Egyptair Flight MS804 : ACARS Data Shows Blown Out Windows in Cockpit – Shades of Flight MH17?

by Scott Creighton

The French have produced some new ACARS data regarding the crash of Flight MS804. The information is being seized upon by the MSM in order to show the downing of the flight was a slower moving process than originally thought. To this end, they harp on the smoke detectors going off near the cockpit. What they fail to mention is the extremely interesting fact that two windows in the cockpit seem to have been broken or opened. Why is that interesting? Well, does MH17 ring any bells?

animation from investigation of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17. BUK missile (probably from Ukraine military) targets cockpit

I think it is safe too say, the crew did not decide to open the windows for some fresh air at 37,000 ft. Could be that something detonated in the avionics compartment below the cockpit, but that remains to be seen.

What follows is the original ACARS data from the source as well as a description of what each warning means.

from AV Herald (original source)

On May 20th 2016 The Aviation Herald received information from three independent channels, that ACARS (Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System) messages with following content were received from the aircraft:

00:29Z 2200 AUTO FLT FCU 2 FAULT
00:29Z 2700 F/CTL SEC 3 FAULT
no further ACARS messages were received.

Early May 21st 2016 the French BEA confirmed there were ACARS messages just prior to break down of communications warning however that they are insufficient to understand the causes of the accident until flight data or cockpit voice recorders have been found. Priority as of current is to find the wreckage and the recorders.

The following descriptions of what these warning means comes from the Telegraph:

00:26Z 3044 ANTI ICE R WINDOW: There’s a fault in the right cockpit window’s heating element. The window should be heated to stave off ice but it isn’t working.

00:26Z 561200 R SLIDING WINDOW SENSOR: There’s a fault in the co-pilot’s sliding window sensor. This sensor tells the crew if a cockpit window is closed or not.

00:26Z 2600 SMOKE LAVATORY SMOKE: Smoke has been detected in one of the lavatories. The smoke detector is an optical sensor and detects if a cloud has come between two points of light. It detects smoke but also fog inside the cabin.

00:27Z 2600 AVIONICS SMOKE: Smoke has been detected in the avionics compartment. Located underneath the cockpit, this area can be entered via a latch in the cockpit or via a latch at the nose wheel. It is a big area where all the aircraft computers are located.

00:28Z 561100 R FIXED WINDOW SENSOR: There’s a fault in another cockpit window on the right side.

00:29Z 2200 AUTO FLT FCU 2 FAULT: There’s a fault in the Autopilot Flight Control Unit 2. There are two channels in the control unit and losing one will result in the spare one taking over automatically.

00:29Z 2700 F/CTL SEC 3 FAULT:  There’s a fault in the system that controls the wing’s spoilers, the portion of the wing that rises during landing. This is the final entry.

At 37,000 “opening” a window in the cockpit is a catastrophic event. What follows from there could be anything really. What is being called “smoke” in the cabin could be smog or some other problem with the atmosphere. I’m not sure. But as everyone admits, the first problem recorded is an “opening” of the window on the co-pilot’s side of the plane.

As we learned during the investigation of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17. surface to air missile systems may target the cockpit of an aircraft.

Dutch Safety Board animation of missile strike on Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17

I need to find the data released by Greek authorities detailing the last movements of the flight before it disappeared and compare that info to this.

As I have stated in the last few days, it seems to me that Flight MS804 flying directly through a live naval drill being conducted in the Mediterranean Sea (Phoenix Express 2016) is something that we should be paying more attention to. This drill involved a lot of naval “experts” from a number of African countries, not known for their particularly professional navies, being put in charge of some very sophisticated weapons systems on a variety of ships… including, but not limited to… guided missile destroyers.

As we learned with TWA Flight 800, the military and the NTSB will go to great lengths to cover-up accidental shoot-downs of commercial airplanes.

There has been a vast increase in the number of these drills taking place across the globe. It was my conclusion that what happened to Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 and the Metrojet downing in Egypt were the direct result of accidental shoot-downs which were quickly covered up.

I still hold out that there is not enough evidence at this point to conclude this event was another of these tragic mistakes, but as the evidence continues to come out, it seems more and more likely. At least to the point where we need to add the possibility to the short list the MSM acknowledges.

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8 Responses

  1. There is a pattern here. It’s important to note the Airliner (country of origin), the city of departure and city of destination, and where it disappeared/crashed.

    Malaysia Air 370: Malaysia to China, Disappeared South China Sea
    Malaysia Air 17: Holland to Malaysia, Crashed Ukraine
    Germanwings 9525: Spain to Germany, Crashed French Alps
    Russian Metrojet 9268: Egypt to Russian, Crashed Sinai (Egypt)
    EgyptAir 804: France to Egypt, Crashed Med Sea, off Egypt coast

    The above are all politically motivated acts of war, part of the ongoing financial soft war that is happening globally. The huge explosions at the Chinese port of Tianjin last year is part of this. These were all acts of Terror, just not the terrorist you think (Islamic).

    The official story is always a lie, cover for the real purpose. But currently the press will always say ‘terrorist’ just to keep that psyop running. Was the purpose of downing 804 related to the TSA delay issues? No. The purpose has to do with Egypt’s support of the upcoming UN Palestinian resolution, and Egypt’s relationship with Russia. But since the take down of 804 was known, then they could conveniently make the TSA delays newsworthy right before the shootdown. Never let a good crisis go to waste. There are always multiple objectives to any ‘created’ event.

    The Phoenix Express info is critical, and leads me to believe at this point that it was an intentional shootdown. Which makes sense because the other constant when researching the deep state, culture manipulation, ‘terrorist acts’ is that at some point the US Military Industrial Complex is involved or somehow connected.

    Obviously Scott at I diverge at the intentional versus accident. One man’s coincidence is another man’s plan. One nation’s coincidence is a secret society’s plan.

    • It could have been intentional. I just don’t have enough info to say one way or the other. My point really is that with all the evidence coming out, it looks more and more like a missile did it and the fact that they were over the Med. Sea at the time, that really limits the possibilities of the culprits.

    • Could you explain how the German Wings crash was politically motivated acts of war?

  2. related and interesting timing.

  3. Upon rapid decompression at altitude, the cabin and cockpit instantly fill with fog. That can set off optical smoke detectors. The lack of oxygen sets off a different type of smoke detector. So maybe it all began with a busted window

  4. It could be like swissair flight 111 where they had a electrical short arcing started a fire.

  5. […] UPDATE: Egyptair Flight MS804 : ACARS Data Shows Blown Out Windows in Cockpit – Shades of Flight MH17? […]

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