A Mother’s Story Shows Us “ISIS™” In Syria is Nothing More than a British Regime Change Operation

by Scott Creighton

British citizen Maha Elgizouli and her two “ISIS” sons

A new revelation regarding the “ISIS™” characters in Syria expose the most visible of these guys as being British losers, probably recruited by MI6 to head over to Syria and destabilized the country via terrorism in a regime change operation started by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

In Syria, the “Beatles” gained a reputation as the cruellest of all ISIS guards, using electric shocks, waterboarding, and mock executions – including a staged crucifixion – to terrorise their hostages. They beheaded seven British, American, and Japanese hostages, including the British aid workers David Haines and Alan Henning, and 18 members of the Syrian army.” Jane Bradley, Buzz Feed

According to Jane Bradley of Buzz Feed, an accomplice of “Jihadi John”, the British “ISIS™” character who made all those fake beheading videos, has been identified as yet another British citizen. This one is a carney, 27-year-old El Shafee Elsheikh. According to the official story, he went to Syria to join “ISIS™” in 2012… a full two years before “ISIS™” was born.

What was happening back then was the US, Britain and other NATO nations were putting together mercenary terrorist groups to go into Syria and fight against the elected government of Basar al-Assad. They recruited their usual scum of the earth low-lifes from various countries and jail cells and sent them over with promises of excitement and regular paychecks (and probably some forms of credit for “time served” off their prison sentences)

“In an exclusive interview with BuzzFeed News at her home in White City, his mother, Maha Elgizouli, has revealed how her “perfect” son ran away to Syria to wage jihad in spring 2012 after being radicalised in a matter of weeks at mosques in west London. She blamed the British authorities for failing to stop his younger brother from travelling to join him after she begged embassy officials to confiscate his passport.

A former US counterterrorism official and investigators close to the hunt for the “Beatles” confirmed that Elsheikh had been identified as one of the guards, making him the fourth and final member of the cell to be unmasked. “Jihadi John” was killed in a US drone strike last November, months after being outed as west Londoner Mohammed Emwazi. In February, BuzzFeed News and the Washington Post exposed a second member of the cell as Alexanda Kotey, a “quiet and humble” Queens Park Rangers fan from Shepherd’s Bush whose current whereabouts are unknown. Aine Davis, a former London drug dealer who is now in custody in Turkey, has also been named as a member of the cell.” Jane Bradley, Buzz Feed

What you have to keep in mind is the fact that “ISIS™” in Syria is a regime change operation which creates a justification for the US to get involved in the country militarily. We aren’t actually targeting “ISIS™” over there, we are targeting infrastructure in various towns which are dedicated to preserving the current political system of the country. We target infrastructure and claim it weakens “ISIS™” as we demolish bridges, electrical systems, oil infrastructure and other key elements of civilization in the country. It’s like when our forced targeted the hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan after the town was retaken by the Taliban.

Buried in the Buzz Feed story, Jane Bradley gives us a key insight into the complicity of the British government in her other son’s “radicalization” and eventual pilgrimage to Syria to fight for “ISIS™”

Elsheikh ran away to fight in Syria in April 2012 and relatives and friends say they began to worry about (his brother) Mahmoud following him. Their mother told BuzzFeed News she took Mahmoud with her back to Sudan to seek help from her family, and appealed to the British embassy there to seize his passport to prevent him from travelling to Syria. But, she says, embassy officials refused to help, telling her: “This is a British man, he is 17 now; you can’t take his passport from him.” She says she replied: “If you aren’t going to help me protect him, I will protect him myself.”

But when she confiscated his passport, she says, the embassy issued him a new one. Mahmoud then flew to Turkey on a ticket bought for him by a jihadi network in Sudan and crossed the border to join his older brother in Syria. In March last year, she was informed that Mahmoud had been killed.

The Home Office said it had introduced a “power to temporarily seize passports of those suspected of travelling to engage in terrorism overseas” and had “a wide range” of other measures in place to stop British citizens travelling to conflict zones. Jane Bradley, Buzz Feed

In spite of the fact that the Home Office (like our version of the Department of Homeland Security) had in place procedures to prevent British citizens from traveling to Syria for the purposes of Jihad, they went to extraordinary lengths to make sure both of this woman’s sons were able to go. They ignored her warnings, refused to pull his passport and even issued him a new one quickly enough for him to travel to Syria to fight our terror campaign against Assad and the people of Syria.

That should tell you everything you need to know about “ISIS™” and the nature of the government that made damn sure Maha Elgizouli would sacrifice both her boys for the Greater Good they had planned in Syria.

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  1. Tons of young and almost innocent have been killed for that ‘Greater Good’. Tons of others have suffered serious mental or physical damage for that same lie.

    Could be because High School history textbooks are full of lies, written and taught to an agenda

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