based on lies of Yellow Cake, sympathy with al-Qaeda and invisible WMDs. There is no way the American people and certainly not the brainwashed Obamaites of the left, were going to support re-engaging in Iraq against the same people Dick Cheney and George Bush wanted out of the way so they could steal the oil and central bank of Iraq.

So they created “ISIS™” and got a bunch of British low-lifes who were in Syria trying to regime change that country to put on masks and make a bunch of fake beheading videos. Then they got a bunch of British SAS troops to put on the same costumes and drive around in Special Forces Helix trucks pretending to be a convoy of “ISIS™” troops for various photo ops.


The GMCIR didn’t “seize” Fallujah, they came from Fallujah. Fallujah has a long history of opposing our occupation of their country and they support the Iraqi Insurgency (post occupation). Same is true of Mosul, the next target.

For several months, the Iraqi military has held Fallujah under siege, causing untold amounts of suffering for the people of the city. It’s not because “ISIS™” is in there, it’s because the people of the city support the revolution to retake the country from our puppet government.

In a little quip from the above linked article, the problems with the official story are laid bare for those of you who are paying attention:

“Fallujah became in January 2014 the first Iraqi city to be captured by ISIL, six months before the group declared its caliphate.” al Jazeera

Again, Fallujah wasn’t “captured” by “ISIS™” 6 months before they were created. Fallujah is part of the origin of the General Military Council for Iraqi Revolutionaries and serves as their base of operations. It’s practically the capitol of Free Iraq.

The US military and other coalition forces are bombing the hell out of Fallujah and the surrounding villages that also support the GMCIR. As we are providing air cover, the Popular Mobilization Forces of Iraq are moving in to “mop up” remaining opposition. Again, that’s not “ISIS™” opposition, but civilian opposition.

“By late Monday, the Popular Mobilization Forces had taken over two districts on Fallujah’s outskirts, said Col. Mahmood al-Jumaili, a commander for the group, which includes militias.” Wall Street Journal

For those of you who don’t know, the Popular Mobilization Forces of Iraq are roving death squads who have been ethnically cleansing areas of Ba’athist support and we have used our air power to provide these barbarians cover in the past.

So we are bombing the city defenses and then unleashing Shite death squads on the remaining population who will go in and slaughter all remaining Sunnis and supporters of the GMCIR and the Iraq revolution.

Sounds about par for the course for our military with regards to Iraq.

The death squads are not “ISIS™”. They are the Popular Mobilization Forces of Iraq. “ISIS™” is not using “human shields” we are bombing civilian infrastructure making way for the Shite death squads to invade and occupy Fallujah.

This third assault on the people of Fallujah threatens at least 50,000 of them, according to the UN. The Military Times says we have no military advisors on the ground during this invasion. I guess that frees up the death squads to do their dirty business without constraint from us. Plus it provides a little plausible deniability for President Peace Prize as his war planes provide air cover for the monsters.

This is a sad development for the people of Iraq. What makes it worse is the fact that it will get far less coverage than the previous two war-crimes committed against the people of Fallujah due to the left cover of Obama and our media’s obsession with Donald Trump.

Like I said, I will try to cover it as much as possible.

Last month I had hoped I wouldn’t have to do a donation drive this month, but things don’t always turn out the way you expect them to. If you can help with anything, it would be appreciated. Thank you very much.

“a place where those who hate ignorance may strive to know, where those who perceive truth may strive to make others see.” John Masefield

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One Response

  1. Let’s remember how the nightmare of Falujah began with Bush’s private army speeding around “wild-ing” like drunk teenagers with baseball caps on backwards sporting the best in armour vehicles and weaponry. And while enlisted military personel scavanged the junkyards to rig some metal to plate the tin cans they were issued. And unlike those many accountable soldiers, as many (as many!) Blackwater employees had written into their contracts conduct immunity clauses not to mention a higher pay scale, $100,000 af the end of their first year, and nice digs in the Green Zone where they were not drinking waste water….the GI’s ration.
    And remember while ordinary soldiers were trying to communicate (without translators) their mission to frustrated citizens and restore some kind of order in that chaos as peacefully as possible, the creeps in jeeps were joy-riding around taking potshots at citizens, just because they could, when they weren’t escorting Taco Bell and Pizza Hut trucks for our corporate war. And four of the contrators were in the wrong place at the wrong time…. Maybe they were the good ones among a pack of rad-cowboy commandos. They were killed and in a place that was made to be a hell-hole. They were displayed in as savage a way that made front page news and brought tonage of depleted uranium bombs down on people with sticks, rocks, and bottle bombs. And like underdog Haiti a century earlier killing the maurading French army, Falujah is destined to forever recieve the mighty wrath of The Great White Manifest Destiny for having the nerve to fight back.
    Thanks Scott for a taste of what real journalism once was. I had never even heard of the General Military Council of Iraqi Revolutionaries until I read it here a while back and I still don’t see it mentioned anywhere, and I read plenty. Goes to show you we need an upgraded Devil’s Dictionary (Ambrose Bierce), you know like, “lobbying=bribery,” “conspiracy theory=history of oligarchy,” and add “human shields=justification for killing innocent victims” and “terrorists=a population that opposes the wholesale destruction of their people and their country.”

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