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  1. Hey, she knows how to do that. She’s qualified!

  2. Did you notice they also did a bit about the US having killed Bin Laden? The mockingbird shills were working over time last night.

    • No self-assigned evil genius can resist throwing it back in your face. It’s no fun to fuck with people if they never know you’re doing it.

  3. Hillary: Yeah, Bern, we had some good times. That was precious wasn’t it….Like when we branded you a socialist. Hahaha!
    Bernie: Yeah, I gotta give it to you, pal, that was a good one.
    Hillary: A real socialist was that idiot bitch, Sarah Palin. That moron took good oil money from my friends and gave it to the tax payers. I wanted to kick her pretty ass.
    Bernie: Haha….and you branded Trump a misogynist! But listen, all bullshittin’ aside, I’m gonna lay it on the line. Hey, you put your pants on one leg at a time just like me. And hey, if you ask me, Bill was never half the man you are, so I’m gonna give it to you straight. If this had been a real election, I had a plan to beat you good and proper.
    Hillary: (spitting up her drink laughing) Yeah and if you, me, Trump, or the last hundred candiates were ever going to do or say anything other what we were told to.
    Bernie: Go ahead laugh. I always wanted to be a socialist. So if this was real….you know those F-35’s your friends have been building in Vermont for longer than it took to build the pyramids?
    Hillary: (giggling like she just killed someone) Oh, you mean that dead pork fleet of shit that’ll be ready for mothballs before they find out how to make ’em fly?
    Bernie: Yeah and cost real tax payers, wink wink-nudge nudge, a real 3.5 trillion by the time they run out of grease. Well, since they’re in my state I get them to give up one plane from the hundred planes in their contract. See, I figure take that 1/100th of your war profiteer buddies loot and….take away two zeros….that’s 35 billion per plane, right? You could divide that among 50 States, (scribbling on a napkin) that’s 700 million per State….that could build some infrastucture, put people back to work, and get money into the economy.
    Hillary: Turns ghost-white and looks at him in horror. Then turns to the bartender and gives him the “cut-off” sign nodding toward Bernie.
    Bernie: I mean, hell, there was just something on the front page today….38% of people in the US couldn’t raise $1000 dollars in an emergency. Good lord, with one of those planes at 35 billion and 350 million people in the country we could give each one of them $10,000, right? Hey, Hillary. There’s a concept, huh? Giving in a Presidential Election and not taking….
    Hillary: (angrily calling over the bartender) I’m not talking to you any more, you’re drunk! Call him a cab! He’s had enough! He obviously can’t hold his booze. Senator Sanders, you should be ashamed of yourself.
    Bartender: I’m sorry, Mrs. Clinton. I’m calling you a cab, Senator Sanders. Don’t make me call the police.

  4. Shoot! Can’t see the video:
    “The uploader has not made this video available in your country.”

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