Since the Electronic Voting Machine Fix is Already In and Exit Polls Cancelled for Cali, Clinton Decides to Skip Debate

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: “Its very clear, without all this manipulation, Bernie Sanders would have won the nomination” Chris Hedges

““We have declined Fox News’ invitation to participate in a debate in California,” Clinton’s top campaign spokeswoman said in a statement on Monday. “As we have said previously, we plan to compete hard in the remaining primary states, particularly California, while turning out attention to the threat a Donald Trump presidency poses.”” Press TV

Why should Hillary Clinton bother debating Bernie Sanders in California? The fix is in. She’s stolen more states in the Democrat Party primary this year than George Bush stolen in the general elections of 2004 and 2000 combined and very few media outlets have said a word about it, so why should she worry about facing Bernie Sanders on the debate stage?

stolen 1

Let’s make it a little clearer. Here’s a little tidbit from an ABC exit poll compared to the official results in Connecticut.

stolen 2

Seems to be a little discrepancy in both CNN and ABC exit polls. You would think someone would pay attention to that in the MSM but you would be wrong.


Not only that, but the MSM, for some strange reason, decided to cancel exit polls for Kentucky, California and New Jersey back on May 6th, so Killary knows she’s got the nomination locked up and there is nothing that will serve as an indication that she stole it. The extremely suspect cancellation of the exit polls has gone largely unnoticed by the MSM though some of us out here have been writing about it.



Keep in mind, Hillary has done best in states that have the most hackable electronic voting machines and in several instances, voting machines were caught flipping votes in Hillary’s favor after the primary.

Forget the thousands of likely Bernie voters kicked off the voter registration roles in New York (like those 50,000 African Americans who found themselves in a similar situation back in 2000 in Florida). Forget the fiasco at the Nevada State convention and the rigging the Dems did there to win Hillary 2 more delegates. Forget Kentucky’s Secretary of State saying getting Hillary elected is more important than doing her job.

The story today is that Hillary Clinton knows the fix is in and she is going to “win” California with no exit polls to show just how much they stole the election so she doesn’t give a rat’s ass about holding a debate there to win more Californian votes. She doesn’t need to influence those voters because she’s got their votes another way.

This is actually the first bit of honesty from Hillary I’ve seen in a while. She basically saying she’s wrapped up the nomination and is focusing on the general election instead.

Hillary currently holds 1,768 pledged delegates compared to Bernie’s 1,497. At stake in California are 475 delegates and another 126 in New Jersey. That’s 601. All in all, you need 2,383 to win the nomination and there are still 921 available. Bernie needs 886 to reach that key number and Killary needs 615.

So in all likelihood, Bernie’s not going to win the nomination outright but who knows if all those states with highly suspect exit poll data did recounts. That’s unfortunate but true.

It seems to me that Killary’s people might be making ready a hack in California and Jersey so that she will get to the magic number without her other ace in the hole, those Superdelegates everyone is talking about.

However you look at it, Hillary knows the fix is in and is taking it easy cruising to the finish line while losing ground in poll after poll. Makes you wonder why she’s not worried. Anyone else would be. But then again, Killary’s a Clinton and they are used to having the scales tipped in their favor.

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4 Responses

  1. Besides exposing the election rig, and her criminal behavior in the other work she does for the world’s billionaires, Hillary’s got nothing of interest to offer to those who chose to do honest work for their paycheck.

    If Bernie would have went after her a little harder, it might have made a difference, but the fix was probably in and sealed on day one.

    Still, maybe he’s got an secret up his sleeve left to play

    • Yeah, the fact that there is so much potential ammunition against her but that he didn’t use it makes me think one of two things: 1. The fix was already in. 2. He is enough of true believer and an optimist to do things in the right way.

      I really hope that he has something up his sleeve. Or, that there are some of the really powerful who have decided that things have gone far enough. Eh…I don’t know.

    • some make the argument that he ran as a Democrat because his job was to sheepdog the left back into the warm fold of the party. Otherwise he would have run as an independent. That’s where I was to start with in my evaluation of his campaign and he hasn’t done much to change my mind. There are a number of states where he should challenge the vote totals, especially where they don’t match the exit polls, but he keeps quiet on that issue. You know, if the rest of us out here are already reporting on #ExitPollGate, his staff a certainly well aware of it and they should be screaming bloody murder… but to my knowledge, all he does is focus on Debbie Wasserman Schultz. we’ll see how he ends this thing. He should definitely get on-board with the call to finance exit polls in Jersey and California, but again, so far, I haven’t heard much from his camp about that. If he doesn’t and allows her to steal those primaries as well, well… that pretty much is that.

  2. in the end, bernie’s a phony who will encourage his supporters to vote for hillary to stop the “evil” trump. meanwhile, although trump’s rhetoric is dangerous, hillary is actually the one with blood on her hands.
    i am by no means endorsing trump, but that doesn’t mean hillary is acceptable by any means. the “bernie-or-bust” campaign is only useful inasmuch as democratic voters may be led to a more populist path.
    real progressives ought to try to take back the democratic party and/or start a new party that will fight for the people over the powers-that-be.

    ever think of organizing, scott?

    thanks again for everything.

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